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Best app to buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria

Best app or site to sell gift cards in Nigeria

Typically I avoid working with brands that offer me gift cards for my services. This is because I had no idea how to sell these gift cards in Nigeria and convert them to Naira. So, I stumbled upon Nosh app which is one of the best app to buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria.

Ever since I was able to successfully sell my Nordstrom gift card online for naira, I would not mind working for a gift cards reward. Which site or app is the best to redeem gift cards in Nigeria? There are so many sites or apps you can choose from out there to trade your gift cards for cash. My best app to buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria without hassle is the Nosh app. This app I love a lot. Also, I love to use some apps for my travels too. You can read my post on travel apps you need as a solo traveler.

Best app to buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria

I love to learn new things a lot. So, I stumbled upon a blog that shared a lot of sites you can redeem $100 gift cards to naira. I tried out a few. Some of these sites are super complicated to use. I hate complicated! So, I finally found one app that is super easy to use called the Nosh app.

Nosh app Review: buy or sell gift cards online

Nosh app is a simple application you can easily download from your app store or play store. All you have to do is to input your personal information, bank details and create a pin for withdrawal.

Their customer service is quite helpful. You can easily reach out to them for any inquiries using the chatbox. Also, you can your google play $100 gift card or any gift cards to Naira, Cedis, or Dirham. What this simply means is that you can use this app in Dubai, Ghana, or Nigeria to trade your gift card with ease.

You can check out the gift card prices on their app before you redeem them. Also, you can check the type of gift cards they usually redeem on their site listed on your trading dashboard. Any further assistance you need you can direct to their customer service for a quick resolution.

Which gift card has the highest rate in Nigeria?

The rate that applies to each gift is found on easily your dashboard. My $100 Nordstrom gift card was equivalent to 30000naira at the time of writing this article on Nosh.

How can you trade your gift card on Nosh? It is super easy. All you have to do is to snap the e-gift card or physical gift card and upload it for review. Upon approval, you will be credited with payment into your Nosh wallet.

You choose to buy other gift cards with funds in your wallet or withdraw the funds. My only issue with the value of the gift card exchange rate is that it is quite small as compared to the normal USD exchange rate. Typically now $100 is now about 57,000naira while the gift card equivalent is 30000naira.

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Can you redeem e-gift cards for cash?

Most sites or apps typically do not redeem e-gift cards. My Nordstrom gift card was an e-gift card. So, it was super difficult to redeem it for cash.

However, on the Nosh app, all you have to do is to screenshot the gift cards showing their card pan and pin. This will be reviewed and converted into Naira or your choice currency for you. What did I do with the funds redeemed from my gift cards?

Nosh app came through as at the time I planned a trip to Badagry and I needed extra cash. So, I used the funds to fund my trip to Badagry. I visited a few fun places at this historic place in Lagos. One such fun thing to do in Badagry is to explore the whispering palms of Badagry Iworo. Click here to read all about whispering palms.

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