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5 easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety


The thought that you have so much to do or have a deadline to meet often causes us anxiety and stress. This type of stress is common and it is inevitable. Here are 5 easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety naturally.

Constant stress (if not managed) may have a negative impact of one’s mental health. Do you struggle with stress or anxiety? Me too. How is it possible to not be stressed as an adult? So, if you feel overwhelmed or stressed, you can manage it.

There are very simple ways to manage stress without visiting the hospital. However, this method is only useful for short term stress or anxiety. On the contrary, if you’re struggling with extreme stress or anxiety, you need to seek medical help. So, to help you manage stress, here are 5 easy ways to relieve stress. These simple things has greatly helped me to de-stress and manage anxiety with ease.

5 easy ways to relieve stress

Stress is a natural part of life. I get stressed with work, life goals that are procrastinated or new experiences. So, these tested and tried 5 easy ways to relieve stress has helped me manage it efficiently.

Listen to Music

There are days that all I need to is to listen to great music. Listening to your best songs on days that you’re feeling stressed works like magic. It takes my mind off the stress. Also, it makes focus on how to deal with the cause of the stress.

I listen to music on the bus from work in traffic. It makes me enjoy the song while being stuck in a traffic jam. So, if you’re looking to ease stress listen to good music. The key is to listen to songs that resonates with you. If you can dance to the songs to help you ease the stress or anxiety.

5 tips to reduce stress

Get Organized

I know that I am not such that is super organized. So, this part for me is easier said than done. However, clutter may be adding to your stress. A room that has so much clutter or a disorganized kitchen cabinet may add to your stress. It is very difficult to find anything in a cluttered space. So, to help you reduce stress organize your space.

Simple things like organizing my task on my desk works. Also, clearing your desk after you’re done with task gives a sense of relief. So, if you want to relieve stress or anxiety organize space and task.

To deal with anxiety, I write down my to do list. This serves as guide as I work through each task during the day. Sometimes, anxiety may be as a result of an unfinished task. Also, procrastinating your task may cause you anxiety in the long run. Simply put, be organized in your daily task to relieve stress and anxiety.

How to reduce stress and anxiety

Play online games

Another of the 5 easy ways to relieve stress is to play online games. Does playing games helps reduce stress? Of course yes. Online games are very engaging and fun. So, it takes your mind off your stress. Also, wining the games is an instant mood boost. It makes you feel good.

I play games whenever I need to relieve stress. Online games works well for me. This is because I don’t have to download the games to play them. I have young sibling that would literally drain my mobile phone battery playing games.

Also, online games is a cheap form of entertainment compared to streaming movies. There are so many online games you can play. However, to help me relieve stress I play these two games. One of such online games is the sorcerer. I love this games as it is just like the Zuma games. It is super fun. Also, winning each level is an instant mood boost for me.

The second game I love to play is tap supermarket. I love to shop for groceries in the super market. So, naturally I love this game. It is very engaging and relatable to me. As a client service personnel, I can relate to dealing with inventory as well as an angry client. So, I find this games super fun and engaging. You can check for more engaging games that is suitable for you.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise is another easy way to relieve stress. Exercise like stretch or a quick jog is okay. So, if you’re looking to reduce stress, opt for exercise.

Exercise is the last option for me. This is because I have little stamina. Also, I don’t like any rigorous task. However, when I need to de-stress, I do exercise. It helps relieves you of stress as it soothes the body.

Regular exercise also helps you sleep better at night. Par of the source of our stress is not sleeping deep at night. So, opt for exercise to help you relax and enjoy a good night rest.

Take time out to rest

Rest cannot be over-emphasized. It is important to take time out frequently to reset and recharge. The human body needs rest as much as possible.

So, form a habit of taking time out in the year just to rest. You can have a staycation at home or within your locality. Also, since travel is back again, you opt to travel outside your own country. Although, it cost a lot to travel internationally. The key is to plan and save for this travel goals. You can read my post on how to save for travel with ease.

Stress and anxiety can be managed. All you need to apply any of these 5 easy ways to relieve stress.

5 easy ways to relieve stress

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