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6 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland, a dream destination of Europe, is a traveler’s envy and a photographer’s delight. Its magnificent enigma, adorned by pristine hamlets, captivating green meadows, and picturesque landscape is magical. Such that the entire country seems to be painted with care and attention by heavenly touches of the eternal Lord. The beauty of the places entice millions of tourists every year from various parts of the world. There are a lot of fun places in Switzerland, here are the 6 best places to visit in Switzerland that you can add to your bucket list. So, if you looking to visit anytime soon, also check a previous post on 10 things you should plan before travel.


Jungfraujoch is one of the phenomenal places to visit in Switzerland. It is situated at a height of 3466 meters above sea level which is known as the Top of Europe. The key attraction of the place which is the largest glacier in Europe is the Aletsch glacier. Although listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, it is a breathtaking place covered with sheets of snow.

You must not miss the Ice Palace, filled with intrinsically carved sculptures and images made with ice. You will witness one of the highest astronomical observatories, the Sphinx, at Jungfraujoch. Enjoying the train and gondola rides are the other two attractions, providing captivating views of the Swiss Alps.

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Zurich city, source- tripadvisor


The city of Zurich is the largest in the country. It is the major administration and transportation hub. The place is known for hosting the rich culture of the Swiss population. Embellished with brightly colored attractive lanes and streets, it is a perfect place to spend a weekend full of fun and entertainment. The artistic cafes and beautiful galleries provide ample opportunities to spend a warm and cozy day with family and friends. The kids will have fun visiting the Madagascar Pavilion and the Elephant Park. For art lovers, the Kunsthaus Zurich museum of fine arts is a must-visit. Shopaholics can fulfill their buying spree at the Gothic chateau and Bahnhofstrasse.

Lake Geneva

Another of the best places you need to visit in Switzerland is Lake Geneva. The entire lake premises enlightens with the festival celebrations. The blue turquoise waters of the lake create a feeling of serenity throughout the entire environment. No doubt it is one of the charming and best places to visit in Switzerland. You can stroll across the banks of the lake and observe the sunset on the horizon. One of the best times to visit this lake is during the Montreux jazz festival held in June and July. You can visit the gardens near the lake and check out the street side café to many of your favorite delicacies.


If you want to witness the old and rustic charm, Bern is the perfect place to visit. The town is an authentic mix of the ancient architecture and luxury of the modern world. The houses perched along its hilly landscape symbolically create a replica of one of the dreamlands of the childhood Fairy Tales. The glittering waters of the streams, the beautiful cathedrals and the old fountains add to the surreal charm of the pristine town. You must visit the art museum, rose garden and the bear park inside the town.

The Rhine Falls

Well, one of the astounding and best places to visit in Switzerland is the Rhine Falls. The Falls are the largest in the Central part of Europe. Sprawling and splashing across the limestone rocks, the waters create a whitish misty layer around the falls. It spans across an area of more than 150 meters. You can sit at the bottom or at the banks of the falls to witness the enigmatic natural beauty. Boat rides are also available for tourists near the falls.

Swiss Grand Canyon

The creation of the canyon dates back to the Ice age, about 10,000 years old. Its enthralling beauty has made it one of the fabulous and best places to visit in Switzerland. Multiple shades of green cover the entire landscape, a special treat for the eyes. The mountain slopes are covered with dense forests flourishing with exotic flora and fauna. So, tourists can engage in multiple sports activities and bird watching. Also, hiking, trekking, rock climbing, zip-lining, boating, and kayaking are the most popular activities among visitors.

The best time to visit Switzerland is in October. The weather is pleasant and comfortable, not chilled. So, you can enjoy sightseeing while you indulge in the wonderful beauty of Mother Nature.

The country is well connected with all the major countries of the world. Switzerland must be mandatorily ranked higher in your bucket list for Europe. It is one of the splendid and stunning tourist destinations in the world.

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