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5 Best places to go thrift shopping in Lagos


Ever wondered how your favorite bloggers look chic on a budget? One such way is by thrift or vintage shopping – popularly know as bend down select. Here are the 5 best places to go thrift shopping in Lagos.

Asides the fact that thrift items are cheap, you never know what gem you can stumble upon. Thrift outfit makes it easy to dress stylishly on a budget. I also have found some lovely items from thrift, you can read my post on my thrift fashion haul.

Also, if you’re like me, I will be sharing an online option to shop thrift. We all know that bend down select can be stressful at times. Moreover, if you’re not quick, you may lose the best outfit to a much smarter person in the struggle to pick items.

5 Best places to go thrift shopping: Yaba Market

One of the 5 best places to go thrift shopping is Yaba. Yaba market is a major hub for thrift shopping in Lagos. It is a busy place coupled with the fact that it close to a school environment; yaba tech, Unilag, etc. So, most thrift sellers are concentrated in this place. You know students love thrift shopping because it is cheap. So, they don’t have to pay an arm or leg to look stylish at school. The best time to go thrift shopping at Yaba market is evenings.

This opens you to many options to choose from as the market is full of many sellers if thrift at this time. Although, sometimes, you may spot some of the best thrift items when randomly too. So, you may not need to plan for thrift shopping in Yaba. I for one have shopped lovely thrift clothing’s from Yaba market on my way back from work.

5 best palces to go thrift shopping in Lagos
Pencil Skirt- NGN500

Yaba Market is one of the best places to go thrift shopping for clothing in Lagos. You can shop for clothes for as low as 300 to 1000 naira from this market. For shoes or bags, the prices are either too costly or very low-quality items.

Idumota Market

Another of the 5 best places to go thrift shopping is Idumota market. This market is popularly known as the Eko market where Lagos got its name from. You can get literally any item of clothing from this market. This market is one of the best places to shop for thrift office shoes ranging from 1000- 1500 naira. I have shopped for flat work shoes and heels from this market.

You can also get affordable cardigans or clothes from the Idumota market. I love to shop only office shoes and cardigans from Idumota market. For shoes, the best times to shop at Idumota is morning between 6 am to 8 am. You can lovely office shoes around Idumagbo avenue street or Nnamdi Azikiwe street in Idumota. For clothes, the best time to shop is in the evening starting from 4 pm around martins street or Balogun.

5 best places to shop for thrift in Lagos Lagos Nigeria
Ripped Denim pants- NGN1000

Oshodi Market

Oshodi market is another of the 5 best places to shop to go thrift shopping in Lagos. You can shop for clothes, shoes, and bags from oshodi market from 500- 1000naira. Some of the clothes go low as 100 naira. I love to shop for my work blazers from Oshodi market. The blazers prices ranges from 300 naira to 500 naira.

I have also shopped for bags from Oshodi but the quality is not great. The best items to shop for me in this market are clothes both casual tops, dress, blazers, and quality denim pants. The shoes and bag I wouldn’t recommend buying due to personal experience. The best time to go thrift shopping in the evening at Oshodi from 3 pm.

Where to buy second hand bags in Lagos
Top – NGN500

Ikeja Along under the bridge

Another of my top 5 best places to go for thrift shopping is Ikeja. Ikeja is the capital of Lagos state with a lot of GRA residents and industries. As developed as it is, you can quality and affordable thrift clothing and accessories. I love to shop for workwear pants and bags from Ikeja.

The thrift clothing is sold under the bridge on the railway line at Ikeja along. You can shop for thrift clothes either early in the morning on your way to work or the evening after work. You can find thrift clothes for as low as 500naira.

Where to buy thrift clothes in Lagos
Bag- NGN500

Shop Nandra

Another of the 5 best places to go thrift shopping is online on instagram. Shop Nandra is an Instagram thrift store you can shop for high-quality thrift items. Just like in mainstream fashion, we high street and others. The thrift items in the store are posted regularly on instastories. So, if you need to shop you have to order as soon as you see what you like. This is because the clothes sell out fast. You can only shop for clothes from her store.

Her customer service is good. Also, she holds your orders after validating payment until you’re ready to ship your items. So, you can pay for as many items as you see them until you’re ready to ship. This helps the customer reduce the cost of shipping. I would recommend her brand for anyone looking to shop high-quality pre-loved clothing. You can shop for both casual and workwear from this store.

12 thoughts on “5 Best places to go thrift shopping in Lagos”

    1. Hi, Mide, both places are cheap actually. I do most of my office shopping at Yaba and casual outfits at Oshodi. It solely depends on what you want to buy and the quality.

      However, since you are close to Oshodi, you can shop for thrift at the Arena area and Oshodi express.

    1. Hello Favour, the places are listed in this post. However, if you need some instagram brands to shop from.

      Check out the below.

      1. The budget outlet: Office wears
      2. Trina thrift store: Casual and party outfits
      3. 1KMultipurpose_Shop_
      4. Nandra

      These I have shopped from. I hope this helps

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