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How to balance blogging with your regular job/Education.

Working a day job(Typically called 9-5 but sometimes it can drag till late evening) and blogging is quite an herculean task. Sometimes i feel like throwing in the towel and giving up all. (It is more challenging for me as i have to balance work, blogging and schooling. Sometimes i wish i have super powers). The phrase “work – life balance” hardly applies to professionals in Lagos state as there are so many stressors and the mounting traffic in the evenings is top of the list. Sometimes it gets so bad that is span for hours especially the festive season and you literally cross off your evening to do list. (like eating, napping, watching a full movie on Netflix, chatting with bae e.t.c except bathing). Here is how to balance blogging with your regular job.

This might also be the case for some of you, slaying work, the blogosphere as well as other things in between.If you in these shoes, this post is for you –you are not alone in this hustle. I have been blogging for about two years now and I can say it is not easy task to balance Work, Blogging and education that i added along the way. There are some simple ways or tricks that i have used to thrive in all three parts of my life (my triangle life without feeling like pulling my hair off – literary).

Managing time of Essence

The most difficult thing to manage is time. It seems like the 24 hours in a day is too small to achieve my goals. e.g. putting up a post , studying and working. Sometimes i wish we have 25 hours in a day but trust me if time is well managed, it is more than enough. (i.e. Add the time we spend on fiddling with our phones, chatting over trivial things, and all the motion without productivity e.t.c.).

A simple time management tip is to have a to do list in which work is at the top of your scale of preference. Your regular job pays the bills so it should get more attention. Blogging or studying can be done intermittently also when your’re at work. Especially during times that work is very slow or not so busy. This trick is what i use to joggle blogging/studying with work so as to make the most the not-so-busy days of the week.

Enjoy the blogging process

Creating content, drafting a blog post, and promotion of blog content is quite an interesting process. For me blogging is enjoyable and the process of creating content is fun. There are also times when you don’t feel blogging or may be going through some form of writers block, its okay to take time off, reset and restart. Make blogging fun and enjoy it to the fullest.

In other to make it quite easier for your blog life, use a simple blog planner. There are a lot of blog planner available at cheaper rate. For me a simple carry on note pad does it making it easy to jot points on the go. Incorporate scheduling for your blog post to social media sites. This makes it easier to post to a larger audience at right time. One simple app i use for that is Crowd fire. It is easy to use, free for use app. You can also use hoot suites for scheduling your post. It takes of the time and work involved in sharing your post manually on your social media site. You can also read my lesson learnt and personal growth on my blogging journey to inspire you.

In conclusion…blogging and regular jobs

There is a saying that if you want go faster, go with others. (i don’t know if i am right. Lol). As a blogger, there is so much you can achieve from collaborating with other like-minded people in your career. It is fun working with other creatives. It is exciting, insightful and a great of way of getting more out of blogging.

Blogging, work and school might seem like three different worlds all together, but it can be managed. Although there are times, i can’t get a hold of all three but i manage. Blogging is a passion that i see myself doing for a long time, schooling will end soon( life itself keeps teaching) and my regular job is a must do. I am not saying i have super powers. I believe with my little experience, “i have learnt that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to do“. Also you can list your blog on a Blog search directory to drive traffic to your site.

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8 thoughts on “How to balance blogging with your regular job/Education.”

  1. Balancing work and blogging isn’t easy at all especially if your day job is also demanding. One thing I’ve learnt to do is to draft my contents in advance. So I draft as many contents as possible and then edit on the date I want to publish. U also use part of my night for my blogging process.

  2. I also work at 9 to 5 job as well as be a blogger. It is totally it tough to manage a decent time schedule for both. I find a most productive in the mornings, around 4 am, so that’s when I get up. And usually by the end of my work day my brain is toast so I save it for the mornings and weekends. Thanks for sharing your insights on this!

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