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Every year brings its own fresh new looks and fashion style. Last year’s fashion trends were a mix of retro looks and fresh new ideas. From the waist bag, off-shoulder dresses, sporty tracksuits, etc which are trends from 2018, this year promises more fun latest fashion trends.

Most of these trends I could die while some are a no-no for me. Though, there is an array of trends popping in this year. Here are my top 5 best Latest fashion trends you should consider adding to your closet.

My favorite latest fashion trends for women that I am loving right now are; Co-ord sets, Wide hats, Fashion “Camo”, contrast denim, and Neon. Some of these fashion trends are timeless pieces like the “camo”, and Denim with a little twist.

While others are fresh new looks that are refreshing to style. With new fashion trends, you can never be caught up in fix or clueless about what to wear. I will also share a link to online stores where you can shop for these trends.

Latest fashion trends for women

I love to shop for trendy fashion pieces for my closet. In this post, I will be sharing TikTok viral pieces that I couldn’t resist. One of the biggest platforms that influence what we buy now in fashion is TikTok.

So, If you’re looking for the latest fashion trends for women that will go viral, we’ve got you covered. I will be linking below affordable options to shop too.

My go-to fashion brand to shop for the latest fashion trends is Chicme fashion. They are offering some sweet discount codes you use to get discounts on your order.

  • ME3930 for 30% of your order above $39
  • ME7940 for 40% off your order above $79
  • ME9945 for 45% off your order above $99

For extra discount codes to shop on any brand, I would recommend you add the honey extension to your chrome. This works perfectly for your mobile device and your PC.

Two Piece Co-ord Set

One stylish outfit that you can add to your closet is the co-ord set. Co-ord two-piece is a fashion trend that is relatively not new to the fashion scene. Co-ord in fashion means two sets of matching pieces.

A co-ord set can either be a two-piece skirt and top or pants and top. The interesting thing about a two-piece co-ord set is that it can be styled in different ways. A co-ord set is easy to throw wear together or paired with another fashion piece. e.g. a co-ord top also goes well with denim pants.

Click here to buy a Similar short set

Neon Color Outfit/Accessories

Neon color trends are another of my favorite fashion trends for women to buy right now. It is also a trend from 2018 that has come to stay. Neon Colors are for individuals who love bold colors. This color makes you stand out in the crowd. (one can create a presence as well as turn heads in Neon shade).

Bright block colors are easier to rock and can be used for contrast in your styling. Neon colors are flattering hues that you cannot take your eyes off. It goes well with other block colors but to reduce its bright effect, pair it with neutrals.

Click here to buy a Neon dress

Large Hat

A wide hat is another of the latest fashion trends that i really love. Maybe because I stay in the tropics like Nigeria and the relief of protection from its hot sun rays. (some days are better because of the rains that cool off the weather).

There is an assortment of fashion hats but Large hats are a re-invented trend. It is both a shield and a classy fashion item to add to your wardrobe collection. Large hats are good for all occasions whether with your beach outfit or date outfit. For me the larger the hat, the better.

Click here to buy a similar large hat

Pairing two shades of denim

Denim is another of my favorite piece of a fashion outfit. It is a timeless piece and a ladies’ wardrobe essential. Rocking two shades of denim color give is a trendy way of wearing the wardrobe essential. A denim Navy blue Denim pants with a sky blue denim Jacket is a simple way of rocking this trend.

You can shop for a durable and stylish denim piece. Denim is an outfit that is forever for slay for all occasions.

Click here to buy a similar Denim Jacket


Camouflage is clothing that is for the military. This “Camo” is one of my favorite fashion trends from 2019 that I really love. It is a look that is not new in the fashion scene. Camouflage gives you a chic feel when styled. This trend is a timeless fashion style that can be worn as a casual outfit.

When seeking for what to wear, these 5 women’s fashion trends are your best bet. They are both stylish and trendy. In other to make this looks readily available, you can shop for it via my blog. They are very affordable. This will help you up your fashion game any season.

Click here to buy camo pant sets

Top 5 Best latest fashion trends you need Right now

Eleko beach Lagos is one of the cheapest private beaches in Lagos you need to explore. Although it is quite a journey to visit this beach yet is worth it. To make it worth your time, you can explore Omu resort Lagos which is a few kilometers away. In every one of my vacations, i prefer to go with a travel group in Nigeria so i went out with my Hang out buddy team to Eleko beach Lagos.

We were all anxious to know where this beach will be. it is because the location was undisclosed to us from the onset. The ride to Eleko beach is a long one and our first stopover was at Nevaro mall. The mall is very big and beautiful. It is like those places that make you want to take pictures for the gram.

We all got to know each other on our way to the beach. As networking is one of the aims of hanging out in a group. As they say, your network is your “Net worth”. The ride to the beach was fun all the way. We engaged in games while riding to keep up the buddy spirit.

On arrival at the beach, our host led us to a cottage for our hang out of the day. He also pleaded with us to stay clear of the beach waves/ water because of the ongoing dredging. This has made the beach quite deep and somewhat unsafe.

Eleko beach Lagos: fun things to do

Eleko beach is actually free to access. The beach has lovely cottages for tourists looking to hang out in seclusion like Lil Zanzibar cottage. Lil Zanzibar cottage was our hang-out spot. It is a beautiful cottage with lounge chairs, a tree house, and a mini pool.

This cottage cost about 35,000 naira per ten persons. Asides from the lovely beach huts, you can shop for lovely beach wears. These wears are sold by northern men moving around with these items.

Games & Pool activity

Lil Zanzibar cottage is spacious so we were engaged in some game activities. The games include; brain teaser(…it was no game for people that have forgotten all about their school days. Quite challenging as well as insightful.), ayo games, etc. The games brought our competitive spirit and made the hangout lively.

Also, we had fun in the mini pool available at the cottage. Everyone took a dip in the water because it was a shallow pool. (Anyone who can’t swim will love this pool. I will literarily drown in a deep pool. Like a stone thrown to the bottom of the sea. But i felt confident in this pool). Asides from the games, you can
also, engage in horse riding at Eleko beach for a token fee.

Eleko Beach hut like Lil Zanzibar cottage is a good place for small hangouts with friends. It is a perfect getaway spot with bae especially if seeking seclusion. You can also host a small pool party at this cottage as it is quite spacious. Although it’s quite a trip to visit this spot, it is a fun vacation spot to visit and unwind.

Horse riding

Another exciting thing to do at Eleko beach Lagos is to enjoy a horse ride. Horse ride is a common activity on most beaches in Lagos like Laguna beach, Suntan beach, and Landmark beach Lagos among others.

You can go for a horse ride at this beach for a fee. I love to take quality instagrammable pictures while horse riding at the beach. I will recommend you do this if you choose to go on a horse at Eleko beach Lagos.

Treat yourself to a picnic

I love to watch the waves of the beach as it splashes on their bank. It is a cool and relaxing thing to do at the picnic. For fun, have a picnic at Eleko beach.

You choose to book any of the beach huts or simply make your picnic on the beach bank. Treat yourself to finger foods and have fun.

FAQ about Eleko beach

  1. Can I bring food to Eleko beach? Yes, you can. However, I am unable to confirm if the corkage fee applies
  2. How much is the gate fee to Eleko beach Lagos? The entry fee for Eleko beach is 2000 naira per person.
  3. Do I need to pay for beach benches, huts, or lounge chairs? Of course. The fees vary and you can confirm on your visit. I went with a travel group in Nigeria that has pre-planned my trip.

However, it is not compulsory you pay for the above. You choose to take a stroll at the beach, or simply sit on the beach banks with your mats. Also, wear comfortable clothes on your visit. Click here to what to wear to the beach.

Eleko beach Lagos || Fun things to do at Lil Zanzibar hut

Many people complain about the Nigerian passport and how it doesn’t hold enough weight, especially as Nigerians cannot easily access other countries without visas. Truthfully, the number of visa free countries for Nigerian Passport holders is not more than ten. But I’ve always firmly believed in making good use of what you have. 

As an explorer, I was determined to visit many places, and I started by checking for visa free countries for Nigerians. At least, I could begin somewhere before processing my visa for other countries. 

Initially, I assumed my Nigerian passport could only get me into African countries. But after my research, I saw that I could also access some non-African countries. 

Let’s explore some visa free countries for Nigerian Passport holders.

How many countries can Nigerians visit Visa free?

As a Nigerian, you can visit as many as 54 destinations visa-free. However, some countries give visas on arrival or visa after a fixed period of time. Here are the top 5 African countries you can visit visa free as a Nigerian.

15 Visa free countries for Nigerian passport holders

In this post, I will be focusing on my top 15 Visa free countries for Nigerian passports. If you have your international passport, you can visit any of these countries visa-free or with a visa upon Arrival.

Also, some of these countries require you to have a yellow fever card. Here is the process how to get a Yellow fever card in Nigeria.

Benin Republic, Cotonou

Benin republic is one of our neighboring countries in Nigeria. It shares boundaries with Kwara state, Ogun state, and Lagos state. It is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa you visit. With your valid international passport and your yellow card, you can explore Cotonou.

It has a lot of amazing vacation spots to blow your mind away. With an array of beaches to choose from, lovely resorts, and rich culture, it is the perfect getaway spot.

I love Cotonou a lot. So, if you’ve yet to visit, here is my ultimate guide to visiting Cotonou from Lagos.


The Maldives is another island that offers visa-free entry. It is visa free for 30 days for Nigerian International passport holders. Nigerians who visit Mauritius are to visit the embassy to apply for Visa which is Valid for 30 days. It is a perfect luxury vacation spot for lovers of islands and beaches. There is an array of water sports you can indulge in on this island.


Mauritius is another hot vacation spot that you can visit visa-free as a Nigerian. Nigerians are given 14 days Visa-free on Arrival in Mauritius. It is a perfect getaway spot for those craving the beauty of its assorted beaches.

There is also an array of tourist attractions available in Mauritius. With your 14 days of access, you can start thinking about all the places you want to explore in Mauritius. For a vacation, two weeks is enough to see the tourist spot in Mauritius with little stress from Visa application.

Enjoy a view of the turquoise sea in Mauritius; Source: Travelstart blog


Seychelles vacation spot is the dreamiest exotic beach island in Africa. It has a lovely beach view, with exotics palms, and offers seafood to tourists. Nigerians are offered free visas valid for 30 days to soak in the beauty of this vacation spot. It also offers visitors the opportunity to partake in an array of beach sports.


Ghana is another Visa free destination to visit as a Nigerian. This country has some similarities with Nigeria with its rich culture and some unique foods like Jollof rice. It is often said that the battle of “Jollof rice” between Nigeria & Ghana is inconclusive.

Hence, in other to be part of future judges, a visit to Ghana will expose you to all their rich foods, Jollof inclusive. Asides, from the food, there is an array of tourist sites you can see in Ghana.

These 5 Visa-free vacation spot eliminates the stress and fee of visa processing. Also, you don’t need to travel far for vacation as these places are in Africa. If you’re looking to visit any of these African destinations, go ahead and book the cheapest flight deals for your trip.

Benin Republic hotel Eldorado Beach resort: Source-


As a curious person, I have read and learned much about Togo. So, when I got the opportunity to visit this country, it was like a dream come true. They have a vast cultural heritage, and I loved that I didn’t need to have much money before visiting Togo. 

Of course, you should have sufficient money before visiting any country. However, you wouldn’t spend much money in Togo as things are relatively cheap. 

One can use a Nigerian passport to get into this country and stay up to 90 days without a visa. I would advise you to mingle with the locals to get the best experience out of this place. 

Saint Kitts and Nevis

For the longest time, I believed that African countries were the only visa free countries for Nigerian passport holders. But Saint Kitts and Nevis have proved my assumptions wrong. 

Although I haven’t visited this country yet, I’ve seen many exciting activities to do while there. For example, a large part of the island is dominated by the dormant Mount Liamuiga Volcano, which would be a sight to behold. In addition, this country is one of the tops on my list of visa free countries for Nigerians to visit. Interestingly, you can also stay up to 90 days free when you visit this country with a Nigerian passport. 


 I didn’t even know this was a real place until I searched for visa free countries for Nigerian passport holders. One thing that stands out about this place is its lush vegetation. I can already imagine visiting this country with a book in hand, ready to spend myself gawking at the beautiful environment while enjoying my reading. 

If you’re like me, who’s ready to plan a trip to Micronesia, I hope you know that there are other cheap accommodation alternatives besides a hotel. Therefore, you should take advantage of them and save as much as possible during your trip to Micronesia.  In addition, you can only stay up to 30 days visa-free when visiting this country.


There’s been a certain buzz surrounding Rwanda lately as it is one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa of late. If you’re looking for an eye-pleasing place to visit, I recommend this country. 

The food and drinks in Rwanda are also one of the top-selling points of the country. So I’ll be sure to go on a complete food and drinks exploration on my next trip to Rwanda. 

If you’re the outdoor type who loves hiking, you’ll also see mountains to explore in this country. A Nigerian can stay up to 30 days without needing a visa when visiting Rwanda. 

São Tomé and Príncipe

You may not have heard of this country as it is one of the lowkey African countries. However, it has a lot to offer as a vacation destination. 

To visit this country as a Nigerian national, you’ll need to have an e-passport, which stays valid for up to 30 days. This country has a rich agricultural culture that I’ll love to explore when I visit. I believe it is one of those undiscovered gems, and I’ll always recommend that people should add it to their list of African countries to explore. 

This country also has many beaches, national parks, and waterfalls.


I wouldn’t judge you if you’re already thinking of Madagascar, the cartoon, or humming the song already. After all, it is one of those cartoons that leaves a lasting imprint on the mind. 

Anyway, this isn’t about the cartoon but the country. If you love the Madagascar cartoon, you should also love the country and want to visit it. It is one of those countries where you also have to get an e-visa as a Nigerian before arriving in the country. And this stays valid for up to 90 days.

Madagascar is a place that lets you bring out your inner child and bond with nature when you explore the national parks. 


Sometimes, the best places to visit are those not far from you, and Cameroun proves this fact. Without a doubt, Cameroun is one of the visa free countries for Nigerian passport holders. With your Nigerian passport, you can stay up to 90 days in this country. 

Cameroun is blessed with lots of farms like cactus and butterfly farms. It isn’t something that you would regularly see. So, you should explore these farms wherever you are in the country. 

The language will not be a barrier at this place as it is a fine mix of both French and English. 


Seychelles is also one of the hottest tourist spots in Africa. If you’re ever planning to visit this place on a low budget, it is possible as all you need is proper budgeting. Although Seychelles is one of the visa free countries for Nigerian passport, it also quite expensive too.

For the longest time, I believed that I needed a lot of money before I could visit this place. However, I realized that my bank account didn’t need to suffer before I could get to Seychelles, so I stopped delaying my trip. 

It is a country that consists of many islands and you should explore as much as possible. It is also one of the visa free countries for Nigerian passport holders and is valid for up to 90 days. 


Another of the visa free countries for Nigerian passport is Kyrgyzstan. It was interesting to see that Nigerians could go to some Asian countries, and this is one of them. I can’t say it is a rich country, and neither is it a developing country. However, it is a mountainous area that allows you the opportunity to go on a hike. I loved challenging myself to climb to the peak of some of the mountains. 

You’ll need an e-visa to visit this country, valid for 60 days. I’ll also recommend that you explore the markets in this country as they have unique spices and food items that are sure to give you an exciting cooking experience.

Cape Verde

What do you do when visiting an island? Of course, it is expected that most of the activities would center around the beach and other water activities. Some foreigners argue that there are no islands in Africa, but this place is here to prove them wrong. 

Suppose you’re looking to relax and chill in a comfortable holiday environment. In that case, this is one of the best places to visit in Africa, and it is also visa free for Nigerian passport holders. 

Aside from beach activities, you can also take excursions to other places on the Island. But beach ball stands as one of my fave activities.


Understandably, this place might not come to the minds of many places as a holiday or vacation spot. However, it is one of the visa free countries for Nigerian passport holders and makes an excellent place to explore. The visa for Guinea-Bissau stays valid for up to 90 days. 

I loved that I could do many activities in this country and not feel bored. If you are a nature lover, you’ll enjoy visiting this place as they have many national parks. In addition, there are also wildlife animals in this country, and it would be cool to see them as it could be that these animals are not in your region.


 Africa is blessed with many beautiful countries, and Kenya is one of them. It has become a holiday hotspot for many foreigners and African nationals. 

You would be exploring safari and zoos if you visited a place like Nairobi. In Mombasa, you are looking at exploring business hubs, while Diani allows you to chill and enjoy the beaches. Kenya is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Africa. 

One must get an e-visa before visiting Kenya, valid for 90 days. 

Travel resources for planning your trip to Visa free countries for Nigerian passport holders

  1. Book your flight tickets: Click here to find cheap flight tickets for your travel.
  2. How to find the cheapest hotel or vacation rentals: Click here to book your hotels for your travel using Trivago.
  3. Hotel alternatives: If you’d prefer other hotel alternatives, click here to book a hostel for your trip.
  4. Don’t forget your insurance: One of the most important things you need for travel is insurance. As much as I am last minute planner, I take my insurance seriously. Click here to get your insurance ready for your trip using insubuy.
  5. Hop on vacation packages: Preplanned vacation packages take the stress off while going on a last-minute trip. These travel tours have done the work of getting the side attractions together for you. All you need to do is to join the group and have fun. Click here to book your vacation packages on GetYourGuide.
  6. Earn Cashback on your last-minute travel deals: Sign up for WayAway plus membership for just $49.99. You earn cash back using this platform to book your cheap flight tickets, vacation packages, and vacation rentals. Use my code for Trendsenstylez for 10% off your membership sign-up.

15 Visa free countries for Nigerian Passport holders

Shein is an online shopping site that caters to females. It sells fashionable goods for fashionable women like clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Shopping online comes with its pros and cons. So, I am sharing my product review of shein to guide you while shopping for this brand. The brand is overseas, shipping fees and the uncertainty of how the actual product will look like, etc.

Shein’s website is a china based brand. I never knew that their products are from china. I have always thought that it was a US brand. This is because most US and UK-based bloggers shop for this brand. Here i will share my experience shopping on the website. Also, I will do a product review on where I will talk about the items in my cart. You can also check similar sites like shein to shop.

Shopping on the Shein website

Shopping on the shein website is quite easy. The products are easy to navigate and find. if you don’t have any particular product in mind, surfing the site for trendy pieces is quite easy.

There is a range of trendy fashion products to fill your wardrobe. Shein website is like most fashion websites with lots of sellers listing their products on it. Hence, there are things you must know before loading your cart with pieces you find.

Ensure you read the reviews of other previous shoppers on the brand you want to shop from on shein. This will give you insight into who to purchase from and who to avoid. Also, reviews on the brand open your eyes to the quality and customer service of such a brand. Shipping to Nigeria is another thing to consider.

Luckily shein offers free shipping for orders from $50 and that’s a huge save for transport fees. Below i will give my review on the items on my cart; Handbag, a Sheer body suit, a blue midi-dress, and Bra.

Product Delivery

Shein fashion brand delivers to all countries. Although, the shipping rate differs for different countries. My product was delivered to me in like 3 working days to my US address. I had to consolidate my package into one to get delivered to Nigeria. This is because there are different sellers listed on Shein, just like Jumia. So, the items in my cart were delivered at different times. Hence, a shopper on the shein site has to keep in mind that their product(s) may reach their country in bits.

Product review of Shein item on my cart

So, I shopped 4 items from the Shein website. A blue midi dress, a leopard print bag, a sheer body suit, and an adhesive bra. Below is my product review of Shein talking about these items.

Blue midi dress

Blue Midi dress

The first Item from my cart is a blue midi dress. It is the perfect dress to throw on to the office with minimal effort. This dress gives me the “steam” of wearing it to the office. It is a simple throw-on dress for work wear as well as date night with bae.

My only issue with this dress is the buttons are not that strong. (….i almost lost it as one of the buttons was cut off while i was engaged at work.). I am currently enjoying this dress till date. If you’re not one that likes to show off skin, ensure you check the product for the length of the dress. This is because most of the dresses are really short.

Adhesive Bra

The second item is a lace-up adhesive bra. I can’t help but do a product review of Shein about this adhesive bra. It is one bra that i really love.

Interestingly it’s like a “Secret code” bra perfect for a backless, strapless dress or slips dress. (….with this bra, you don’t have to worry about those ladies that always like to help you hide your bra strap…they often whisper to you ….”hanty, your bra is out”). So, if you want to wear a backless dress or an off-shoulder dress, an adhesive bra comes in handy.

Sheer body Suit

My third piece is a sheer body suit. In my previous post, i spoke about how it is a lady’s wardrobe essential. It is a lovely brown sheer body suit perfect with skirts, pants, or denim. Bodysuits are versatile pieces of fashion items. I have styled it in several ways. With pants, shirts, and shorts to achieve a stylish look.

Leopard print mini bag

This very last piece is a leopard print bag. it comes with a strap so, you can easily switch the look. You can wear it as a handbag or a cross-body bag. I rocked this piece a few times. But the bag strap gave in so fast. The bag lost its use within two weeks of use. I really would not advise shoppers on shein to purchase bags on this site.

The sellers I shopped from have given me a bad perception of shopping bags on shein. I don’t know if I can be confident to shop bags on this site. My recommendation to shein is to ensure that quality products are shipped by sellers to shoppers. All in all, i am quite happy with the pieces from shein. Will i shop again on this site, Yes.

I love shopping online because it is a convenient way to make purchases. This is my honest product review of shein. I still shop them to date.

Below I will link some of my favorite fashion items to shop from sites similar to shein. You’d definitely love them. Also check my review of a collective try on haul featuring some pieces from Shein on my youtube channel.

Disclaimer: This review is solely my opinion on shopping on shein. It is not a sponsored post.

Product Review of Shein: Best cheap online site + Shipping to Nigeria

When the body suit trend started popping up everywhere, I never knew that I would hop on this trend. Bodysuits are a simple outfit that you switch up to give you an effortless chic look. So, here are 8 cute ways on how to wear bodysuits effortlessly. Bodysuits are a versatile outfit you need in your closet.

You can dress it up to go on a date or dress it down as a casual outfit. Also, you can wear bodysuits with blazers as work outfit for women.

8 ways on How to style body suits

I am always for outfit that you can get good use for a versatility. Bodysuits checks this box. So, this 8 ways on how to style your bodysuit will help you enjoy your bodysuit. In other words get value for your penny spent to buy a body suit.

Zaful has some great option of bodysuits to shop. Click here to buy white bodysuits for your closet.

Style up your bodysuit on Denim Pants

For a casual, well relaxed or vacay mood, body suits goes well on Pant/ denim pants. Whether you are going for a chic style in skinny denim pants or for a girly vibe in boyfriend jeans, it is achievable paired up with body suits.

Bell sleeve Body suits on denim

Style Body suit as work wear

Another cute way on how to wear bodysuits is as a workwear. As a regular “9-5ver” putting together your work outfit seems tiring. On those days where you are at a loss of what to wear to work, style up your body suit with pan suit/ skirt suits. This is by wearing it as an inner wear or camisole- i.e if its a sleeveless. Body suits styled in suits makes you feel chic and ready to seize the day.

Body suit on wide leg pant suits ;Source:

Body suit on Skirts

Another chic way on how to wear bodysuits is with skirts. For a refreshingly girly and stylish look, rock your body suits either with a pencil skirt/ pleated skirt. It is perfect for a casual outing with friends or family.

Body suit on Denim mini skirt; Source:

Body suits with layered with kimono

Another wardrobe essential is kimono. Body suits can be layered with kimono to up your style to chic fashionista. A print kimono, a neutral body suit and denim pants styled with strappy heels is perfect for a casual outing.

Body suit styled with Kimono; Source:Pininterest

Body suit on Shorts

Another way on how to wear bodysuits is to wear it with shorts. You can wear your body suit with short for a day out to the beach or hang out. So, you if you have a girl’s hang out to attend, slay your body suit with ripped denim shorts.

Body Suit on wide leg pants

Wide leg pants are a lovely trend that we are loving. This trend is going be around for a while. You can style your body suit with wide leg pants for a casual outing. You can layer it with blazers if you want to get another look.

Body suit with a Co-ord two piece set

Co-ord sets are stylish piece of fashion outfit to own in your closet. It is a matching set of top and bottom. Either top and skirt, top and pants or top and shorts. I particularly love co-ord outfits because they are a pair so you don’t have to bother about matching outfits. You can wear your body suit inside a co-ord outfit. A lace body suit styled with a co-ord outfit is perfect for a sexy outlook.

Body suit Layered with Bomber jacket

Another simple way you can wear your body suit is to style it with a bomber jacket. So, in place of kimono or blazers, rock your body suit with bomber jacket.

You also check our post on: How to dress stylish for your cold office; style tips

How to wear Bodysuits: 8 cute bodysuits outfit ideas

Olumo rock Abeokuta is one of my 2019 bucket vacation spots. (squashing some goals for the year already….girl needs to acknowledge little wins). It is a place that i have always longed to visit. Hence, this year, I finally ticked off Olumo rock from my bucket list vacation spot or wish list.

Olumo rock is a place with historical relevance to the people of Egba Land. Worthy of note is that the town where this rock is located “Abeokuta” means under the rock. A name coined from the fact that Olumo rock was a place of refuge for the Egba’s during the 1830 intercity war.

My day trip to Olumo rock was quite exciting and my big sis was the tour guide of the day. I can’t believe it took me so long to visit this place after spending many parts of my life in Abeokuta.

Olumo rock Abeokuta, gate fee, and location

Olumo rock Abeokuta is located in a local community called Ikija. It is quite easy to locate Olumo rock. You can easily take a taxi from Lafenwa to Ikija. All you need to do is to inform the taxi driver that you’re going to Ikija, Olumo rock.

The gate fee to visit Olumo rock is 1000naira. The place was surprisingly busy on Thursday I visited this place. This is because of the excursions by schools winding up for the term. Tour guides are also available to give you a tour of the place at a token of about 300naira.

Every student from the schools is told tales of the rock by tour guides which are quite insightful. They conclude each tour by singing an old song of the Egbas. ( I heard this song too much that the moment a tour is ending … my mind i scream “Don’t”, I was bored of hearing it repetitively).

Olumo rock Abeokuta is over 200 years old with steps leading to the top of the rock. Climbing up the steps was both fun and energy-sapping. Although there is an elevator formerly being used to access the top which is no longer functional.

I preferred to use the stairs to reach the peak of the rock. (…because the fear of heights/falling off is the beginning of wisdom). Although there is a narrow old road formerly used by the refugees during the war.

Historical Facts of Olumo Rock

There are interesting facts about Olumo rock. The rock has lived for over 200 years. The people of Egba land led by Lisabi hid in the rock during the intercity war with Oyo state. They lived there until the war ended following an old part or narrow path within the rock to the top.

It said that Lisabi entered the ground out of anger with the people of Egba close to this rock. Hence a shed was built in the same spot to venerate his heroism. From the top of Olumo rock, a major part of the city is within view. The oldest Anglican church from colonization, the Ogun river- which brought about the name of the state-, the oldest mosque as well as the first school built on a rock is not far from view on the rock.

The oldest iroko tree also grows from Olumo rock. This tree provides shed and fresh air to visitors to Olumo rock. All in all, it was a fun relaxing day out to Olumo rock. This place is fast becoming a site of tourist attraction. It is a place i would advise you to consider adding to your vacation bucket list for the year.

A similar place where I had a fun hiking experience is Erin Ijesha waterfall. This is a fun place located in Osun state. It has so many steps. Also, you have a cool bath at the waterfall too.

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Olumo rock Abeokuta: Fun things to do

Valentine is the season of love, so everyone is seeking ways to give their loved ones a treat. Where can you go on valentines day in Lagos? What are the best places to visit on valentines day in Lagos?

The usual expectation is a valentines day gift. If you need gift ideas to buy for her, check out my 32 best gift ideas perfect for every woman on your list. These gift ideas for her will cater to your mother, sister, friend, colleague, or girlfriend.

Also, you can choose to go out to a restaurant. Restaurants usually experience a high influx as well as other stalls or shops. If you would prefer to eat out, here are the 10 best restaurants in Lagos that are budget-friendly. However, you can choose to go out to vacation spots instead this valentine. Here is a list of 5 places to visit on valentines day that are budget-friendly too.

Best places to visit on valentines day in Lagos

So, if you’re on a budget, these top 5 best places to visit on valentines day are worth it. Most of these spots are free to access while others are at a token fee. Whether it’s for a romantic getaway or time off with your loved ones, it is a perfect valentine’s gift.

Tarkwa Bay beach

A budget-friendly environment that is serene, and cozy with a breezy feel is Tarkwa bay beach. This is a suitable location for valentine’s day especially if your loved ones don’t mind a dip in the water/ the serenity that comes with a walk on a sandy beach.

It is quite cheap and easy to access via boat/ferry at CMS. With as little as 2,000 naira, you visit this fun beach while creating enjoyable memories with your beloved. (the total cost comprising; gate fee- 300, tent inclusive of seats- 500, etc.).

You don’t need to go with loads of items as most of the things you need for a lovely vacation are available on the beach. If you need what to wear to the beach or food to eat, it is also available at the beach. There is an assortment of fun activities you can do to enjoy your valentine’s day at Takwa bay beach.

Johnson Jakande Tinubu park, Ikeja

Another place to visit and enjoy valentine’s on a budget is Johnson Jakande Tinubu park located at Ikeja. It is easy to access with no gate fee attached. The environment is serene with lovely huts, your water fountain, a children’s playground, etc.

To top it off there is free wifi access to all your social media use. ( you don’t want to do work stuff with the free wi-fi while on valentine’s vacation, just enjoy your time together). There are lots of fun activities that can be done at this park.

This vacation spot is a short distance from Ikeja city mall, so you can give your loved ones a double treat at Ikeja. i.e. shopping for gifts or goodies from the shopping and then visiting the park for recreational purposes.

Interestingly this park is adjacent to the Ndubuisi Kanu park. if you looking to have maximum fun around Ikeja city; visit a shopping mall to buy stuff for a little picnic or get together, visit JJT park for recreation as well as Ndubuisi Kanu park all in one day. This is an easy way to enjoy valentine’s on a budget with your loved ones.

Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park

Jhalobia parks and Gardens

Another of the places to visit on valentines day in Lagos is Jhalobia parks and garden. Jhalobia park and garden is yet another interesting recreational park where you can enjoy valentine’s with your loved ones. It is located at Hajj campground, a few walking distances from NAHCO, Airport road, Lagos.

It is a serene private park with a green landscape and lush vegetation for the perfect getaway on a budget. This private park is suitable for a romantic getaway with bae or a valentine’s outing with your beloved. The gate fee for entry per person is 2000 naira. A simple get-together, love feast, or picnic at this serene private park is a good way of enjoying valentines with your loved ones.

Nike Art Gallery

Another of the budget-friendly places to visit on valentines day in Lagos is the Nike art gallery. A visit to the Nike art gallery located at Lekki elegushi road, Lekki is another affordable way of enjoying Valentine’s with your loved ones.

Nike art gallery comprises a collection of artwork and some handcrafted items or sculptures. You and your loved ones can enjoy the lovely paintings or artwork on display at the gallery. The gallery is free to enter hence you only have to pay for your fare to Lekki.

You can also shop some of the artworks and handcrafted items at the gallery.

Ndubuisi Kanu Park, Ikeja.

Another affordable way to enjoy Valentine on a budget is by taking a trip to Ndubuisi Kalu park at Ikeja. It is located just behind JJTpark. It is also free to access. One interesting thing about this park is that it is like a mini shopping mall.

You can visit this park with your loved with going about too many things. There is an assortment of things you shop for at this park; ankara clothing, swimsuit, Ankara accessories, artwork, and some food huts barbecues, sun, etc. You can great fun giving your loved ones a treat at this park.

These 5 places you can visit on a budget are a simple, easy, and cheap way to enjoy valentine’s without having to be conscious of your account balance. It is also a way to do something unique from the usual luxury dinners, restaurant outings, or buying them a large bouquet of red roses. Create enjoyable and fun memories at these places while still on a budget.

How do you plan to spend this Valentine’s? Feel free to share your thoughts on other budget-friendly ways to enjoy valentine.

5 best places to visit on valentines day in Lagos that are budget-friendly

Fashion and its trends are very difficult to catch up. This is so as designers are on their toes to release new styles into the market before consumers get bored. Before you finish wearing/ stocking your wardrobe with the latest trends, another one pops out with a snap of your fingers. It almost seems like its running too fast to reach. (I was still saving to own a spherical rattan bag trending at the time and before I knew it another better design was out kicking the previous ones out of trend. I am like what?).This makes keeping up to trend with your styles very draining, time-consuming and expensive. (Kudos to the slay mamas!). From my own experience, it surely pays to observe the trends as they roll out and taking your time to purchase timeless pieces to stock your wardrobe. So, here are 5 2018 fashion trends you need in your closet in 2019.

Past trends worthy of Mention

A quick look back to past trends in retrospect shows that fashion evolution especially has been quite interesting. Starting with the wave of denim fever which was common at a time; all shades blue, denim skirts with fur at the hem, ripped jeans, jackets, and even baggy jeans. ( Almost every guy wore “baggy jeans” as well as girls who love breezy pants and it felt like if you’re not on this trend, you’re most probably living under a rock. Lol).

The leggings also is another trend that is worthy of mention. Almost everywhere you turn, someone is rocking leggings. Leggings make it easier to rock mini dresses. ( Its a trend was worn in an abysmal way by women in the western part of the country who chose to wear their legging with a top showing off butt cheeks to the wind). Another quite interesting fashion trend is the old school style. These styles are lovely retro looks that were stylish at the time of trending. It was as if all the big girls in school back then rocked this style.

5 2018 fashion trends you need in 2019

The year 2018 didn’t disappoint in terms of the interesting trends. Some of the trends are fresh new styles while others are retro looks. There are five fashion trends from 2018 that I would love to see in 2019. Styles like the rocking of tracksuits, waist bags, ever refreshing kimono’s, off-shoulders and statement tees. They were almost everywhere from street style looks at fashion events, runways, on celebrities as well as bloggers alike and other major events.

Floral Kimono

Waist bag trends

Ok! whoever thought that this style would make it to the fashion scene in 2018?. For me, waist bag is a piece of fashion items that reminds me of “NYSC”.( remember the days of camp clad in all white and waist bag to keep your money safe…it was fun). It is a simple accessory to throw on finishing off your looks. It gives this girly vibe to your dressing but yet chic look. I love waist bags especially because it has an assortment of shapes and designs. It goes well with kimono’s, tracksuits and top on denim pants.

Two Piece Track suit

This a lovely trend that was introduced as a stylish outfit in 2018. It was common in the runways as designers played this trend both locally and in the western culture. Tracksuits have always been from the onset for sports and were mostly worn to the gym. Who ever thought tracksuits can be chic? There are lovely tracksuits that could be added as part of 2019 wardrobe. It is easy to style and goes well with sneakers. For a simple day out, throw on a two-piece tracksuit, a pair of sneakers, a sling bag or waist bag and you’re ready to seize the day.

Track suits

Off shoulder outfit

One trend that gives a sexy feel is the off- shoulder. It is forever chic and stylish look also from 2018. It has stayed for a very long time and designers are creating more refreshing styles with this trend. Puffy sleeves and large sleeves are fun when it comes to off shoulder fashion. I really love this trend and would love a come back in 2019.

Statement tee shirt

The world of fashion has to be more expressive in the past few years. More and more designers are introducing statement as part of their designs. The runways, streets, and events couldn’t have enough of this trend. Statement tee is an easy tool for expressing your personality or emotions without being verbal. I am in love with statement tee preferable a white with a nice inscription. Statement tee just like normal tees is very easy to throw on. They go well with pants and skirts alike. It is top of my bucket list for 2019. (I have always wished for statement tee that makes women feel like they can conquer the world…….that speaks to the strength of womanhood.)


For me, kimono’s has come to stay and doesn’t seem like its leaving the fashion scene in a long time. It is a simple and comfy outfit. It easy to thrown, style to achieve any look and layered with other outfits. It’s a fun trend to play with for any casual outing.

These five trends are looks that are ever chic for your 2019 wardrobe. It never too late to hop on the trend rocking this timeless outfits. Though 2019 is already upon us and it promises a whole new set of trends of its own, these styles can still be part of your wardrobe for the year. The designs, colors, and trends are already rolling out as seen from the commencement of the fashion week. Thankfully the color of the year-Coral reef– speaks life itself, vibrant and lovely. The designers are already playing with these color and it goes to show that this year trends will be full of life. Also read my post on 5 easy style hack every woman need to know.

5 2018 fashion trends you need in 2019

The best part of every fashion event for all fashion seasons is the runway pieces. (I am practically useless as soon as the runway starts). I am always on the lookout for my favorite Lagos Fashion week designers. Some of them are oldies but goodies while others are new to the fashion scene.

It is the biggest fashion show in West Africa in collaboration with Heineken. The runway was literally on fire with a collection that draws inspiration from the Western world as well as purely Afrocentric collections.

Favorite Lagos fashion week designers and celebrities

This year’s event is my first time seeing the runway pieces from Lagos fashion and design week up close. My blog was given a press pass to cover the runway for the 3-day event. There were so many celebrities in the front row.

Celebrities like Somkele, Rita Dominic, Akin Faminu, Denola Grey the host of this year’s runway & Sonia Irabo among others. Sonia labor was the first designer to show her “Dew Collection” in collaboration with other designs in a fight against mental health diseases.

The collections feature bright colorful summer prints that speak color to life itself. Denola Grey, a fashion blogger rocked stylish looks with tinted grey according to his brand name. 

Heineken Lagos Fashion week 2018 Favorite Designers

The runway pieces by designers were breathtaking &well crafted in sartorial collections. There are about 50 designers for the 3-day runway show namely Orange culture, NACK, Maiatafo, Ugo Monye, Fayrouz green access e.t.c to mention a few.

My personal feedback for the team of Lagos fashion and design week runway show is that the better part of the show should start early. (The harassment from “Agbero” at night is not funny, well it’s a story for another day).


My two favorite Lagos fashion week designers of 2018 to know are NACK & Ugo Monye. All the designs are amazing Comprising contemporary as well as Afrocentric pieces. Ugo Monye stole the audience’s attention through captivating Igbo performances as well as amazing pieces.

His collections are well-crafted sartorial designs for the modern Nigerian man. A stern lover of Afro-centric designs will be lost in his collections.

NACK’s creativity is something worth mentioning, especially his ability to play with his collections. Artsy, sporty and creative are the words that come to mind with NACK runway pieces. I particularly like his infusion of athleisure trends into his runway collection. For me, NACK totally killed it on the runway.

The pieces from the runway at Lagos Fashion week 2018 were made for every type of Individual. For a chic, feminine silhouette with a royal look, the Clan collection is the go-to design. The designers were all amazing and all their collections were stylish. This shows that designers are abreast with trends in fashion as shown in their collections.

When is Lagos Fashion week 2022?

I am always anxious to know new Lagos fashion week designers. Also, I love to see what my favorite designers are up to each year. So, you can be sure I will be attending this year’s fashion week.

Lagos fashion week 2022 will commence from October 26th to October 29th, 2022. To know more about other things planned out for Lagos fashion week, check out their website.

How to register for Lagos fashion week?

Lagos fashion week is free to access. Just the popular NYFW, Lagos fashion week is that done to promote the Nigerian fashion industry.

When did they commence Lagos fashion week? Lagos fashion week was kickstarted in 2011. It is still blossoming 11 years after. It has put our Nigerian fashion designers at the forefront. Also, some of our Nigerian fashion bloggers were published in Vogue too.

It is quite easy to register for Lagos fashion week. Follow Lagos fashion week’s official Instagram to learn more on how to register.

What to wear to Lagos fashion week?

In every fashion week, you may be tempted to go extra with your looks. However, if you’re not a content creator, I would not advise that.

Lagos fashion is always fun to attend. There are sometimes intermittent breaks to allow designers time to prepare between shows.

So, you may be asked to leave the hall while they prepare. The key for me is to be as comfortable as possible. Go for a casual yet stylish look. I would recommend choosing comfort in your style.

I love to plan my looks for the 3-day runway show. For what to wear to Lagos fashion week, you can go for a sporty look or a very casual yet comfy style. Look good because you never know if your look will make it to the street style looks.

Some favorite Street style looks from Lagos fashion week 2021

Below are some street style looks from Lagos fashion week 2021 to inspire you. So, it is not only about Lagos fashion week designers’ work but the street style is something to look forward to.

Top Best Lagos fashion week designers to know

Lagos fashion week 2018 will take place this week from Oct 25 to Oct 27. It is usually a very busy week in the fashion industry in Lagos. Even more busy for attendees especially putting together the best outfit to make a statement for the 3-day show.

It is a daunting task if its your first time to attend a fashion show. In other to slay to Lagos fashion week as Newbie, It is better to go for simple looks. Let go of anxiety to want to slay like celebrities, just enjoy the show( its not that serious).

Celebrities, bloggers, and fashionistas stole the street at the previous Lagos fashion & design week. You don’t have to be a blogger or celebrity to be street style worthy at this years fashion week.

There are simple, chic and stylish ways to slay the street for this week Lagos fashion & design week without breaking the bank. If you’re planning to be a part of this year’s Lagos fashion week, consider these stylish ways to hitting the streets.

Lagos fashion week, What to wear

Layer your Outfits

One of the easiest and budget friendly way to rock street style is Layering. The trick is to layer patterns or colors that blends easily. You can go for a simple and chic or edgy style through layering (it can look messy when done badly).

An easy tip is to finish of the look with a kimono jacket.  Your skill for mixing or matching pieces doesn’t need to be like a pro to pull off this look.

Over-sized outfits

Another stylish trend to try out for Lagos fashion and design week is Breezy or oversize trend. It is simple, easy and fashionable. It is a trendy street style outfit as seen from recent fashion shows. In other to accentuate your frame, cinch the waist with a belt. Also pair a breezy top with a fitted pant or vise versa.

Blazer dress

When are at loss of what to wear to a fashion show, go for a blazer. Either for a blazer dress or add a blazer jacket to finish of your look. It gives this confident, boss lady, “have-it-all-together” kind of look. It is a good perfect for layering your outfit.

Add a straw hat for an edgy style. You can also click here to read how to style straw hats effortlessly.

Africa Prints

You don’t have to go all western as you plan your outfit for Lagos fashion and design week. ( I stand with team African Prints, go printastic!) African prints are also perfect as fashion week look. There are lot of trendy ways to wear prints and look stylish.

You match or mix your prints to give edgy look like a pro. It can also used as simple head wrap to add a touch of African to your style.

Whether you’re a newbie to fashion show or always slay the street at every fashion, just enjoy the show. The above style tips on what to wear for Lagos fashion and design week will aid you in choosing your fashion week outfit.

Even as it appealing as it is to make the list on best street style at the Lagos fashion week, go simple and slay like a queen.

As much as possible go with easy to walk in shoes. I will always choose sneakers or sandals over heels for runway events. This is because of the frequent go up and about typical of these shows.

But if you’d prefer heels, go with extra flat shoes. You can follow me on my channel for more style tips and fashion hauls.

Don’t forgot to go ready to shop amazing pieces from the runway. Also visit the exhibition stands to purchase timeless fashion pieces to add to your closet.

Lagos fashion week: Effortless cute outfits to wear

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