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A basic guide to thrift shopping for your wardrobe.

Some of us put off looking good till when we can afford to splurge on fashion. Looking fashionable is about how you dress not how expensive your outfit is. Moreover, a lot of those we look up to like big-name bloggers also shop budget clothes. This is also known as thrift shopping or Okirika. Thrift fashion is an easy way to dress fashionably on a budget. There are so many ways to shop for thrift in your local market or online. You can also read my post on the top 5 best places to shop for thrift in Lagos. There are so many gems you can shop from a thrift store. Like unique vintage pieces and fairly used name brands like Hermes, Zara, H & M, etc. In as much there are benefits to thrift shopping, it has it’s cons too. Here is a basic guide to thrift shopping for your wardrobe.

Have a shopping list

Have you ever been to a thrift store with so many lovely pieces? Then I guess you can relate to the fact you can shop a piece that you don’t need. So you need to look at your closet for things you need. This rule also applies to shop fast fashion brands who always in your face. Make a list of what you need to shop for at thrift stores. This will help you cross off what you don’t need while shopping. We all know the struggle to get nice pieces from the thrift store. The fastest finger gets the best outfits. Also, it will make it easier for you to move on to the next store if you can’t find what you want.

Haggle prices

Another tip to note is to be ready to haggle prices. Sometimes the sellers inflate the prices to buyers. So, if it’s your first time the price may sound like a good deal to you. Be ready to beat down prices with sellers to get the best deal available for the product. So, you will save more to get more outfit through thrift shopping.

A basic guide to thrift shopping for your wardrobe.

Check the items properly

Who doesn’t get excited after shopping for a bargain? Sometimes the prices may be so cheap that you will get excited to shop the items without checking it. I have once bought two pairs of shoes in which I almost had an embarrassing moment in them. One of the shoes I bought for 1000naira was Balenciaga dupe. Imagine my excitement. The heel got ruined after one wear. So, check the items before paying for them. We know that thrift is fairly used so make sure the damages on the items are fixable. If you must avoid paying for damaged items because it is cheap.

Try out the items for fitting

The most appalling thing any buyer can stand is their clothes or shoes not fitting properly. The last thing you want is to shop for clothes that lack fitting. So that your friends won’t look at you like you borrowed granny clothes to wear out. Except you are all for oversized trends, try out the outfits for fit. You can use the seller changing room or wear the outfit on your clothes to check for fitting. Also, ensure you try out the shoes too. But if you love the outfit irrespective of how big it is for you. Get a good tailor to mend it for fit.

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