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Landmark beach Lagos: 6 Fun things to do and know


Lagos has so many beaches I am yet to explore. There beaches that are affordable while some of the beaches in Lagos are luxury beaches. Landmark beach Lagos is one of such beaches that you can call an affordable luxury. It is a private beach owned by Landmark group which has other businesses like its mall, hotels etc. I love landmark beach because it is like a resort that quite affordable. However, there are other brands inside this beach that will give the feel of luxury beach life in Lagos. ( If you have the money to splurge). So, if you plan on having fun at Landmark beach Lagos, here are all the things you need to know.

Landmark beach Lagos, Location & gate fee

Landmark beach is one of my top bucket list beaches to visit in Lagos. It is just a short distance from Oniru private beach. You can read about my oniru experience here.

Landmark beach Lagos is located at 2/3 water corporation drive, oniru Lagos. From Obalende, you can take a bus going to Eko hotel roundabout bus stop. Then you take another bus going to Oniru estate bus stop or simply tell the driver you’re stopping at Landmark.

To have access to the beach you need to book via the landmark beach website. Entrance fee is not paid by cash. So, if you’re planning to go there, you need to book to get access.

Also, Landmark beach prices differs for members and non-members. For membership fee, you can check on the website already linked. Non-members pay 2000naira during the week and 3000 naira for weekend access.

Members are given free access to the beach any time. Landmark beach opening hours is from Monday to Sunday 10am – 11pm daily.

Land mark hotel

Covid guidelines and rules

Due to the current pandemic, we all have to maintain social distancing. It is no fun to go out and have fun to fall sick afterwards. So, Landmark beach only allow access to 20% of its usual capacity.

Also, you need to wear your face mask before entry. No face mask, no entry.

After booking your tickets, you are given a scan code that you have to present before entry. Members are given a blue tag while non-members are given a silver tag.

There is a members only sections that non-members are not allowed to access. Also, there are other beach clubs like the Lagos beach club sections too. However, after payment you have access to a major part of the beach except the members or beach clubs.

Another things you need to know is that you’re not allowed to bring in your own food. This is quite a bummer for me because the foods are quite expensive.

I bought chips for chicken and chips for about 5000naira. The smallest price for the foods and menus is about 1500naira.

There are so many restaurants and brands that sells foods. I can’t count the amount of times, their waiter/waitress came to me to ask if I need food. (Omy God!, I almost lost it). You can also watch my vlog below. Don’t forget to subscribe, thanks.

Fun things to do and activities to engage in at Landmark beach

Landmark beach Lagos has so many facilities for recreation you can have fun with. Here are a list of fun things you can do at Land Mark beach. The beach is quite large so you can sit on the sand bed to have fun. However, there are options of beach chairs available at Landmark beach.

You can pay for a cabana to fit about 6-8 persons for 25,000 naira for a group vacation. Also, you can opt for other affordable beach chairs like Lounge chair (double chairs with umbrella) for 6,000naira or picnic chairs for 3000 naira.

Land Mark beach Lagos
  1. Picnic:

One of the things you can do at Landmark beach is a picnic. You can have a fun picnic with your family or friends. Please note that you can only purchase food at Landmark beach. (Bringing in foods is not allowed).

You can go with a mat to set your picnic area. Also, you get longe chairs, cabana etc, for a fun hangout.

Fun activities for your kids

Landmark beach is a family beach. So, you can hangout with your whole family at this beach. The beach has fun facilities to engage your kids at the beach.

Your kids can play at the bouncing castles or on the floating castle in the water. Don’t worry, your kids will be safe playing in the water castle. They are given life jackets so they can be safe while having fun.

Boat Cruise

Another fun activity you can do is to enjoy a boat cruise. I love a good boat ride as it is so refreshing and fun. You can have a fun cruise at Landmark beach beach. (P.S. I am unsure of the cost though).

Jet Ski

An adrenaline water sport you need to try out is the jet ski. This water sport is top of my to do list on my next beach vacation. It is quite safe as you will be given a guided tour if its your first time. Also, you will wear a life jacket to keep you safe.

Horse Ride

One thing I love to do at the beach is to ride a horse. My first time on a horse was at Omu resort. You can also read about my experience at Omu resort. Horse riding at the beach cost about 500naira for a few minutes ride. So, If you are need a fun thing to do, ride a horse at Landmark beach Lagos.

Games and Sports

Landmark beach has facilities for sport lovers. You can have fun playing beach soccer with your buddies, volley ball, tennis Golf etc. The Golf is a mini-golf course. So, if love golf, definitely check out their mini golf course.

You can play games with your buddies like Ayo, scrabble, monopoly etc. for entertainment.

Asides these fun activities, you can also book your stay at Landmark hotel. The hotel is exquisite. So, you book your stay at the Landmark hotel with free access to the beach.

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