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Nike Guest House Oshogbo || My Guide to enjoying 2 days in Osun state

Going on a road in Nigeria now is not really advisable. The insecurity in the country is something to take into account. However, it is quite fun to go on road trips. The highlight of my road trip to Osun state is my stay at Nike Guest house. Road trips allow you to touch a lot of places while traveling. Also, with the recent foodstuff hike, i bought cheap foodstuff on my trip. If you live in Lagos, I am sure you can relate. Here is how to spend 2 days in Osun state. And if you need a place to stay, Nike Guest house is your best bet.

Natural History Museum, Ile Ife

Before our first night at Nike guest house, we stopped over at the Natural history museum, Ife. Natural history museum Ile Ife is the only history museum in Nigeria. It is in Obafemi Awolowo University. So, if you need a place to see on your road trip to Osun state, go to the natural history museum.

The entry fee is 200naira per person for tourists. However, I went in a group to explore this museum. We had a tour guide walk us through the museum. The national history museum has so an assortment of preserved animals and plants. Some of them are locally sourced like glass sands ( used for making glass for windows and doors ) and internationally.

The animals are preserved depending on their body size. The smaller animals like fishes and small reptiles are preserved in solutions. However, larger animals are injected to dry their body fluid. I saw a lot of animals inclusive of wild ones like Lions, baboons, lion cubs, a python, etc.

The natural history museum also houses the Ooni of Ife ( First Ooni of Ife) Roll Royce. This car is quite massive. This goes to show that civilization has been in Nigeria way back. So, on your road trip, start with the natural history museum in Ile Ife, Osun state.

Nike Guest House Osogbo

Nike art center and Batik center

After a tour of the Natural history museum, we took off to the Nike art center and workshop. How can locate the Nike art gallery from Oshogo Guest house? It is a few meters drive from our stay. Nike workshop is located at Ofatedo Oshogbo. This place is a training center for artisans that wants to learn how to make a living from Adire fabrics. We also had a tour guide for this workshop.

I never knew that Adire fabrics are of two types. So, it was a learning opportunity for me. The two types ate Adire tye-dye common amongst the Egbas and Adire Batik.

Adire Batik is a higher-grade Adire textile. The unique print is made with lovely colors sourced locally and from Germany. So, the cost of this Adire Batik is quite expensive, unlike the tye-dye type. The patterns are demarcated using candle wax instead of tying it into sections. I will definitely upload a vlog of this process of making Adire Batik textile.

From there, we went to the Nike art center. It is the smaller Nike art gallery located in Oshogbo. You can also click here to read my post on Nike Art gallery Lagos. Nike art center in Oshogbo is very pretty with unique architecture. It is a story building. You can shop for Adire Batik textile (10,000naira), tops (3000naira), or dresses for males and females. Also, you can get a lovely postcard for about 100naira.

Just like the gallery in Lagos, there are so many paintings, raffia crafts, and furniture. So, I need to shop for crafty items for your fashion or home needs, visit Nike art Center, Oshogbo.

Nike Guest House, Ofatedo, Oshogbo

After a long day, we retired to the Nike guest house. I am so in love with this place. Their service is super great. However, most of the rooms need renovations. My room was perfect.

I love the concept of the room. My room has two big beds that can fit at least 2 people. Also, it has a bathroom and toilet demarcated by curtains. Each room has access to the shared lounge area, sitting room, and dining room.

The room goes for 7000naira per night. Also, you can book your room for your visit. (no need to pre-book). We ate dinner upstairs which was a buffet. I could stand to eat rice again that night but thankfully there were other options. So, I settled for Semo and egusi soup.

We all ate at the large dining table.

In the morning, we ate breakfast in the garden (Also a buffet). It was quite refreshing and fun. I ate toasted bread and an omelet. There are several options too. I only wish we got liquid milk instead of powder sachet. You can also watch my vlog of Nike guest house, Oshogbo so you can be convinced to add to your bucket list to Osun state.

P.S. I am unable to give the prices for the food because I went with a travel group. Keep your peeled for my roundup list of travel groups to go on tours with.

Osun-Oshogbo Grove, Oshogbo

The next day, we took off to Osun-Oshogbo grove. This place is known as a UNESCO world heritage site. Although, this place used to be the place of worship for Osun worshippers. It is now a world tourist center.

We had a tour guide take us around the grove. This place is quite beautiful. My only issue with this place is that some worshippers still pay homage to their gods in this place.

I enjoyed the walk on the suspended bridge of the river. Although, it is quite shaky and you could feel it vibrating as you walk on. Also, there are so many monkeys in this grove. For your peace, get some bananas to give them.

P.S. Be careful with your mobile devices while you’re at the grove, the monkeys may assume it is food. lol.

Nike Guest House Osun state

Erin Ijesha waterfall

I have been to Erin Ijesha waterfalls located in the Erin community. So, I didn’t plan to go for a bath in the waterfall. I can never get used to climbing or hiking to the waterfall. This place is fun but the climbing is scary.

However, if you get to the waterfalls, you will enjoy this place. You can read my post on Erin Ijesha waterfalls for all you need to know about this place. I shared some Instagram-worthy Erin Ijesha pictures and a detailed guide on how to get to Erin Ijesha waterfalls from Ibadan. Also, if you need a place to stay on your visit to Osun state, definitely lodge at Nike Guest house Ofatedo, Oshogbo. I had fun with the team @funaticsadventures on this trip. Follow them on Instagram to get updates on the next hangout.

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