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Freedom park Lagos: things to do at this park

This year, i have decided to live to the fullest any opportunity i get. Hence, I visited freedom park at Lagos island. This park is one of the most affordable vacation spot to visit. It is just a tricycle away from Obalende, Lagos Island. Freedom park used to be the then Queen’s prison yard. This prison housed thieves, activist and other notorious criminals. It is now a recreational center holding some of its memories in place like the “prison” which are still retained as well some of its structures.

The gate fee for entry into freedom park is 200naira. It allows you access to all the facilities available at the park. These facilities and also some lovely side attractions are at Freedom park. The lovely statues placed at strategic places with deep cultural learning to feed your eyes. The ancient English fountains retained as it was initially built (most of the structures gives you feel of british environment. I felt like i was in Britain. I wish). Even the lavatory , permit me to say is like that of the western world.

Freedom park vlog

Children Play-ground

Freedom park is also a lovely place for a family outing or day-out. It has a play ground with fun facilities to engage children. As a mum or dad looking to have fun with your family as well as steal lone time with your partner, Freedom park is the perfect spot. This facilities will keep your kids busy while you have fun vacation at Freedom park.

Amphi-Theatre & Old Prison yard

Most of the structures like the prison yards are still in place. The tiny rooms where the then in-mates slept are quite small. I wonder how many in-mates are in one room. Each room has a drainage system in-built.(It made me wonder if the prisoner were allowed out of the cell at all; even for dump). Freedom also has an amphi- theatre. It is more like a small theatre with a stage for performing artist and an audience court built like a stadium seat. This theatre is perfect for a mini performance stage for artist/ drama display.

Freedom park Lagos: things to do at this park
Amphi-theatre Freedom park

Art store & Restaurant

A recreational centre with affordable food is bae for me. (I am not really a foodie, but a vacation on an empty stomach is bad market. Imagine feeling so hungry to enjoy your hangout.)At freedom park, there are some restaurant serving some sumptuous mealson their menu. Some native dishes calabar dishes to blow your mind among others. Freedom park offers the best night life outing you can think of. Although, you i didn’t really experience it because i cannot stay at the park late.

Freedom park Lagos: things to do at this park
Enye Lifestyle Store, Freedom Park

Lover of art work, handicrafts or artsy things will totally love freedom park. There is a store that caters for crafty items, paintings, African made clothings, etc. The store is called Enye lifestyle. They also have an online site where you can check out other items they have in stock. All the items are a steal for me. (Man have to be careful not go bankrupt in these times though). I shopped for some lovely hand made African items that i would slay forever. Other parks you can visit include; JJT park , Ndubusi Kalu park, Lufasi park etc.

Freedom park Lagos: things to do at this park
Freedom park Lagos: things to do at this park
Former Prison rooms, Freedom Park
Children Play ground

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