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Top best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria to ease international shopping

As a Nigerian living in Nigeria, you will agree that one of our top challenges right now is finding a virtual dollar card that works. Need to shop international websites, here are my top best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria to ease international shopping.

With stringent dollar policies and scarcity, its almost impossible to shop international websites. Nowadays, it’s hard to pay for things on websites that require dollar payments like Aliexpress because our regular cards don’t work. 

This has been a downer for many, especially shopaholics. Some girlies even complain that they can’t slay again as they don’t have cards that work on their favorite shopping sites. My friends and I are also facing this challenge. 

One thing about me is that I do not fancy complaints. I’m such a solution driven person that I’m always out to find the remedy to any challenge. It is why I’ve gone to do my research and here to answer some of the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.

Curious to know them? 

Stick along with this article. 

Virtual dollar cards in Nigeria

Considerations when choosing a virtual dollar card

Before I go ahead to talk about some of the best virtual dollar cards for Nigeria, I’ll like to spotlight some unique factors to consider before choosing a virtual dollar card. 

For me, I love to go for a card with a platform that is easy to use. I always tell my friends to prioritize the user interface of the app and ease of funding and managing the card. We can’t be facing one challenge and get into more complications!

I also consider the security features as I don’t play with my money. I always check for the ability to freeze and unfreeze cards for instances where I my card may be compromised. Fraud protection measures and customer support responsiveness are also key for me. 

In choosing a virtual dollar card in Nigeria, be conscious of the fees and charges. Look out for monthly maintenance fees, top-up charges, and currency conversion fees. All these will help you know if you’re making the right choice. 

Furthermore, be aware of any daily, weekly, or monthly spending or top-up limits. The limits should be something you’re comfortable with. In addition, ensure that the card is accepted on the platforms where you intend to use it, such as Amazon, Google Play, AliExpress, Netflix, etc. 

Best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria

Best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria to shop international websites.

These virtual dollar card options are tested and tried. And ofcourse there are pros and cons to using them.

What better way to determine the best virtual dollar card that is right for you than sweet comparison and review. Have a gift card and don’t know how to redeem it, read our post on how to sell gift cards in Nigeria for extra cash.

Eversend Vs. Chipper Cash

When talking about virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, Eversend and Chipper Cash are some of the commonest options you will hear. When I first heard about them, I had to go do my research on how they operate and the fuzz about them. 

Eversend cards can be used on a variety of platforms including Amazon, AliExpress, Spotify, and many others, offering users extensive online shopping and subscription payment options.

Users can also save up to 13% on foreign exchange fees which is a significant advantage for those making frequent international transactions. One of their unique features is the fact that there is no limit to the number of cards a user can create on the platform.

So, you can create cards that your friends and family can use if you don’t want them using your card. Eversend also offers easy top-up options via mobile money, card or bank. 

Keep in mind that using Eversend comes with charges and maintenance fees. There is a $1 monthly maintenance fee. For those who do not frequently use the card, the fee could add up and become an inconvenience. Also, users need $2 to create a card, including the first month’s maintenance fee and a minimum top-up requirement. 

For Chipper Cash, they have one of the easiest platforms I’ve ever had to use. Setting up an account and getting my virtual card was a straightforward process.

They stand out for me in terms of convenience as it offers a seamless way to make online payments globally. With my Chipper Cash card, I do not have to complain about making payments on my favorite shopping sites. 

On the flip side, you cannot access the Chipper Cash platform if you do not have a means of identification like your international passport or national ID. 

Also resolving technical issues can take forever. Plus signing up for a virtual dollar card cost $3 one time fee. However there is no monthly maintenance fee like eversend. That’s sweet I guess.

However both of these platforms tend to deactivate your virtual USD card for decline payments. So if you have recurring subscriptions, please ensure you keep your card funded. This is to enable you meet your obligation.

In terms of customer service, they are responsive but Chipper cash resolution of issue takes longer. Like why? I paid so much to get USD, so I need stellar service.

My favorite virtual dollar card is Bitnob card. Who will think that a Crypto platform will solve my virtual dollar bank issues. Here’s is why you need to sign up on Bitnob.

Virtual USD cards in Nigeria

Top best virtual dollar card in Nigeria: Bitnob

I’m sure you must have heard about Bitnob or come across their ads in one way or the other. Many people tell me that they do not understand the Bitnob brand and how it works. Interestings, they offer one of the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. 

Bitnob is appealing to users in the cryptocurrency space, allowing transactions within a set limit and offering a straightforward solution for online transactions and payments. With Bitnob, users can pay for popular streaming services and make international transactions easily, bridging the gap between traditional banking and digital currency spaces.

The Bitnob virtual card caters to the broader market of users seeking conventional banking solutions. However, jump on this platform if you’re in the crypto industry and looking for a virtual dollar card to use in Nigeria.

Bitnob virtual dollar card is not just meant for crypto users. So if you’re not into cryptocurrency, you can still sign up to use this card.

To sign up you need a minimum balance of $2. The card comes with a fee or $1. So you can top up as much money you can as possible.

Use my code to sign up: magdalene8 and support this blog.

Best virtual dollar card in Nigeria: Other Options

Other virtual dollar card options for Nigerians are: 

  • Klasha: Coming in as one of the newer options, Klasha is designed for cross-border e-commerce. It offers easy access to global sites and platforms. You will enjoy flexibility in funding and spending when using Klasha. Keep in mind that you will have to pay card maintenance fees. 
  • Changera: This is another option that offers seamless international transactions and prioritizes security with advanced encryption and fraud protection. Yes, they check the box in terms of security!  
  • Fundall: With fundall, you get free creation of virtual dollar cards and the ability to generate multiple cards for different transactions. However, there might be fees for inactivity or for maintaining multiple cards. 

FAQ on Virtual USD cards in Nigeria

  1. How can I shop international sites from Nigeria? Unfortunately, Nigerian banks do not offer usd payment cards due to the new CBN policy. However, you can now shop from anywhere in the world with virtual dollar cards.
  2. How can I get a virtual USD card? You can simply apply for virtual USD card from payment platforms like Bitnob, Chipper Cash or eversend.
  3. What are the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria? There are about 15 or more virtual dollar card payments options. However, my top 2 that I highly recommend is Bitnob and chipper cash.
  4. What are the fees to use a virtual dollar card in Nigeria? Read the fine prints and terms of services. Most of these virtual dollar cards in Nigeria states them clearly. So think before you choose to sign.

Comment below your favorite of these top best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria. Which of them are you going to sign up for? Ciao.

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