As i continue to explore Lagos and all its recreational facilities, there are so much discover. There are so many amazing recreational parks which some are free to access like JJTpark in my previous post.  The bloggers hang out by TBA took place at Jhalobia parks and garden. Unlike other parts of world, recreational parks are now widely know as a cool vacay spot. With recreational parks , you don’t really need to have fat bank balances. Also the family size doesn’t matter either to enjoy a good time off from your usual routine. Other lovely parks on my bucket list includes; Muri Okunola park, Freedom park, & Ndubuisi Kanu park. Jhalobia parks and garden is a beautiful park with lush landscape , green scenery , lovely arch as well as pines. It is located at airport road, Ikeja, Lagos state. It is a short distance from Hajj camp (NACO Bus stop) and Ajao estate.

Jhalobia park or gardens is perfect for fun recreational activities,  parties like weddings, picnic with friends and video filming.

Things to do at Jhalobia parks and Gardens

There are a lot fun activities as well as other lovely things which you can do at this breath taking private park. Recreational / things you can do include;

  • Family Picnic: What comes to mind first as you walk into the park is a “picnic”. They have lush well groomed green bed that can be converted for a merry time together with friends, boo, family, coworkers or business partners. We had our bloggers hangout under the canopy of big tree in the garden. The garden has some lovely secluded mini huts , amusement facilities for kids and amazing landscape.
  • Weddings/Parties: There is a large tent opposite a row of mini arch suitable for a wedding aisle. The tent can host as much guest for your dream wedding. if you want a destination wedding without the troubles of travelling to other countries or draining your bank account, Jhalobia park is for you.

Vacation spots to visit on a budget; Jhalobia parks and gardens

Vacation spots to visit on a budget; Jhalobia parks and gardens

Vacation spots to visit on a budget; Jhalobia parks and gardens

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