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Best places to hike in Nigeria as an adventurer

Do you love hiking? Hiking is not my favorite thing to do, yet I find myself exploring places to hike in Nigeria. Trust me, these are some of the best places to hike in Nigeria. If I may, some of the most beautiful places in Nigeria to explore on a budget.

Hiking is one of my favorite outdoor activities. It is one of the rare times when I willingly exert energy as I get to have fun in the process. If you need fun outdoor activities to do in Africa, add hiking to the list.

Some people would say that hiking is for those who love a good adventure. I’d say hiking is for everyone as the experience is very spectacular. If you need an alternative to hiking in Nigeria, check out the canopy walk at LCC, Lagos. Also fun yet scary for some of us that have a phobia of heights.

One of the funniest misconceptions I often hear is that there are no good hiking spots in Nigeria. On the contrary, there are so many good places to hike in Nigeria. The reason why you think that these places do not exist is because you haven’t experienced or uncovered them yet. Not to worry, I’ll be talking about these places in this article. 

Places to Hike in Nigeria

Best places to hike in Nigeria

Some of the best places to hike in Nigeria are:

1. Shere Hills

I was in my younger years when I first heard about Shere Hills. Back then, I was fascinated by the idea of visiting Jos, touring the city, and exploring the mountains. It was even more interesting to me finding out that this place is the third highest point in Nigeria. 

As I grew, I got to know more about hiking, and I discovered that one of my childhood fantasy destination spots is a good place for hiking. Hiking is amongst the top activities people do when they visit Shere Hills, and they enjoy the best views. 

I also love that you can learn a lot when you visit Sheren Hills like knowing more about rock formation and even seeing it playing out. If you ever need an escape spot within Nigeria, I would recommend that you visit Jos and ensure to go hiking on Shere Hills. 

2. Olumirin Waterfalls

I must tell you that you must not be in a hurry when visiting this place. It is always best to dedicate your whole day and time to exploring the area if you decide to hike at this location. This waterfall in Nigeria is popularly known as the Erin Ijesha waterfall.

You can find the Olumirin Waterfalls in Erin Ijesha, Osun state. The waterfall has about seven stages, and it takes time to complete all of them. The first time I heard of this place, I was determined to climb through all the stages of the waterfall. 

Some said it would be impossible and tried to discourage me. After all, most people give up when they get to the third stage. However, I was extra determined and managed to get some of my friends on the same frequency. 

Yes, we were able to climb through all the stages of the waterfall, and we got a pleasant surprise when we got to the top. I’ll not tell you what we saw at the top as we do not want to ruin the surprise. It is best if you go there and experience it. 


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3. Kilang Hill

Have you ever visited Gombe State?

Although I haven’t been there, it is on my bucket list of places I need to visit in Nigeria. When I first became obsessed with outdoor activities like hiking, I began researching the best places to hike in Nigeria and saw that Kilang Hill was one of them. 

It is the highest peak in Gombe state, and I love the versatility of the area. The locals are also very receptive and it is easy to pick up some of the local languages when you visit this place. 

I am excited at the thought of hiking to the peak of Kilang Hill, and you should be too!

4. Idanre Hills

It would be wrong to talk about the best places to hike in Nigeria without mentioning Idanre Hills. Some people may even argue that it should be on the top of the list.

The hiking trails at this place stand out and they promise lots of fun and excitement. It is a place to experience as a group and even individually. Each of these hiking trails leads you to something different. I love to see it as a treasure hunt and the thought of what could be waiting on the other side leaves me excited. After all, it makes up the hiking experience. 

The next time you think of hiking, you should pack your bags and head to Ondo State to hike the Idanre Hills. 

5. Kamuku National Park

Located in Kaduna, we also have the Kamuku National Park as one of the best places to hike in Nigeria. I am not saying this just for the sake of writing. Instead, I have done my research, and there are many good reviews about this place. 

I love the freedom aura that surrounds you while hiking on the hiking trails at the Kamuku National Park. I also love that there are different options. This way, hiking doesn’t seem boring and you would enjoy the experience. 

I recommend that you tell a friend to tell a friend about this place so that you all can have fun. 

6. Arinta Waterfall

Oyo state also marks the register when it comes to the best places to hike in Nigeria, as you can find Arinta waterfall in this state. 

I can tell you that this waterfall is a sight for sore eyes. Once you behold it, you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off it. In fact, you can’t shake off the urge to bring out your camera and take pictures. It makes a perfect backdrop for your pictures and I know that you will love what you get. 

The hiking experience here is superb and you will thoroughly enjoy the experience. From its dense forest to rocky terrain and lush vegetation, you will be telling others about your enjoyable experience when you’re done. 

7. Obudu Mountain

I’m sure you must have heard many sweet things about Obudu Mountain as it is one of the top destination sites in Nigeria. While I am not here to tell you what to expect from the Obudu Mountain Resort, I can assure you that your expectations would be met when it concerns hiking experiences. 

The calmness and cool weather at the resort are something that can make you decide not to leave the area anymore. You get to enjoy the hiking experience as there are hiking trails to follow. You may also be lucky to find others who would want to engage in hiking within the same time frame as you. 

My advice is to ensure that you have the most fun at this place. 

8. Chappal Waddi

Do you know that this is the highest point in Nigeria and the tallest mountain in West Africa?

You may not have known this before, but I’m sharing it now for you to know. The location of this place is Taraba State. 

I don’t know the definition of fun in your dictionary, but for me, it is climbing to the peak of the highest point in Nigeria. 

It is best to keep in mind that hiking in this area isn’t so safe as it is steep and needs much endurance. However, your determination is what would keep you going. 

9. Olumo rock

Another fun hiking experience I can’t leave on this list is Olumo Rock. This recreational center is rich in history yet a fun place to be. You will have to climb about 200 steps to have access to the rocks.

Boy, it was stressful. I had to catch my breath before climbing to the rock itself. The tour guides are ready to share their history. Also, they showed us the places that were the rooms in the rock. I can’t imagine sleeping under a rock and feeling safe. Watch the Olumo rock on my channel, you’d want to visit.

Another fun hiking spot is the free Access Sobi Hill in Ilorin Kwara state. Have you been to Kwara State? Check out these fun things to do on your visit.

Whenever I explore the country, I am always on the look for budget-friendly hotels in Nigeria. Here I pass some days to give me time to explore as much about a city before moving on to the next.

Comment below on other hiking spots in Nigeria. Feel free to share and like below.

Beautiful places to hike in Nigeria

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