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How to Refresh Your Closet on a Budget This Summer

Every time the seasons change, it sparks the desire to do a bit of refreshing with your closet. I’m right there with you! New year, new season = new closet. While there’s no denying we all love refreshing our closet every season, it can be quite expensive to do every time the seasons change. That’s why I wanted to share a few tips on how to refresh your closet on a budget this summer. These tips will give you a little refresh without breaking the bank.

Reorganize Your Closet

Be honest, when was the last time you organized your closet? It’s ok, I’m not here to judge. The thing about our closets is they tend to get pretty unorganized as we’re busy living our lives, it’s life! One of my favorite ways to refresh your closet is to spend some time reorganizing the space itself. Move around where you have certain things stored, find ways to make the closet more functional, etc. The reason this is so powerful is that when you spend time organizing you’re able to find pieces you may have forgotten you even own, and when our closets are well organized we tend to wear more of what we already own. Double win!

Recreate Outfits

We all tend to get tunnel vision when getting dressed and looking at the clothes we own. If you’re feeling a bit blah about your wardrobe, spend some time recreating outfits you’ve seen online (your favorite bloggers, pinterest, etc.) and liked by using items in your closet. This means you need to think outside the box a bit, but I bet you have more outfit options than you realize!
Stylist tip: make a pinterest board with a bunch of your favorite looks to reference when doing this. It makes it easy to have everything in one place and go back to when you need a little extra inspiration.

Make a Shopping List

One of the biggest mistakes people make when refreshing their closets: not making a shopping list. It’s like going to the grocery store, when you don’t have a list you end up spending a lot more than you wanted/planned and you’re often left with things you didn’t even need. Shopping for clothes is the same way! That’s why a key element to refreshing your wardrobe on a budget is having a strategic plan and shopping list. As you’re reorganizing your closet, take inventory of what you do own and try to consider the types of pieces you want or need to add to your closet for the summer season. Don’t forget to write them down!

Purchase Options

Another one of my tried and true tips for shopping and sticking to your budget is buying pieces that are versatile. I’m sure you understand why versatility is key when it comes to the items in your closet. While you’re shopping and finding pieces (that are hopefully on your shopping list!) think about how many different ways you can wear the item. My recommendation is to ensure you can wear something AT LEAST 2-3 different ways. This is a worthy investment. We’ve all purchased pieces that can only be worn one way and it’s hard to maximize your wardrobe on a budget that way. Also, you need to choose the neckline of clothes that suits you. You can read this guide to choosing a neckline for your outfits.

How to Refresh Your Closet on a Budget This Summer

Limit Trends

While I’m all about having fun with fashion and enjoying trends, they aren’t the most budget friendly way to refresh your wardrobe. That’s why it’s important to limit how and when you invest in trends for your wardrobe. When you’re shopping think FIRST if a trend is something that you genuinely enjoy and works with your personal style aesthetic, that will ensure that’s it’s a piece that’s timeless for your style rather than trendy.

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  1. I love to just go through my closet and realise what clothes I have and try to find new combinations! I also try to buy neutral clothes so I can wear it any season of the year too. Great tips 🤩

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