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5 Outfit ideas you can transition from day to date night

As a working professional, we get so busy behind the desk and sometimes forget to live a little. So, you can imagine how we feel when given a chance to unwind. The only challenge is what to wear after a full day’s work for a night out. Sometimes, we find ourselves packing an extra bag for our evening look for that day. It can be so inconvenient switching looks at the office. For privacy, your only option is to use the restroom to change. From my personal experience, after changing you may feel like the odor of the toilet is all over your outfit. Moreover, you really don’t need two outfits to have fun after work. You need a versatile outfit you can wear for work and night out. So, here are 8 outfit ideas you can easily transition from day to date night with less hassle.


One of the easiest outfits you can transition from day to date night is a jumpsuit. It can serve as workwear or a laid back casual outfit. Depending on your type of job and its rules for dressing, choose a jumpsuit that is suitable. A sleeveless jumpsuit can be worn with a blazer or cardigan with a pair of flats for work. For your date night ditch the blazer, put on a pair of sandal heels so you can unwind to the night. You can shop this jumpsuit from my graceful place online. To get 20% off your order use Trendsenstylez20 plus free shipping anywhere in the world.

Little black dress

Every lady needs a little black dress in her wardrobe. A little black dress is another outfit you can easily transition from day to date night outfit. It is also very easy to style. You can also opt for a midi dress for a modest day outfit. For a night out, wear a vibrant color heels and a clutch.

Cowl neck silk tops

Silk outfits are classy. Wearing silk is one simple way to dress and look expensive on a budget. Opt for a cowl neck silk top for a day and night look. As workwear, style it with a blazer and a body con skirt for professional outlook. Switch your look at night by removing the blazer, putting on a long necklace for a party night look. And of course, a pair of sandal heels.

Print dress

Prints are not made for summer casual outings only. Prints are another outfit you can transition from day to date night outfit. For a day look wear cardigan or blazer on it. You can add heels and statement jewelry to your look for a night look. For me, a slip on sleeveless print dress will be perfect to switch looks. It is a perfect outfit for layering with a long sleeve shirt, tee-shirt, and tops. You can shop this print button down midi dress from my graceful place to pull off this looks.


If you work in a more relaxed office with little restriction on your work outfit, shirt dress is perfect for you. It is also another outfit you can transition from day to date night outfit. Go for a more relaxed style for work with flats or sneakers. For a night out, wear a lace up heels and have fun for the night.

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  1. Fadima Mooneira

    Cool fashion tips! I like the print dress. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jody

    I love the jumpsuit. My fashion is so plain but I would love to be more daring with it. These are all really cute ideas too and can definitely go from day to night!

    1. enimhienomo

      You never know until you try. Fashion is about pushing boundaries

  3. Maria

    I think the little black dress is my favourite!!! You can do sooo many combinations!!!😍😍

  4. Jessica Mills

    I loved this, really helpful as I’ve started working and I really feel I need to grow out of my slobby uni can’t be bothered clothing, as great as that is on the weekend, thank you for the ideas and for sharing 💙

  5. Erika

    I have to say that I love all of these tips. I don’t wear silk tops that often. But the rest I can totally see me incorporating into my style habits.

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