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Where to shop the best Black Friday deals in 2020?

As a frequent online shopper, I am constantly on the lookout to save from my hauls. One of the ways I save on my fashion haul is through black Friday deals. So, every year I start to get my wishlist together before the big day. Black Friday is the craziest day to get the best deals on all categories of items. A lot of brands offer huge discounts- both online and in-store. This year’s Black Friday will fall on the 27 of November 2020. So, start saving and put together your bucket list items for D-day. If you’re looking to shop for fashion items this Black Friday. Here is a round-up list of where to shop the best Black Friday deals in 2020 for fashion.

Why you should shop on Black Friday?

There are so many questions asked by shoppers to know if it is worth it to shop on Black Friday. Are items cheap on Black Friday? I will say yes. All brands are always competing to provide the best deals for shoppers. So, there will be so many price slashes and coupon codes that you can take advantage of.

Also, black Friday is an opportunity to shop for Christmas or new year outfit, or gifts for the festive seasons. To get the best deals out there, do enough research to compare prices or brand offerings. One website you can use is Honey. This site allows you to compare prices of items from brands to enable get the best deals. However, to make it easier for fashion shoppers, here are the places that I would recommend for the best black Friday deals.

Where to shop the best black Friday deals for fashion?

In as much as there are so many fashion deals for Black Friday. These brands are some that I love to shop from for the best black Friday deals for fashion. You can also shop these brands for your fashion needs this black Friday. Also, you can check out brands like dealspotr or shortagr for coupon codes.

As earlier stated, shopping for black Friday is easier if you have your list of items you need. I use shoptagr to save items that I love from different brands. This website helps me save items from multiple brands in one place. So, I simply add them to cart for check out anytime.

Another way to plan your list is to save them on the brand’s websites. This helps you keep your items for as long as you want- in this case, black Friday. All you have to do is to look out for a discount for your item on the Black Friday sale.


Chicme is a trendy online fashion brand that I love to shop from. They offer stylish fashion pieces in categories like clothing, swimwear, accessories like bags and shoes, etc. Each year, this brand offers great Black Friday deals for shoppers.

You can also shop from this brand before black Friday. They constantly offer discounts and great deals for their shoppers all year round. The apex being black Friday of course. So, if you’re looking to shop for your festive outfit or just a basics outfit for your closet. This brand is your go-to brand. Also, you get free shipping to your country for orders above $79. So, you can shop as much as you want to take advantage of the free shipping. You can also check out items back in stock on chicme for trendy fashion pieces.

You need to check chicme spooky Halloween collections for this month. They are offering 20% off your cart. The items are selling out fast, so don’t sleep on their Halloween deals. Also, keep your eyes peeled for your Black Friday deals to shop your fashion needs for Christmas and new year’s eve

If you’re yet to take a plunge into online shopping, you can read my post on the pros and cons on how to shop online.

Dhl E-shop App

Another place to shop the best Black Friday deals in 2020 is through dhl e-shop app. We all know the logistics company Dhl. They offer shipping services in many countries both locally and internationally. This brand has patterned with a lot of brands to curate products you can shop all in one app. I love to shop for statement pieces for my closet from this app. You can shop for a lot of high end and statement fashion items from this app.

Amazon black Friday deals on dhl e-shop

I love this app because it is easy to navigate. All I have to do is to launch the app and search for any brand of my choice to shop from. This makes it easy for you to compare prices and shop for the best deal on fashion and other categories.

The plus side is that you don’t have to bother about shipping to your country. This is because Dhl will deliver any item you shop for to your doorstep. No matter what part of the world you are in. There is an assortment of brands for all pockets. Whether you love affordable brands like me Asos, or high-end brands like River Island, etc. However, there are several categories of brands in fashion, electronics etc.

Also, you can choose to sign up in English, French, or Portuguese. You can jump into the black Friday pre-sale deals on Amazon. They offer huge discounts in any category you can think of. To sign up for the app, click here to download and start adding items to your cart before Black Friday.

Jumia Black Friday deals

Jumia is an online brand that I also love to shop for fashion items. This brand is a host for a lot of sellers to showcase their products. One of the most competitive times to shop on Jumia is the black Friday. The sellers on this platform in the need to drive traffic to their stores offer huge discounts during Black Friday.

Although Jumia has been able to dominate some parts of Africa like Nigeria and five other African countries. I love to shop jumia black Friday deals especially the electronics price slashes and of course fashion.

So, if you are like me who love to start shopping for Christmas early. You can shop for your Christmas needs for your like kitchen appliances, a new TV set for your living room, or throw pillows for interior decorations. It is easier to shop on Jumia when you download the app. This app makes it easier to switch between categories and brands to shop.

Jumia black Friday deals 2020

Also, don’t miss out on the deals in the Fashion category. You can start shopping for your Christmas fashion needs like shoes, dresses, tops or bottoms. Julia black Friday deals this year starts from November 6 to November 30 this year. So, you can start saving to shop the best Black Friday deals on Jumia. I would not recommend you shop for your hair or wigs at Jumia. My experience shopping wig from a Jumia seller was not great. However, I love the items I have shopped for clothing and accessories. Especially, my ankara bag set. You can read my review of the ankara bag set I bought on Jumia.


Meshki is an Australian fashion brand that offers trendy fashion pieces tailored to your needs. I love this brand because they offer the best affordable party dresses or outfit. So, if you’re looking to shop lovely dressing for prom, dinner, date night, or nee years eve. This brand is your go-to brand.

Also aside from the party or glam outfit, you can also shop your basics, stay at home wear, loungewear, or work from home outfit. I love the loungewear options like work from home outfit. Since the pandemic, most of us work more at home for social distancing. So, If you’re in this category, shop the lounge or basics outfit for your closet. You can also read my post of stay at home outfit ideas.

To save some money on your cart on Meshki as a first-time shopper use code: 10OFF to get 10% off your order. Also, you get to save more on your cart from Meshki during the black Friday sales. To shop your fave fashion pieces for the festive season, click here to shop the Christmas edit. I am currently loving this cowl neck slip dress from Meshki. It is super stylish. You can style this dress with a red pump and a clutch for new year’s eve or a glam event. And Black Friday is the best time to shop for this dress to save some coin.


Another online fashion that you can get the best Black Friday deal in 2020 is missguided. Missguided is an online fashion brand that sells trendy pieces. The sweet part is that missguided brand started black Friday early this year. Every Friday starting this month towards black Friday is the best time to save on shopping. You get to shop for deals up to 50-70% trendy fashion items.

I love the stay at home outfits from misguided. They are super comfy and affordable. You can take advantage of their Black Friday deals to add more comfy stay at home loungewear to closet. To shop missguided black Friday deals, click here to check out the deals and shop till you drop.

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  1. These are some really awesome deals but one of the best deals of Black Friday that I came across is of PureVPN with 86% Off on a 5-year plan with a whopping saving of $568!! OoooF! Looking to spend more though.

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