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Top 15 best beaches in Lagos: Private and Cheapest.

The beach is one of the best places to unwind, chill and have a fun-filled day out. In Lagos state, there are several beaches you can visit for vacation. Some of these beaches are quite expensive while some are cheap. What are the cheapest beaches in Lagos to see? Are there private beaches in Lagos? In this post I will be sharing my top 15 best beaches in Lagos and their entrance fees. Some of these beaches are in Lekki while others around Okun-Ajah. I love to visit private beach in Lagos because they are quite neater and better.

So, if you need to visit beaches in Lagos, here are beaches for every budget. Also you can read my post on 10 best things to do in Lekki Lagos.

Tarkwa bay beach

How much does it cost to go to Tarkwa bay? Tarkwa is one of the cheapest beach in Lagos to visit. However, you need to take a boat ride to access the beach.

How can i get to Tarkwa bay?

You can access Tarkwa bay beach through a boat ride of 500naira per person from CMS, or Victoria Island. Also, if you’re in group, you can bargain for a fee that covers to and fro with any of the ferry drivers.

Fun things to do at Tarkwa bay beach, Lagos

The entry fee to Tarkwa bay is 300 naira per person. You can choose to sit on the rocks on the far end of the beach. Also, you can bring in your food.

There are food vendor on the beach where you can buy food too. If you don’t have a beach wear on you, you can shop for beach outfits at Tarkwa bay beach.

There beach chairs and tents available for rentals at this beach. Most of the tents cost from 6000naira to 10000naira. However, it solely depends on your negotiation skills.

You can stroll on the beach bank, swim in the beach waters, ride a quad bike or play soccer on this beach. Also, you have a picnic at the beach too.

Top 15 best beaches in Lagos: Laguna beach

Laguna Beach is another private beach in Lagos. How much does it cost to go to the beach in Lagos? It is not so expensive to go the beach in Lagos. One of the private beaches in Lagos to go on a budget is Laguna beach. Entry fee is 1000per person.

The Entry fee guarantees you access to all the beach benches and cabanas. Cheap right? So, if you need beach that is very affordable yet private, go for Laguna beach Lagos.

Atican Beach

Another private beach in Lagos to know is Atican beach. This beach is just beside Laguna beach. Atican beach is more of a resort with day pass to the beach.

The Entry fee to Atican beach for a day is 2000naira per person. You can sit in the beach huts. However, if you need beach benches, you need to pay for it.

I would recommend you just sit in the huts. You will see chairs to sit in provided by vendors at this beach. Fun things to at Atican beach includes horse ride, soccer games etc.

Atican beach Lagos


Barracuda beach is another private beach in Lagos also along the Okun-ajah beaches. It is farthest yet with the best private beach in Lagos.

The road to this beach is quite bad and it is horrible on a rainy day. I would recommend you visit during the dry season. The entry fee to barracuda beach is 1500naira per person. This gives to access to all the facilities at the beach.

However, there are other activities like horse riding which you need to pay for. Can I bring in my food to Barracuda beach? Sure you can bring in your own food to this beach. Also, you can get food at barracuda beach at the restaurant.

Barracuda beach also has a lodge, lounge, and club. For me, this my top best places to go for honey moon in Lagos on budget. You can also read my post on other places to for honeymoon in Nigeria.

Whispering palms resort, Badagry Lagos

Another private beach in Lagos that is perfect for honeymooners is whispering palms resort, Badagry. They have nice lodges, restaurant and lounges. So, if you need fun place for honeymoon, go for whispering palms. The lodges go for as low as 20,000naira per night.

Also, you visit this resort for a day to tour it. The entry fee is 1500per night. These covers for at least 2 paid activities like bicycle ride and paddle boat ride.

Whispering palms does not really have a beach front. So, you can not swim in the beach. However, you can lounge on the beach chairs facing the water. You also engage in free activities like snookers, table tennis, swim in the pool, or play mini golf.

Whispering palms resort and hotels

Gberefu Island beach ( Point of no return, Badagry, Lagos)

Gberefu island beach is another fun beach to visit in Lagos. This beach is the point of no return where the slave traders use for shipping slaves. It is said that slaves never returned home on reaching this point.

The entry fee to Gberefu beach is 200naira. You can only access this island on a boat ride that cost 100naira per person. It is a very long trek to this beach. However, it worth the walk as this beach is very beautiful. I also visited other places in Badagry like Badagry Museum, the first storey building. Click here to learn other fun things to do in Badagry Lagos.

Gberefu Island, Point of No return Badagry beach

Lekki Leisure Lake beach Lagos

Another beach in Lagos and entrance fee you need to know is Lekki Leisure Lake beach. This is also located at Lekki. The entry fee is 2000naira per person.

I would recommend this beach if you need private beach in Lagos on a budget. Also one of my best of the top 15 best beaches in Lagos. The entry fee gives you access to the beach benches, and all other facilities. However, you cannot bring in your food. You can only buy from the beach restaurant. In my opinion, the food at the restaurant is quite expensive.

All in all, I would recommend Lekki Leisure beach as it is a great place to have fun in Lagos.

Suntan beach

Suntan beach is another beach in Badagry Lagos. This is also very affordable. You can locate this beach taking a tricycle from Badagry roundabout.

The entry is 500naira per person. You can access all the beach chairs for free. Also, you can take a horse ride for 500naira. I would recommend taking pictures at the beach with their so called ” Professional photographer“. The pictures I got were crap. A mobile phone picture is way better.

Eleko Beach

Eleko beach is another fun beach to visit in Lagos. Although, this beach is quite far. It is a few more distance on a bus from Novare mall.

I enjoyed my visit to this beach. The beach is free to access as at when I visited (2019). However, I am unsure of any changes till date.

You can enjoy a stroll at the park, play soccer at the beach or just take instagrammable pictures. Also, you can book a beach hut which comes with a mini pool. If you love to swim, you cannot swim at the beach. This because it too deep and unsafe for swimming.

Landmark Beach resort and Hotels

Another best private beach to know and one of the top 15 best beaches in Lagos is Landmark beach. This beach is more a resort with access to the beach for hotel guest and day visit.

The entry fee is 2000naira per person. You can only pay for access to this beach online for day visit. Also, you cannot bring in your own food. You can get food at the beach for as low as 2000naira.

Landmark beach also has beach clubs you can enlist to. These beach clubs offers a lot of fun activities for members. You need to pay for beach benches or lounge chairs for access. The beach benches goes for about 4000naira for the bench.

However, if you’re on a budget, you can hang around and still have fun at the beach without paying for benches or chairs. You can go with a picnic mat to enjoy the beach view and have fun. Click here to book a day at landmark beach.

Oniru Private beach

Oniru beach is another beach you need to know. This beach is located a few walking distance from Landmark beach Lagos.

The entry fee to Oniru beach is 1000naira per person. Also, you can access the Moist beach club at this beach. Moist beach club is a fun place to visit. However, you cannot have access except you make reservations or buy a bottle of wine.

On my visit to Moist beach, I was declined access because they assumed I was underaged. Can you imagine? Anyways, you can explore Oniru beach too. Oniru beach is quite fun. However, it is always crowded. Also, the beach benches are too close to the water. Sometimes the waves flows to the lounging area and I find that disgusting.

You can bring in your food. Also, you can buy food at the beach. You can enjoy horse riding for a fee of 500naira or Jet ski for 2000naira per person for 5 minutes rides.

Other beaches to Know

Other fun beaches of the 15 best beaches in Lagos on my bucket list to explore are the following.

  • Elegushi Beach: I haven’t visited because it is the most common. Also, it is said to be always full to capacity.
  • Light house beach: This is a fun beach club located at Tarkwa bay. I am yet to visit because of the cost of access. However, I am unsure of access for day visit. Feel free to comment below if you know.
  • Ilashe beach: This is also another luxury private beach in Lagos to Know. You require a boat ride to access this beach. You can go on a day visit or stay in at their beach huts.
  • La Campaigne tropicana: This beach is my top bucket list destination. Although it is quite expensive too. The entry fee is 6000naira per person.

So, if you’re Lagos and need beaches to see, explore any of these Lagos beaches. These are the top 15 best beaches in Lagos you can explore.

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  1. These beaches sound amazing! I like how you talk about how each beach works in terms of usage and what you can do at each one! This was a very well written post. I liked how at the end you also talked about beach must haves so that visitors can go prepared!

  2. I like how you shared fun things to do at these beaches ! Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll definitely choose one to visit before the end of this year.

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