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Lekki arts and craft market: The Best Lagos market you need to visit


One of the best places that promote Nigerian creativity to know is the Lekki Arts and craft market. It is also known as the Oba Elegushi market. If you have ever been to Jakande market, you’re a short walk from the arts and craft market.

Although, I combed the area twice before I found the craft market as there is no signpost to guide you. There is so much to see and shop at this market. So, you should go to this market ready to shop & bargain. Here I will be sharing all you need to know about the Lekki arts and craft market.

Lekki arts and Craft Location and things to do

I highly recommend that you visit the Lekki arts and craft market even it is to window shop. Lekki arts and craft market is located at Oba Elegushi market.

The arts and craft market sits deep into the markets. What can you buy at the Lekki arts market? Personally I visited this market because I love fashion. I have attended so many runway shows like the African fashion week, GTCO fashion weekend, Fashion finest Africa.

This fashion shows spur my interest in African contemporary fashion. The Ankara bags, Ankara Souvenirs, hats, clothes, art works, etc. You can get a feel of these runway pieces at a budget friendly option at the Lekki arts and craft market.

Custom made furnitures

I love the variety of custom made furniture available at lekki arts and craft market. They are all beautiful that I would love to own some of them in my home someday.

You can shop for custom made furniture like chairs, tables, stools, etc. Some of them are so artsy and perfect for home interior designs.

In this market, the sections are organized such that the furniture section is together likewise other items in the market. You can find custom made furniture for all pockets based on your bargaining skills and taste.

If you’re into interior design of homes or own a luxury hotel, shop custom made furniture from this market. They are so beautiful and unique. Most of the furniture designs are similar to those at Nike art gallery Lagos for way less/ cheaper. Beautiful finishes and you can request for custom made pieces.

Raffia Crafts

Another section of the market you need to explore is the raffia made crafts. I love raffia bags (rattan bags) as beach companion and summer staple.

There are so many options for these bags available at this market. Also, there are other raffia hand made crafts like baskets, fans, props, etc. So, you love raffia made items, you can shop them at this market.

Sculpture and wood carvings at Lekki arts and craft market

I love chess but I am not so skilled at it. So, I stumbled upon a native wood carving of a chessboard in this market. I love it.

It is so unique from the conventional chessboard pieces. Also, there other wording carvings and sculptures like masks, horns, tusk, etc at this market. So, if you’re looking to decorate your home, visit the lekki arts and craft market.

Some of the wood carvings told stories of the times before I was born like the times of retro cars, old buses, even the slave trade era. These can be used as a form of a visual educational tool for our generation and beyond.


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Only an ardent lover of art can appreciate the lovely art canvas at this market. Some of the paintings were abstract while some are easy to understand paintings with live objects, place or person.

I love the paintings with a modern touch to them as well as paintings that told a story. The paintings in this market range from the high-end canvas ranging from 30k upwards or as low as 18k.

I love to own a painting someday in my own home. They add beauty to your home.

lekki arts and craft market art gallery

African print clothing and fabrics

I can practically go broke in a market full of African print outfits and fabrics. Lekki arts and craft market have a section that sells lovely unique African print outfits. Although, I didn’t get to explore the clothes because my boo was more sold by the arts or sculptures. I will revisit solely to explore this section of the market.

The lovely maxi dresses and shift dresses are worth spending your last penny on. However, as I said earlier, for this market the price is based on your haggling power.

Hand made accessories

Another things to look forward to at the lekki arts and craft market are the accessories. They are have various accessories like ankara hand-made bags, custom bags, local jewelry, ankara necklaces & earrings, ankara slippers, ankara travel bags, etc.

One of the stores makes gift boxes comprising an ankara handbag, slippers, note pad, hats, etc, you can shop for ladies on your list. So, if you’re yet to shop for your holiday gifts, visit the Lekki arts and craft market. Also, you can read my post on 2020 holiday gift guide for her to help with your shopping this season.

There are fashion accessories for the men too like custom-made ankara bags, shoes, slides, ankara laptop bags etc.

Also, if your a looking for great souvenirs on your visit to this market, there are several options. I walked, into a store that sells custom made ankara notepad and Ankara inspired table mirror.

Lekki arts and craft market: Tips on how to haggle the best deals

After walking the market for a while I enjoyed a hearty meal because I haven’t had breakfast. So, if you need a place to eat after exploring the market, there several options for local dishes.

Also, if you’ve ever wondered how those bags you love come together, I saw a store where they were manufacturing these bags in the market. I am enamored by such creativity and I hope that it lasts forever. This because most small businesses rarely get supports or funds to keep afloat. However, such talent and creativity are worth preserving for generations.

So, if you have never visited the Lekki arts and craft market, definitely add it to your bucket list. Also, save to shop the fashion pieces because it is impossible to visit without finding great fashion additions for your closet.

Another tip to know is to explore the stores as much as possible to compare prices. Don’t worry about missing out on items as some stores offer to deliver to your door plus for a fee.


Also, the sellers are very receptive so you can explore any store and items with ease. You can ask for their business card in case you find something you want to shop for later.

What other creative markets have you visited in Nigeria? Feel free to leave a comment let’s plan our next getaway together.

FAQ on Lekki arts and Craft market Lagos

  1. Do I need to purchase on my visit? One thing to note is to not be afraid to window shop. If you like any of the pieces, talk with the traders. On my visit, I took their contact and made an order to my office.
  2. What Can you buy at the Lekki arts and craft market? You can shop for home pieces, interior decoration options for Airbnb or hotel furnishing. If you love fashion be sure that you will get so much pieces on a budget.
  3. How do I locate the Lekki arts and craft Market? The address is Lekki Arts & Crafts Market, Oba Elegushi St, Lekki Penninsula II, Lekki 106104, Lagos, Nigeria if you’re driving.

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