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3 Best Solo travel groups in Nigeria

Traveling is one of the fun things I love to do. However, I always put off traveling to some parts of Nigeria because I am scared of solo travel. That is where solo travel groups come in. I am gone on many trips within Lagos and outside with travel groups in Nigeria.

There are so many beautiful places in Nigeria to see. From the Nature parks, Zoo, and waterfalls like Erin Ijesha or owu waterfalls among other things.

What about international travel you may ask? These travel groups also go to other international locations. So many beautiful places in Africa are on my bucket list. Thankfully these solo travel groups in Nigeria also plan trips outside Nigeria.

So, if you’re a solo traveler or prefer to travel in groups, these groups in Nigeria are your go-to for trips. They plan your trip, and the activities and make it super easy for you to have fun without the hassle. Although sometimes, I do prefer to plan my own trips too. If you would love to plan your trips yourself, here is how to plan your trip on a budget.

Best Solo travel groups

When I am not planning my own trips, here are my best solo travel groups to hang out with in Nigeria. They plan trips to some of the best places to visit in Nigeria. I love to travel with them. Although, there is a travel group on this list that I am yet to explore. However, feedback about them is super great.

So, I am looking to travel with this group on an international trip soonest. Why are these brands top on my list? As you guys know I am all in for budget-friendly vacations or staycations. They offer various trips within the year suitable for any budget.

To keep up with their trips, follow them on Instagram and put on your notifications to know of the next trip. I assure you it will be fun with these groups. You get to meet new people, make friends, and network. Also, if you have a business, you can meet prospective customers too. We introduce ourselves before each trip and you can share your business cards too.

1. The Gallivanter traventures

The Gallivanter group is one the best solo travel groups I recommend. I first saw this brand on Instagram and was sold by its activities.

They plan so many fun activities in Lagos. Also, they plan activities outside the country too. One such country is Ouidah, Republic of Benin.

This part of the Benin republic is still at the top of my bucket list destination. The cost of each trip with this brand is very affordable too.

I recently visited La Campagne Tropicana with this brand. This is a fun private beach in Lagos. There are so many fun activities on this beach like horse riding, kayaking, etc. However, I have a phobia of water, I can’t kayak to save my life. Boat cruise, I am all in but Kayak, Hell no!

Best solo travel group for singles

2. Funatics Adventure

Another of the best solo travel groups in Nigeria to hang out with is Funatics adventure. I love this brand a lot. I have gone on several trips with them. The fun part, you get to network with everyone in the group that you’ve not met.

I love to go on trips with this brand. So, I am always on their Instagram page to find out about the latest trip. Previously I joined a trip with another brand that failed. You know the sort of trip that they don’t keep to time. Getting a refund was impossible.

So, these brands for me are the best solo travel groups to hang out with. I have visited Nike’s guest house, Erin Ijesha waterfall, Osun Oshogbo grove, and Omu resort among other places with this brand.

Funatics is currently planning an international trip to the Benin republic and I would recommend you tag along. It is always fun to travel with this group. They are true to their brand name funatics. I made so many friends from this Solo travel group. So, If you need a perfect solo travel group for singles, travel with Funatics.

Solo travel groups in Nigeria

3. Naija explorers

Naija explorer is another solo travel group in Nigeria to go on trips with. This brand goes on trips to several places in Nigeria inclusive of the northern region.

There are so many fun things to do in Northern Nigeria like visiting the Yankari games reserve, Zuma rock, or the waterfalls. However, due to the unrest, I have not visited them.

Naija explorers plan trips to these regions, especially the parts that are still safe in the north. I would love to visit the North someday when things get better.

You can also go on international trips with this brand. A recent trip by Naija explorers is to the Benin republic. They have visited so many places in the republic of Benin that I never knew existed. I have been to this country, check out my post on the ultimate guide to Cotonou and fun things to do.

So, if you’re looking for solo travel groups for singles in Nigeria, check out these groups. Feel free to comment on other solo travel groups in Nigeria that are affordable. xoxo.

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