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Atican beach Lagos Resort: Affordable Lagos private beach to know

Okun-Ajah Lagos is a hub for so many popular beaches in Lagos. So many of these beaches are affordable while some are private beach resorts that are quite pricey. One such private beach in Lagos that is affordable is the Atican beach Lagos. It is such a beautiful place.

Atican beach is just beside Laguna beach Lagos. Compared to Laguna beach resort, it is just a little more expensive. You can read my post about Laguna beach club, click here. Also, it is bigger and has so many things you can engage in. So, if you need a private beach that is so much fun, opt for Atican beach resort. Here is all you need to know before visiting the Atican beach resort on your next beach vacation.

Atican beach Lagos

Location and Entry fee

Atican beach is an affordable private beach in Lagos located at Okun-Ajah community Lagos. How to get to Atican beach is quite easy? If you get to Ajah bus stop, take another bus going to Adesanya bus stop. Then take a bike to Atican beach Lagos.

How much is entrance fee at Atican beach Lagos?

The gate fee at Atican beach is 2000 naira per person. This is just your entrance fee. There is no extra perks from your entry fee. You also need a need mask for entry. However, this is not a compulsory requirement for entry. You can wash your hands at the entrance. They provided water and soap for use outside the entrance. So, if you’re worried about their covid-19, ensure you adhere to the guidelines. Stay safe out there.

Can you take food to Atican beach Lagos?

Yes, you can take your food into Atican beach. This I had to confirm from the security personnel at the entrance. However, you can get food at the beach resort. There are so many businesses offering different types of foods like small chops, grilled fish, berbecue chicken etc.

Also, you can treat yourself to a drink at the coconut bar. I love the coconut drink a lot. It cost just 1000 naira. You can take the drink and eat its fruit inside.

You can also shop for beachwear at the beach. I am not sure how expensive it is. This is because I had my own beachwear. You can also read my post on what to wear to the beach for cute beach outfits for women for your beach vacation.

Atican beach Lagos gate fee

Things to do at Atican beach Lagos

There are so many fun things to do at Atican beach Lagos. The resort has so many vendors and businesses in the beach area. As stated earlier, you can get food for yourself at the beach. Also, you can bring your own food to the beach. The below are fun things you can do at the beach.

Horse Riding

I was so overwhelmed by the horse riders constantly coming to ask if I wanted a ride. Plus its not free. So, if you want to enjoy a horse ride, you can take a horse ride the beach. I didn’t ride a horse so I can’t say the cost. However, you can take pictures with the horse for 500 naira.

You can ride the horse or treat your kids to a fun horse ride at the beach.

Snooker board games

Another fun thing you can do at this beach is to engage in snooker game. This is game I have never tried out. However, if this is your thing, opt for a game of snooker.

Engage your kids with fun activities

Atican beach is one of the best private beaches to go with your family. This is because there are fun activities your kids can engage in. They engage in a joy ride, bouncing castle, and other fun games. One of such business in the beach where your kids can have fun is the humming bee. They offer so many fun activities for your kids from 1500naira.

So, if you need a place to have fun with your kids and your partner, opt for Atican beach.

Atican beach Lagos opening hours
Have a beach party

Atican beach gets more fun as it gates late in the evening. We were entertained by their in-house DJ as well as a band on my visit. This musical band sings for anyone at the beach that needs their services.

You can have a beach party with your friends and family. Also, you can have a picnic with your family. Most people that had a party got the beach chairs. The beach chairs are rented for a fee. So, If you need beach benches at thus beach, you can rent it for fee.

Personally, I prefer Laguna beach club to Atican because their beach chairs are free to use. Another Lagos beach that offers free beach benches is Lekki leisure lake. Click here to read about all you need to know to visit Lekki Leisure beach Lagos.

Shop for you and your family

You can also shop for souvenirs for yourself and your family at Atican beach resort. If you need beachwear or accessories for the beach, you can shop at Atican beach. Also, you can shop for Arts and crafts like wood crafts, crafted chess boards, or ankara accessories like necklaces or bangles, etc.

So, if you need an impromptu beachwear, bikini sets or coverups, you can get this at the beach. Also, if you love to collect things as you go vacation for your friends and family, you can shop souvenirs at this beach.

Atican beach Lagos price

FAQ on Atican beach Lagos

  1. What is the opening hours for Atican beach Lagos? Atican beach is opened to entry 24hours a day, every day in the week inclusive of public holidays.
  2. Can I spend the night at Atican beach? Yes you. Atican beach resort has its own hotel. You can spend the night there. If you need a budget friendly beach destination for honey moon.
  3. How much does it cost to lodge at Atican beach Lagos? Below are the Atican beach price list for lodges.

Standard Room- N10,000

Standard Plus- N12,000

Deluxe Room- N15,000

Double Bed- N18,500

Family Room- N18,500

Executive Room- N20,000

Presidential Room- N25,000

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