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Elegushi Private beach: My terrible experience and things to do

The beach is my happy place. However, the day I visited Elegushi beach, I couldn’t wait to leave. There are so many fun beaches in Lagos, but if want to visit Elegushi private beach, here is all you need to know.

Unlike many budget friendly beaches in Lagos like Laguna beach, Landmark beach, the good beach Lagos, Elegushi is my least favorite. I had crossed off this beach from my must see places due to the reviews. However, I had to visit since my plan to visit Awolowo beach failed.

I lost interest in Elegushi beach as soon as I entered. We drove to this beach. The harassments from so called waiters was too much. Everyone is trying to convince you to come to their restaurant or bar. A guy even addressed my husband as Uber guy. I have never been so irritated on my visit to the beach.

I have visited so many fun beaches in Lagos. However, Elegushi private beach is the least ranked followed by Oniru private beach ( Overcrowded vendors).

My advice, you can still walk down into the beach and have free access after paying the gate fee. Here is all you need to know and do on your visit.

Elegushi Private beach Lagos

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Elegushi private beach Location and gate fee

You would find this beach in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria. It offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the ever bubbling Lagos city. Its location is quite strategic and accessible for all. One thing I love about this beach is that almost everyone knows about it. Therefore, you cannot get missing when trying to locate Elegushi beach.

Depending on your preference, you can use public or private transport to this place. If you’re ever confused, the map would come in handy.

The entry fee to Elegushi private beach is 2000per adult. We were two adults that visited with a baby. There was no fee charged for our baby on our visit.

Things to do at Elegushi Beach

If you ever find yourself at Elegushi beach, some things to do include:

Patronize the local stores

One of the things to do at Elegushi Private beach is shopping for souvenirs and local crafts. I’m not saying you can’t find them at other locations, but the ones at Elegushi beach are always super appealing. It’s one of the reasons why I always ensure to hold extra cash when visiting this beach.

From the handmade jewelry to the traditional fabrics, and even the unique art pieces, there is something for everyone at these local stores. I love that they have varieties even though it sometimes leaves me confused on what to get. Window shopping is also fun while viewing these local stores.

Explore food options

Yes, I know that there are lots of opinions that surround buying food at the beach. But c’monnn! You have to live a little!!! The amount of mouthwatering dishes you will see at Elegushi beach would leave you no choice but wanting to satisfy your taste buds.

It’s also interesting and fascinating to see that the meals on the beach range from local to international cuisines. If you are not careful, you will spend all your money on food while at Elegushi beach.

Of course, drinks and cocktails of all varieties are also available. Therefore, it is a complete package!

Water Sports

There is never a dull time at Elegushi beach! Yes, the place might be packed due to its popularity, but that only adds to the fun. There are lots of water games and activities for you to do, depending on your preference. You can decide to go jet skiing or kayaking. You can even decide to mingle with others by indulging in volleyball. It is a perfect way for you to make new friends.

While you have fun with the water games, ensure that you read through the rules carefully and stay safe!

Enjoy the nightlife

It’s one thing to experience Elegushi beach during the day, but it’s another thing to experience this beach at night! All you need to do is bring your best energy, and you will have a swell night. The experience is always epic as everywhere is vibrant with lively music and DJ performances. You may even be lucky to catch some cultural displays.

If you are extra lucky, you may get to join in some themed night parties. You can never tell what will happen at night. But one thing is sure, you will enjoy yourself!

Relax and enjoy yourself

I don’t know why you’re going to the beach if not to relax! Elegushi beach is a perfect location to unwind as you enjoy the pristine beachfront view. There are many locations on this beach that serve as the perfect spots for Instagram-worthy and pepper dem pictures.

With your beach mat or chair, find a cozy spot that lets you soak in the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean as it stretches. You can further relax with a book as you soak up the sun. However, ensure that you do not forget your sunscreen!

Is Elegushi beach free?

There is a fee to pay at the entrance before accessing the beach. However, I would say the rates are quite fair. It’s 2,000 naira per adult and 1,000 naira per child.

Is Elegushi beach safe?

Yes, there are amenities in place to ensure the safety and security of everyone at Elegushi beach. You would randomly see security personnels, and there are also trained lifeguards on ground for those participating in water games.

All in all, I will not visit this beach again because of the harassments by the bar guys. However, because of the fun bubby night light and scenery, I can recommend you visit. Maybe I had so much expectations from this beach as I have visited so many beaches in Lagos with fun experiences.

Take away from this, reduce your expectations and be open minded. You will enjoy this beach. Feel free to comment other beaches in Lagos you have visited. Have you visited Elegushi private beach? share your experience below.

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