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6 Summer Casual Outfits for women in 2021

We are all super excited to go out and show off our outfits. The hope from the vaccines means we can go on brunch dates and socialize. So, we need casual outfits to go about our day. Also, since most businesses are now adopting the work from home style. You really do not need much workwear in your closet. Except for impromptu physical meetings or zoom meetings. (of course). On the other hand, if you must go to work and need some inspiration, read my post on back-to-work outfit ideas. So, in this post, I will be sharing 6 summer casual outfits for women in 2021. Some of these outfits you may already have. So, it time to bring out again. However, if you need to change your summer outfits, shop these cute summer outfits for your closet.

Maxi dresses.

The pandemic has made most of us seek for comfort in our outfits choice. So, for more comfy outfit ideas, opt for Maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are breezy and comfortable.

You can opt for prints or more colorful options. Just all dresses, it is easy to wear and style with less thought. All you need to do is to add accessories.

Maxi dresses are cute summer outfit ideas you need in your closet in 2021. You can wear Maxi dresses for a date, to the beach ( as a coverup), or a casual outing. You can read my post on beach coverups outfit ideas for your next beach outing. Also, you can shop for cute summer Maxi dresses from Chicme.

I love this polka dot maxi dress from Chicme. Click here to shop Polka dot Maxi dress.

6 Summer casual outfits for women in 2021

Midi Skirts and Tops

Since we are all about comfort this year, opt for a midi skirt. Midi skirt is my best of the 6 summer casual outfits for women in 2021. You can opt for a lightweight breezy skirt option. This you can wear for a casual outing with friends or dress it up for a date.

So, if you need an easy to style casual outfit ideas for women, shop a midi length skirt. You can wear your midi skirt with a body suit, sequin top or tanks. Also, you can add accessories as you want. I am so in love with midi skirt because I get a lot of use from it. You can wear a midi skirt for work or as a casual outfit. My pattern midi skirt from Prettylittlething is my best buy yet.

This skirt I have worn to work and for casual outings a lot. You can read my review of this skirt from Prettylittlething. There are many places to shop for a good midi skirt. Online fashion brands like Chicme also have several options to shop. So, you can click here to shop for Midi skirt on Chicme for your summer wardrobe.



Jumpsuit is one of the best summer clothes for women. I love this outfit because it easy to wear. Just like summer dresses, all you need to add accessories to dress it up or down.

Jumpsuits are a classic wardrobe piece to own in your wardrobe. You can wear to work or casual outing depending on what you want. I love sleeveless jumpsuits as it makes it easy to transition my looks. So, if you want a cute summer outfit you can transition from day to date night, opt for a jumpsuit. You can also read my post on other outfit ideas you can transition from day to date or party outfit.

For summer, opt for jumpsuit with floral prints. However, if you need a semi casual look, go for a jumpsuit with a solid color. You can shop for floral jumpsuit or solid color jumpsuit options from Chicme.


Biker shorts

Another casual outfit ideas for women in 2021. Biker shorts is comfy outfit idea you need for summer in 2021. This short is always in style even in 2021.

I love biker shorts due to its versatility. You can wear bikers shorts with with a tee shirt for a casual stroll. Also, you can dress it up with button up shirts and sneakers for party or hangout with friends.

Biker shorts are also a comfy stay at home staple. You can wear it for your zoom meetings or as a work from home outfit. So, if you need casual outfits for women in 2021, opt for biker shorts. There are so many options to choose from. You can click here to shop biker shorts sets from Zaful.

Biker short sets from Zaful

Tee-shirt dress

A very super comfy summer outfit idea you need in your closet is a tee-shirt dress. I love tee-shirt dress a lot. So, I always adding more tee-shirt dress to my wardrobe.

Tee-shirt dresses are easy to style. You can wear a tee-shirt dress for a casual with friends. Also, if you need a bikini alternative for the beach, opt for a tee-shirt dress. Most tee-shirt dresses are mini dresses. So, for more coverage, wear biker shorts or denim shorts in it.

I recently shopped for a tee-shirt dress from forever21. You can read my review of this outfit and how to shop on forever21. You can shop for a tee-shirt dress on Zaful. Click here to shop for a Tee-shirt dress on Zaful.


Crop blazer

Blazers are a classic you need in your wardrobe. However, this year trend is all about crop blazers. I love this trend so much. For me, it is one of the best of the 6 summer casual outfits for women in 2021.

I have some structured blazers and I am looking forward to adding more. However, a cropped blazer is a new twist for Blazers. So, if you need a non-conventional blazer, opt for crop blazers. You can wear your crop blazer with high waist pants or skirts. Also, it is a cute summer outfit idea for women in 2021.

There are so many fashion brands that have several options of crop blazers. You can click here to shop crop blazer set from Chicme.


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  1. Such pretty outfit ideas! Biker shorts seems really great for me this summer! I love that it’s so comfy. Thanks for sharing x

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