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Laguna Beach Lagos: 5 fun things to do and know

Laguna Beach Lagos Cabana

There are so many private beaches in Lagos Nigeria. Some of them are quite expensive to access like the white deck beach resort. However, some of these beaches are affordable too. An affordable beach to visit is Laguna beach Lagos.

However, this post is about Laguna Private beach. This is one the cheapest, most accessible Lagos beach club to know. So, if you want to experience private beaches in Lagos on a budget, opt for the Laguna Beach club. Although, this beach is quite far from Lagos mainland. However, it is a fun beach club to explore. Here is all you need to know about Laguna beach Lagos.

Laguna Beach Lagos: Location and gate fee

There are so many Lagos beach that I am yet to explore. So, I am super excited about Laguna beach club. This beach is located at Okun-ajah Lagos. Okun-ajah community is the home of so many popular beaches in Lagos. They include Atican beach, White deck beach, Coney island beach resort, Barracuda beach etc. Some of these beaches are neighbors. So, if you stroll on the bank of Laguna beach, you most definitely will see some of this beaches.

How to get to Laguna beach Lagos

Where is Laguna beach Lagos Located? Laguna Beach is quite far for those of us visiting from the mainland. You can a bus from the Lagos terminal to Ajah bus stop. If you’re not using the Lagos bus terminal, you are missing out on the development in Lagos state. Click here to know how to use the Oshodi bus terminal to commute to the island on my Youtube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe for more travel vlogs in Nigeria. I personally use the terminal as a means of transport to the island. My reasons are comfort and affordability.

From Ajah bus stop, take a bus to Adesanya bus stop ( cost just 100 naira). Then you can take a bus to Okun-Ajah or a bike to Laguna Beach club. The entry fee per person is 1000 naira per person. It is totally free to access on weekdays. (Not confirmed yet though). I visited on a public holiday.

There are so many things that I love about Laguna beach. I would recommend this beach for anyone who wants to enjoy the Lagos private beaches on a budget. All their beach chairs, cabanas are free to use. So, your gate fee allows you access to all their facilities. I had a full cabana to myself. However, you can share with others that come to the beach. Cabanas are not cheap at all. The cost of Cabanas on popular beaches in Lagos like Oniru or Landmark beach costs about 30-60K. So, imagine how it feels to use one for free at Laguna beach.

Also, I love the aesthetic of the place. It is definitely top on my list of instagrammable places in Lagos. The artsy vibe of the outer part of Laguna beach is lovely. You can get food at Laguna beach. You can get food from their restaurant and drinks from their bar. I will also link below my vlog so you can see what I love about this private beach in Lagos. The staffs are this beach are very helpful save for the bar lady I met. (Maybe she was having a bad day, who knows).

Other beaches close to Laguna beach Lagos include Atican beach, Barracuda beach or Redline beach.

Things to do at Laguna private beach, Lagos

There are so many fun things you can do at Laguna beach. One of such things is to stroll at the beach bank. You get to enjoy the calm of the beach water splashing on its banks. Also, you can see other beaches close to Laguna beach. So, you can compile your beach bucket list. Below are other things you can do at Laguna beach club

Content creation

The artsy and beautiful aesthetic makes this a place for content creation. You can take great pictures for your social media at Laguna beach. As content creator too, I love the vibe of this place. You take short clips for your Instagram, product pictures ( Outfits) etc. at Laguna beach.

Have beach party/ picnic

Laguna beach club allows access to all their seats. So, if you want to have your birthday party, picnic, or proposal party, opt for Laguna beach. You can use the free cabanas to entertain your guest. I love this beach because I don’t have to pay for seats. ( Who doesn’t like free stuff).

Also, you can have a picnic with your friends and family. Go ready with your beach mat and umbrellas if you want to seat close to the water. However, you can have your picnic on the beach chairs or Cabanas.

Swim at the pool

Sometimes I wish I could swim. This is because Laguna beach has a pool you can use for free. The pool is close to the DJ. This is perfect for a pool party with your friends.

For those of us who can’t swim, there are floaters available. So, you can still enjoy the pool. The pool disclaimer is quite interesting. It reads,” Lifeguard has gone on a beer break, swim at your risk“. This is deep and funny. You can also swim in the beach water too.

Enjoy card games

If you need something for entertainment at the beach, go with games to play. You can go with card games, board games like scrabble or chess to entertain yourself.

Another fun thing is to just dance. There is an in-house Dj to entertain you and your friends for free. You also enjoy a meal to treat yourself. Enjoy yourself like the sayings at Laguna beach, “Problem no dey finish“.

What to wear to Laguna Beach Lagos

Laguna Beach Lagos is not the only cheap beach in Lagos. Click here to know other cheap Lagos beach to explore in Lagos.

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