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Barracuda beach Lagos: Fun things to do

There are so many private beaches in Lagos. However, one of the most affordable private beaches is Barracuda beach. Unlike Landmark beach Lagos, it is quite affordable. Although, my only issue with this beach is its location. Also, the road that leads to this beach is very bad. I visited on a rainy day so you can imagine my experience. I barely missed falling into one of the ditches on the bike. Barracuda beach has been top of my bucket list of Lagos private beach to explore. So, here are fun things you can do at Barracuda beach Lagos.

Where is Barracuda beach Located and how to get there?

Barracuda beach is quite easy to locate. From the mainland, take a bus going to the Ajah bus stop. You can use the new Lagos BRT bus or yellow buses. Then take another bus going to Abraham Adesanya bus stop. From this bus stop, take a tricycle going to Okun-Ajah and stop at Barracuda beach. I took a bike instead from Abraham Adesanya bus stop. (I prefer to use bikes to easily locate a new place).

If you’re going from the Island, just get to the Ajah bus stop and follow the description above. I really wish the roads to the beaches along Okun-Ajah can be fixed by the many private beach owners. The roads are untarred from as you enter Okun-Ajah.

How much is Barracuda gate fee?

The interesting thing about Barracuda beach is the gate fee. We were given tickets worth 1000naira per adult. However, the ticket was printed as 500naira with 1000naira written in ink on it. I wonder why the discrepancy?

Also, since it was rainy, it is not surprising that the entrance was a little flooded. I had to take off my sneakers to walk in without ruining my shoes.

Barracuda beach gate fee

Can I bring my food to Barracuda beach Lagos?

Unlike Lekki leisure lake beach, you can bring in your own food. Also, you can get finger foods like Suya or get food from the restaurant at the beach. I am unable to give information on the cost of food. However, bottled water was quite okay for 200naira. Well, this is understandably a resort price plus the rising cost of living in Nigeria.

Where to stay at Barracuda beach?

Barracuda beach and resort offers lodging services. They have rooms that are for as low as 22,000naira per night to 60,000naira per night. Each room offers breakfast inclusive.

If you need an affordable honey destination on a budget, opt for barracuda beach. You can stay in the room for the night, enjoy the beautiful scenery and take a stroll to the beach. So, you get to enjoy a beach view room or beach resort on a budget.

Fun things to do at Barracuda beach

There are so many interesting things you can do at Barracuda beach. You can enjoy a stroll at the beach cooling off from the stress of the city. Also, you can go to the beach for a swim too.

Barracuda beach has an amphitheater and a soccer pitch. So, if you’re on vacation with a team, you can enjoy playing soccer at the beach.

Another fun thing you have to do is to have a picnic with your family and friends. Apparently, the entry fee allows you access to the beach huts and benches for free. So, you need not worry about paying extra fees to use these facilities.

Bring your own games to have fun at barracuda beach. You can go with card games, board games, etc. I love to play games at the beach to pass time. Board games like Ayo is a fun game to engage in at the beach.

fun things to do at barracuda beach  Lagos

Other facilities and things to do at Barracuda

Asides from the beach and lodge, barracuda also has a lounge and restaurant. You can get food for yourself and your family at the restaurant. The lodge has cool lounging chairs in front where you relax and have fun. Also, barracuda beach has Lounge de barracuda. This is more like a club at the beach.

I left the beach late in the evening for home. However, I could tell that it will be fun all night at the club on the beach. I enjoyed the music from the club sitting outside in the beach huts.

To have access to Barracuda beach, you get a ticket on-site. So, you need not worry about booking online. Also, for your stay, you can walk up to the reception to book your room. However, I am unsure about making reservations online before visiting. The receptionist I made inquiries from was quite polite though. They gave me the information I needed. So, if you need a fun private beach to stay, check out Barracuda beach.

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