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Jumia Review: My best & worst buys

Any one that is an avid reader of this blog knows that I stand for online shopping. Asides blogging, I have a day job that runs from 8-5 daily. ( sometimes 8am-9pm daily plus hours spent clearing my desk and Lagos traffic).So, this has made online shopping my go-to for shopping my needs; fashion, travel , home needs etc. One of the first online stores I love to shop from was Aliexpress. Aliexpress sells very affordable fashion pieces. Sadly, I got burnt due to the quality of some of the items I bought. You can read my post on Aliexpress best & worst buys to make your shopping decisions with this brand. The second online brand that I tried out is Jumia. ng. It is a large online market place that sells items in so many categories, food inclusive. This post is a jumia review of my best & worst buys to guide you as a jumia consumer.

Muri Okunola Park
Sneakers from Jumia

Jumia Review: Best Buys

My best buys from Jumia is from shopping accessories. One of such accessory is a pair of red sneakers (Size – 38) that I shopped. It has chunky heel and it is a unisex style.

I love this pair of sneaker as it very versatile. It goes well with most of the outfit in my closet. I love to wear my sneakers with a body con dress or shift dress. Also, you can sneakers with denim dress or pants. You read my post on how to wear jeans for work for more inspiration styling denim.


Another accessory that I always have a hit on Jumia is bags. All the bags I bought from Jumia are just as described. My best being my Ankara Bag set that I love so much. It comes in a set of two bags; medium hand bag and shoulder bag. The shoulder bag I love to use as clutch for party.

The Ankara bag set also has a set of bangles. However, the bangles are way big for my wrist. So, if you have a small wrist like me, avoid shopping bangles online or Jumia. I also have a leather bag set from Jumia that I can’t get enough use of it. I love it so much that I use it as my go-to work bag.


A bracelet wristwatch that I bought late last year is another best buy from Jumia. I love this watch because it is made to fit all. So, you need not worry about your wrist size. It comes with its own press button which you are to use after wrapping it on your wrist.

Jumia Review
Photo props and Tripod

As a content creator, I am a write, model and photographer. I basically do all the things needed to bring my content together myself. So, I bought my content creation accessories from Jumia.

For product photography, I use a white back ground paper and black water proof paper. So, if I need to take portrait or pictures of product. All I do is place the product on the background and take shots of it. The background paper is one of my best buy and investment for my blog from Jumia.

Another content creation best buy from Jumia is my Tripod. This tripod typically ships from abroad. So, it will take some days more than the usual delivery time of 3-5 working days.

Jumia Review

However, my mobile phone ring light was a total waste of money. It added zero value to my content creation. I would recommend going for a larger ring light or simply opt for natural light.

Jumia Review: Worst Buys

One of things I love to shop online regularly is clothes. However, on Jumia I haven’t had any luck. I have never really understood their size chart. So, I bought a midi dress that turned out super big for me.

If you want to shop for clothes on Jumia, I would recommend you check the size chart. One notable brand would recommend you shop from for your man is Rex casual( Brand name: BEST ARENA). You can check him out on Jumia for stylish senator wears.

Senator Wear
Mobile Phone

Mobile phone devices is something that I prefer to buy in-store. This is because I am tech illiterate. However, I took a risk to shop for a tablet on Jumia for my sister. This was during the lockdown last lock down last year. Initially we taught that the device was a steal. It turns out that the device was of very low quality.

I gave them another chance by shopping a Bluetooth head phone for my android device. It was delivered on time but one of the ear piece was faulty. I was super pissed. Thank fully, return fee is free on Jumia. As part of my right as a shopper, I ensured that I left my review on the product.

So, If are not tech savvy or have little knowledge of it, I would not recommend shopping for mobile phone or its accessories on Jumia.


Another worse buy of mine on Jumia is wigs. I work around Idumota, so you will wonder why I chose to shop for wigs on Jumia. From Personal experience, sellers at this market hike the prices for hair or wigs for two reasons. (Newbie or as we call it JJC or working class). Why should I pay more because of the way I am dressed?

So, I opted to shop my wigs online on Jumia. There are so many affordable wigs on Jumia. However, hair sellers on Jumia can be misleading to consumers. Why name your product human hair when obviously is synthetic fibre?

I fell for this scam on Jumia. The seller offered affordable human hair wig with its spray for maintenance. So, I bought the hair and it turns out that it was purely synthetic. The hair couldn’t regain its curls after it was stretched by my sister. (I was pained, … but why???).

The only wig that I loved from Jumia is an Afro bun that I bought 2 years ago. I had so many use from it. However, I would not recommend shopping wigs or hair from Jumia.

All in all, my Jumia hauls have not be so bad. So, I will definitely still shop from Jumia. You can shop on Jumia via the website or download their app for ease of shopping.

Shop my best buys on Jumia
  1. Bracelet Wristwatch: Duoya Women Studded Watch Bracelet Band
  2. Senator wear: Best Quality Senator wear (Grey/black)
  3. Ankara Bag: Female Ankara/Leather Bag And Shoe Set 
  4. Tripod- Ships from abroad (2,560 naira): Mobile Phone Tripod.

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