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Oniru Beach Lagos: Fun things to do

Lagos life is so demanding each day due to its endless traffic. ( a short trip within Lagos may take longer due to the unending traffic). However, there are so many recreational options to help you de-stress in Lagos. One of the best places to unwind and breathe is the beach. So, I decided to unwind at Oniru Beach Lagos for the holiday with my siblings.

Lagos has so many beaches due to its closeness to the Atlantic. Check out my top 15 best beaches in Lagos to visit on a budget, you’d be sold. Oniru Beach is a private beach owned by the Oniru Palace. Also, there is a beach clubhouse (Moist beach club) you can visit for its rich sea foods and cuisines.

My experience at Moist Beach was not a pleasant one. I reach out via their contact to know what I need to visit their club and have a good time. The staff was very helpful over the phone. However, I was denied entry on my visit because I have to buy an experienced bottle of wine to gain entry. WTF!

Oniru Beach Lagos, All you need to know

Here are some things to know and do at Oniru private beach, Lagos. Here I will be sharing some fun things to do at Oniru Beach Lagos, street foods to try, and the gate fee. Also, note that you have to pay to access any of the facilities at Oniru Beach.

The beach benches, loungers, and cabanas are all available for a fee. Most of the facilities are owned by restaurants and bars.

Oniru beach Lagos

How to get to Oniru Private Beach

Oniru Beach is located at 1, Ligali Ayorinde Street, close to Landmark, water corporation drive, and V.I. From the mainland, you take BRT to Obalende bus stop, then a bus for 200 naira to water corporation drive.

Also, you can take a bus going to Lekki and stop at Oniru bus stop along with the sand fill bus stop, then take a bus for 100 naira to Oniru beach. However, from a sandfill bus stop, if you don’t mind a little walk, you can trek to the beach.

On my visit, my siblings and I chose to walk to the beach from Sand fill. It was quite interesting though because she was gisting and we saw some lovely places in the estate too.

Oniru Beach Lagos is located close to the popular Good Beach Lagos. I love this beach, click here to watch my vlog on the Good Beach Lagos.

Oniru Beach Lagos Gate fee

Oniru Beach Lagos is open to anyone 24 hours daily. The peak period is during weekends and holidays. So, you can visit at any time of the day. Although, there is a curfew for 12:00 am in which you can no longer access this beach until morning.

The gate fee for entry to the beach is 1000 naira per person. However, my younger sibling was given access for free on holiday. So, I am unable to confirm if this applies every other day.

Fun things to do at Oniru Beach

If you want to enjoy this beach, I would recommend you visit during weekdays. On weekends, the beach becomes so crowded. Also, the vendors at the beach make it so unappealing to explore it.

There are so many chairs or tents for rent- so compact and close to the water. It is almost impossible to enjoy a stroll on the bank of the beach. However, there are more organized beach tents or cabanas available at this beach.

Oniru beach Lagos Activites

The tent cost from 10000naira to as high as 60000naira for a VIP tent. One of the bars with great cabanas I would recommend is G12. They offer cabanas for as low as 15000 naira to 60000 naira in their bar. Also, I love their customer service too.

However, if you’re on a budget, you can visit the beach with your own mat, or umbrella to have fun with your friends and family. I will be linking below where to shop for beach mats and umbrellas. Aside from the bars that offer drinks, their vendors sell barbecue chicken, beef, or drinks.

Suya in different forms at Oniru beach

I would recommend you come with your food, snacks or drinks. The price for the berbecue beef & drinks are quite expensive though. My sister wanted to buy suya (berbecue beef) at the beach and lowest price is 500 naira. I couldn’t believe it, his reason was that it is beach suya. (I don’t get it)

There are so many fun activities you can do at Oniru Beach. Here are some of the things you can do for fun.

1. Horse riding

Horse riding is one of the fun activities you can do at Oniru Beach. You can take pictures with a horse for 500 naira and take a ride for 1000 naira. Actually, I feel it is outrageous to charge people for taking pictures with horses.

I’d rather pay to ride the horse and take pictures while I am at it. I wish the horse owners at the beach will review their prices. Usually, the cost for horse riding on most beaches in Lagos is 500 naira plus pictures e.g. Suntan beach.

2. Jet Skiing

I have always heard of jet skiing but I never knew it is activities that can be done in Nigeria. Jet skiing is a form of water sport for recreation using a bike-like machine called a jet ski. So, if you love to pump up your adrenaline, definitely try out Jet skiing at Oniru Beach.

3. Boat Ride

Another fun thing to do at Oniru Beach is to enjoy a boat ride. There are vendors that offer fun boat rides for tourists at the beach. The boat ride is always fun. So, if you’re looking for fun things to do at Oniru, opt for a fun boat ride.

4. Joyride amusement facilities

Oniru Beach is also perfect for a family hangout. There are amusement facilities for children and for adults that are young at heart to enjoy.

However, the facility for Joy Ride is not powered by electricity but is run by young men who pull nice stunts while prepping the machine. The cost to have a ride is 500 naira per person.

Oniru private beach horse riding
Horse riding
5. Picnic

Another fun thing to do at Oniru is to have a picnic with family or friends. You can do this by renting their chairs, cabanas, or simply goat your beach mat and umbrellas.

Also, you can go with your food and drinks to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. You can play games like Ludo or Scrabble to engage yourself. To add more fun, go with your music player to entertain yourself at the beach.

Oniru Beach Lagos Gate fee
G-12 Bar at Oniru Beach

The ambiance of Oniru Beach is quite busy and crowded. However, you can take great pictures for content creation or a pre-wedding shoot at the beach.

Things to do at Oniru beach

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