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Thrift fashion haul: How to dress fashionable on a budget.

Sometimes, as a lady you feel you don’t have clothes to put on when you look into your closet. This is because some clothes are now out of trend or just plain boring. In such cases, you need to go shopping for new clothes. Shopping for new clothes is very exciting but your bank balances feel the impact at the end of the day. But If your bank balance is quite thick, you can shop for trendy pieces from anywhere. On the other hand if you’re on a budget , opt for thrift (popularly known as bend down select, Akube or Okirika). A thrift fashion haul is a simple way to dress fashionable on a budget. Although, it is not that easy to shop thrift outfits. There are some pros and cons.

One of the advantages of opting for a thrift fashion haul is affordability. You can get lovely trendy pieces at a cheap price. Also, most thrift outfits are rare finds so you don’t have to worry about it being out of trend quickly. You can also cart away vintage pieces that are stylish ( i.e you can get stylish outfits from the “90s). On the flip side, due to the rush at thrift store, you may buy damaged outfits. Some with holes, falling buttons or worse still faded. I mustn’t forget to mention that thrift shopping can also be quite stressful. Sometimes, the stores may be crowded and there may be a little struggle to get nice outfits.

Brown Blazer and ripped denim pants

Places to go for a thrift fashion haul

You can do a thrift haul for your closet either online or offline. Some online instagram stores you can patronize are @thriftstoreng and @shopnandra. There are other good thrift stores on instagram but I validated the above stores. Also if you stay in Lagos like I do, you can shop for thrift in the following market:

  • Yaba market: shop your thrift outfits at this market in the evening. There an assortment to choose from at this time. You can shop affordable office wears, casual outfits and jewelries at this market.
  • Oshodi Market: I prefer to shop good pair of denim pants from this market. Sometimes you can also get good blazers at this market
  • Balogun & Idumota market
  • Ikeja along (railway line)

How to shop for thrift

Most times, the best thrift outfits or accessories are found when you least expect it. So, for me I try as much to have cash on me when I pass through places where thrift items are sold. You never can tell what you’ll find. Although, you can save your funds and plan your thrift haul. You may be lucky to shop at the time the seller is re-stocking. So, you get the good stuff . Other times, you may just stumble upon good thrift items and having cash always will come in handy. As a way to shop for thrift, either plan your thrift haul or buy them as you find.

How I styled my thrift haul

I also love a good save on shopping. So, I did a thrift fashion haul from Yaba and oshodi market. I bought some lovely outfits which I styled in this post. Here are the items from thrift fashion haul and how i styled them.

Brown blazer

One cannot own too many blazer(s) as they are a wardrobe staple. I bought a light brown blazer from Oshodi for 500 naira. Since blazers are a versatile fashion piece, I have styled it both as a work wear and for casual outing.

Chiffon shirts

Chiffon shirts are another stylish outfit to own. They make it easy to transition from work wear to casual wear. In my Uni days, chiffon tops were worn in Uniben by the acclaimed big girls. The sellers called it back then vintage wears. Anyways, I thrifted some nice chiffon tops from Yaba market. Neutral white colors and a floral print shirt. I wore the floral chiffon shirt with a mini skirt from my two piece marilyn set. Also, I wore my white shirt with the pants from my two piece adire outfit made by @rexcasual from instagram.

P.S. I also sell adire fabrics, so, the fabric is from my store @Adireclothings on instagram & facebook.

White off shoulder Mesh top

I also thrifted a white mesh top at Oshodi market for 500naira. I really love mesh tops because they are see-through that have versatile use. I styled my off shoulder mesh top in two ways in this post. Although, you can get a lot of use from a mesh top. I wore my mesh top with my shorts from @iwade.brand as well as with denim pants.

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  1. Absolutely obsessed with thrift shopping because it is eco-friendly, sustainable, cheap and you find such absolute treasures! Plus you don’t see everyone wearing the same stuff that is the trend of the season.
    Great post dear!

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