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5 Best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos


As we all know in this blog, I also have a regular day job. One of the challenges I have is shopping for quality work clothes on a budget. I follow a lot of Nigerian brands whose work clothes for women are quite expensive. However, I got to find these 5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos.

Before I found these brands, I had to opt to shop for work clothes from the famous Eko. If you’ve been to this market, you will know it is not easy to shop here. This market is always crowded and you have higher chances of losing your valuables. Also, some of these sellers hike the prices if you’re a newbie. (Jonny just come).

I bought a workwear dress (emergency) from this market and I hated it. So, I had to look for other places to shop for work clothes for women. Here are my top 5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos.

Under 5k store

Under 5k store is a Nigerian fashion for women’s clothes you need to know. It is one of my 5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos. I first got to know about this brand on Instagram. However, you can only make your order via WhatsApp.

I know most of us are wary of shopping from Instagram. (Scam everywhere). Under 5k store sells clothes for women for both work and casual outings. I love their workwear options.

I recently shopped from this brand and I love the outfit. The outfit is fit to size. So, I didn’t have to make any adjustments to the clothes. All items in this store are around 5,000 naira. However, you get some of these workwear outfits that sell for less than 5,000 naira. You can follow them on Instagram to get the latest update on ongoing sales. Also, the items sell fast too. So, if you like, shop it asap.

5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos

Virtue Clothiers

Another of my 5 best places to buy work clothes for women is Virtue clothiers. It is a Nigerian ready-to-wear Instagram store. They sell clothes for both work and casual outings.

My best work clothes for women that I can’t stop wearing are from virtue clothiers. I recently shopped for a polka-dot dress from this brand and the compliments are endless. So, if you need work clothes that are affordable yet stylish, shop from this brand.

Their prices ranges between 5000-8000 naira per dress or workwear outfit. Also, you can look out for sales from this brand to shop for work clothes for less prices. You can only shop for your outfit from WhatsApp. Click here to shop for work clothes from virtue clothiers on Jumia. They have so many chic options you need to step up your work outfits.

Jumia has monthly discounts you can use to get some money off your orders. I use the honey chrome extension for mobile/PC to get this discount. All her outfits are true to size.

5 best places to buy work clothes for women

Stylestation. ng

Style station is a relatively new Nigerian fashion brand you can shop for work clothes for women. It is another of my 5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos. They sell various categories of workwear for women on their website. However, the least price for an outfit is about 8000 naira. So, the prices of some of their workwear outfit are higher than the previous two Nigerian fashion brands.

Style station is an online clothing store in Lagos you can shop from the comfort of your home or workplace. Also, you can make your order via Instagram or WhatsApp. They deliver to Lagos and outside Lagos.

I recently shopped for this brand. The clothes seem like they are being made on request. My dress was beautiful but looked like it needed proper ironing.

The 5K shop

Another Nigerian fashion brand you need to know for women’s work clothes is the 5k shop. Although it has an Instagram presence, you can only make your order from its website. At first look, you will think that this brand only sells casual outfits. However, you can get style work clothes for women for 5,000naira.

Although, I am yet to shop from this brand. It is one the top of my wish list site to shop for workwear. So, I cannot talk more about the quality. However, it is worthy of mention on this list because of the positive reviews about this brand. My fingers are crossed though.

Allsheneeds fashion store

An oldie but goodie favorite Nigeria brand that I love to shop from is Allsheneeds. This brand sells fashion and classy women’s clothes you need in your closet. You can shop for both work wear and casual clothes from this brand.

This brand started out as a fashion brand and has evolved to include lifestyle too. So, if you a Nigerian fashion brand to shop for all things women need, shop from allsheneeds. You can also read my reviews on shopping from this brand. Also, you can patronize this brand by going to their physical store at Lekki. So, if you’re not a fan of online shopping, you can patronize them in-store.

There are other places you can shop Nigerian fashion items on a budget. One such place is the Lekki arts and crafts market. You can read my post to know all about the Lekki arts and craft market.

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