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Why should you get nail extensions?


Who doesn’t love having long, beautiful, and strong nails? Well for all those who are looking forward to getting nail extensions and for that purpose. I have got some reasons that you must consider before getting nail extensions done for yourself! Here are some pros which I would like to share which I felt were really awesome after I had got my nail extensions done! So if you’re still unsure about why should you get nail extensions, this will change your mind. You can also check out my post on back to work outfit ideas for 2020. So, you’d be ready for work life after lockdown.

It feels so natural

Nail extensions never made me feel that I have pasted a plastic nail on my nails. Although I started when I was much younger. However, after I got my nail extensions done it felt too natural. People would never look at it as if they are artificial but just look at it in an admiring way. This is either because they liked the shape of my nails or just because of the beautiful nail art!
But yes they even look fake many times, but only in cases where you haven’t got them applied in a proper way or maybe by a professional. So do get it done by a professional for a more natural look!

Why should you get nail extensions?

You can opt for any shape

We might not have been gifted with the shapes we wanted to have, but nail extensions allow you to have any nail shape that you admire. You can any shape you desire. Almond shape, or the square one or maybe the ballerina nail shape, whatsoever you love, opt for it!

Change the shape anytime!

Yeah, you might have got bored of the stiletto shape that you have got the month ago and maybe now you want squared oval squoval shape so you have got all the freedom to get up, get the nails removed and try out another shape of your choice this time!
What a boon it is for those women who keep on trying out new things every month! Isn’t it?

Feels so light

If you are afraid that your hands would be weighing down because of the heavy nail extensions that you will get, don’t be! It’s going to feel very light once you have got your nails on! There is no hindrance in any of your tasks and so just feel free to have it on your nail tips!

No damage to your own nails

Yes, it is an obvious concern that pops up in everyone’s mind as to whether it will be damage to your own natural nails or not? A big NO!
Your nails continue to grow as they were along with your nail extensions. Also, it doesn’t harm them in any way.
But yes they will be harm only when they are not removed properly. So, get them removed by a professional only to not cause any damage to your natural nails.

If you have week nails then go for it!

Women who have weak or brittle nails shall definitely go for this, as firstly it won’t harm your nails further and secondly it will give them a good look which also shows to the people that you take personal care, which is very important nowadays!

Do you chew your nails?

If you have this bad habit of chewing your nails very frequently then you should go for nail extensions very soon! This will prevent you from chewing your nails every now and then and also you will not have to worry about it for months until you get them removed, so by the time your nails are old enough to be removed your habit would have already be gone by now!


Acrylic nails stay for a longer time

if you are choosing acrylic nails over gel nails then be sure for having more time with your beautiful nails! They stay longer and the tension-free mind that you would have got otherwise to take care of your natural nails!

Now as you have got to know why it so awesome to get your nail extensions done. So, why not get it done for yourself too!

If you do not want to incur the expenses of getting it at an expensive parlor then why not get your nail extensions done at home?
Read here to know how you can get nail extension done at home.

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