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The Good Beach Lagos: Experience luxury on a budget at this fun beach

Hey guys! Your favorite Ajala is here again! This time, my legs took me to the Good Beach Lagos, and I’m giddy to share my experience with you. I had to visit because of the rave about this beach. And of course, I was sold.

Although we’ve just ended the first quarter of the year, it feels like the year has been on for a long time. Some weekends ago, my friends and I decided that we deserved some relaxation time and we decided to spend a day at The Good Beach. 

The good beach is on the same route as Landmark Beach and Oniru Beach. Both of these beaches I have been to, yet I prefer Landmark and the good beach over Oniru Beach. My reason is the aesthetic of Oniru Beach. It seems more like a local beach built with profit-making in mind without recourse to aesthetics and beauty.

Like I said in my post on Oniru Beach, I really wish they could move the vendors very far from the beach bank. There is barely enough space to enjoy a walk on the beach.

The first time I heard of this place, I thought that the name was hilarious. The Good Beach? Okayyy let’s see what it has! 

I didn’t have super high expectations when going to this beach as I saw it as yet another Lagos beach. However, I wanted to have fun and hoped that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Thankfully, I wasn’t and had a good time with my friends. For those who haven’t been to The Good Beach Lagos, below are some things you need to know about the place. 

The Good beach Lagos

Things to do at The Good Beach

So, I went to this place with an open mind. But getting there, I began to rethink and realized that a day might not be enough for us to finish all the activities. I loved that this beach gave us options when it came to things to do. 

Some of the activities to do at The Good Beach are: 

Go swimming:

Typically, I wouldn’t think of going swimming at a beach, especially one in Lagos. However, the water kept calling my name at The Good Beach as it looked very clean. Although I wasn’t up to swimming that day, I made a mental note that I’ll be back to the beach just to swim. 

The beach has different pool areas, allowing you to pick and choose your preference. The energy at the swimming area also comes alive as you can play different water games. 

I loved that I could easily spot the lifeguards in the pool area, showing that they are concerned about the safety of people who come to the beach.  

Eat at the restaurant:

You might say that I’m selective; you wouldn’t be the first to say it as my friends tell me all the time. I usually have my reservations about eating at restaurants on a beach but all reservations went out of the window when we dined at the restaurant at The Good Beach. I couldn’t hold myself back from ordering an extra plate when we ate there.

Their meals were appetizing and satisfying. Heads up, you need to hold enough cash as the meals are more pricey than you might outside the beach. But they have an A+ in deliciousness.  

Take pictures for the gram:

The ambiance at The Good Beach Lagos is one for the books! It would be hard to resist taking pictures while on this beach. I loved that they pay careful attention to their surroundings, keeping it extra clean. You begin to wonder how they are able to keep up, even with the number of people who visit the beach daily.  

Everyone on this beach was giving! My friends and I spent most of our time taking pictures for memories, and we ensured to explore every part of the picture. We almost ran out of storage due to the beautiful scenery at this beach. 

Watch a live event:

You can call us lucky as we got a chance to watch one of the live music shows on the beach. It was a magical experience as I didn’t feel like going home anymore. My friends could not hold in their laughter as I was initially reluctant about following them to the beach. 

I found out that you can catch live shows and events on the beach, but it depends on the day you are visiting. I was thankful that I went there on a perfect day for a live event.  It was one of my highlights of the trip to The Good Beach. 

Watch the sunrise/sunset:

I still have scores to settle with my friends as didn’t let me fully immerse myself in the experience when I was watching the sunset. However, allow me to tell you that it looked very beautiful. For a moment, I felt like I wasn’t in Lagos anymore. 

The view was so fascinating that I had to whip out my phone and take some pictures. Some people say that watching the sun rise in this place gives the same experience, and I will plan to do it one of these days. 

I think everyone deserves to watch the sun rise and set at The Good Beach Lagos.

What to pack when going to The Good Beach Lagos

What do you put in your bag when going to The Good Beach? Here are three important items you shouldn’t forget: Also, click here for beach outfit inspiration if you need what to wear to the beach. 

Beach attire: Do I even need to remind you about this? You should always dress appropriately when going to certain places, and the beach is not an expectation! If you plan to go to the beach, you must pack your beach attire. Ensure that you look cute and sexy as your pictures need to be peng and outstanding. 

Good vibes: Your preparation is incomplete if you plan on going to The Good Beach without good vibes! These two factors go hand-in-hand! The energy at the beach is always perfect, and mixing it with good vibes is the perfect synergy to enjoy the experience. Trust me, after one experience at the beach, you’d always want to make return trips. 

Sunshades: For some reason, the sun at the beach always seems like it is in a competition. So, you should not forget your sunshades when going to The Good Beach. In addition, your sunshade is the perfect accessory to complement your beach attire. For the culture, you should relax near the water with your sunshades and take some pictures.  

The good beach Lagos Nigeria

The Good Beach Gate fee

Of course, it would be absurd to think that entrance into this beach is free. You would pay 3,000 naira to enter this place from Monday to Thursday. However, due to the rush and high traffic at the beach during the weekends, the fee is 4,000 naira from Fridays to Sundays.  

I’m glad my friends made me visit The Good Beach. You should check it out and come share your experience with me!

FAQ about the Good Beach Lagos

  1. Can I bring my food to the good beach? The Good Beach Lagos doesn’t allow anyone to bring in their food. You can get food at the beach area or the good beach food village. The aesthetic of the food court is beautiful with unique raffia designs for the lounge chairs, the dining chairs, and the chandelier.
  2. How much is the gate fee for the good beach? Entry fee to the good beach Lagos is 3000naira per person if you book it online via their Instagram page or 3K for women, and 4K for guys. Although I still wonder why men are charged more for entry.
  3. Are there other fun things to do at the good beach? Yes, you can participate in the movie night by the pool, live concerts, and other amazing events. Follow @thegoodbeach on Instagram to stay abreast of upcoming events
  4. Is there free access to their facilities? The entry fee into the good beach gives you access to the pool, lounge chairs, beach benches, etc except the cabanas which are paid services.

Other fun things to do at the good beach enjoy a relaxing spa and massage session, jet ski ride, boat cruise, etc. You can also play games, and engage in beach soccer among other fun things.

Feel free to comment on other fun beaches in Lagos you’ve visited or that you want us to review. Ciao

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