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Wearable 2024 fashion trends that is worth with budget friendly finds

As we head towards the end of the year, it’s time to unwind and reflect on different aspects of our journey throughout the year. However, for fashionistas, it’s time to head to the drawing board and plan fashion trends for the next year – 2024. Here are the wearable 2024 fashion trends that is worth it with budget friendly finds to get you started.

After all, the events and shows are not going to stop in the coming year, and everyone is out to make a fashion statement. Unfortunately, many people struggle with knowing what to wear for occasions and also keeping up with the latest fashion trends. 

Not to worry, I have you covered! If you’re curious to know the latest fashion trends set to dominate 2024, I’ll highlight 10 of them in this article. 

Ready? Let’s explore!

Here are the wearable 2024 fashion trends you need invest in 2024. I love to hop on trends. And I have always shared the trends that I love setting up this blog. How do I stay true to the latest trends without breaking the bank.

I shop for these trends from budget friendly brands like Shein, Aliexpress, Ego shoes uk and the likes. We all know trends come and go. However, there are timeless trends that will last in your closet in this list.

Sustainable Fashion

Over the years, people have found a way of infusing sustainability into fashion, and it has slowly become a trend. We see designers using eco-friendly materials to make fashion items and it is one of the 2024 fashion trends to hop on. 

If you’re not plugged into sustainable fashion yet, you’re late on the train. Not to worry, there is still time to board. In 2024, there would be sustainable fashion trends and it would be the right time to join in and slay. 

Not only would you look fashionable, but you would have the assurance that your clothing has minimal environmental impact. 

One of my favorite sustainable fashion brands is preworn. Its a Uk brands that carry second hand pieces of high street brands like H &M, Zara, River island. You can also score designer brands on a budget like Ralph Lauren, Dorothy Perkins and the likes.

Statement Sleeves 

I wouldn’t say that this is a new trend, but it’s about to make a better comeback in 2024. Some people make a face when I mention statement sleeves. However, the concept of being fashionable entails being bold and daring. 

You know those sleeves that are big and exaggerated? Those ones that bring a lot of attention? Yes, that is one of the fashion trends set to dominate 2024. They may be dramatic, but they bring the needed sass and flair to any outfit.

If you love being the center of attention or you want to stand out, this is the perfect fashion trend for you. 


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Metallic Fashion

Have you ever looked at some clothing and wondered if they’re made from metal? If yes, you’ve come in contact with metallic fashion and it is one the 2024 fashion trends to jump into right now. Mettalic was also one of the popular 2023 fashion trends that we love. This was made more popular by the Beyonce Renaissance tour and concerts

One thing about metallic fashion is that it is hard to ignore. And yes, it would not be its first rodeo. Back in the day, it was a top fashion trend that faded away but its comeback is about to be epic. 

Metallic pieces are always bright and have a certain shimmer to it. It makes you feel bold and confident. The best part is that typical and everyday fashion items can be converted to metallic fashion.  

White dresses

Your spring/summer closet is incomplete without white dresses. One of my favorite dress to own are white dresses. It is a blank canvas you can dress up or dress down.

You can elevate a white dress with a pop of color like a green scarf or blazer. Also, you can go all white for a cool evening boat ride or white party.

I will link below some of my favorite white dresses with interesting details like florals, roses or ruffles.


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Vintage Revival

I remember when vintage fashion was a huge thing in 2015. Everyone wanted to own a vintage item and I was also part of the mix. It was surprising how the hype died out after that year. But, vintage fashion is set to make a comeback in 2024!

We’ve already started seeing bits of it in 2023, and 2024 would see the full outburst. This time, designers would be incorporating vintage elements into modern silhouettes. This revival sets out to be both nostalgic and forward-looking. 

Trust me, I’m already anticipating the designs and cannot wait to start rocking them

Quiet Luxury looks

I know that this trend was quite popular in 2023. Quiet luxury is one vibe that you need to key into in 2024. I love quiet luxury looks. But I am more inclined to go for loud or be all about the logo.

Popular designer brands that are all about quiet luxury is the Row, Max Mara, Brunello Cucineli. However, if you love quiet luxury but want to do it on a budget, Banana republic is your plug. They offer great pieces that give you quiet luxury look at an affordable price point.

I link some of favorite quiet luxury looks from Banana republic to buy in 2024.

Fringes detail outfits

I am not a fan of fringe outfits. Yet here they are again as part of the 2024 fashion trends to rock. If fringe is your cup of tea. Definitely check them out.

Fringe dresses are perfect as occasion wears as a perfect wedding guest fit, or evening cocktail party. I will be linking some of my favorite fringes for you guys. So I can live vicariously through you.


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Large Tote Bags

The massive handbag trends was super popular in 2023. However, in 2024, it is so much in style. I am all in for it. Tote handbags are my favorite style of handbags to shop.

I would love this huge tote style handbags in neutral colors of brown, grey and black. If you would a pop of color, check out this post on handbag colors that never go out of style.

Loewe hobo style is super chic. I also missed a sale that had such a cute maxi hobo style handbag. This bag is a dupe of this Loewe handbag. If you need cute work handbags that will fit everything you own, check out this 2024 fashion trend.

As a nursing mother, a maxi tote handbag is my go to. It fits everything I need to run errands with my baby. I will definitely shop more maxi tote handbags in 2024.


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Feel free to comment below your favorite 2024 fashion trends you love. Which of these 2024 fashion trends will you shop? Don’t forget to look at your closet for options you may already have. Since sustainable fashion is all in for 2024. Ciao for now.

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