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Airbnb rentals: 10 warning signals to look out for in a rental home

Summer conversations with my friends lately have been epic as I’m hearing everyone’s swell plans of how they want to spend their summer. The first things to cross off your list when planning your trip are Airbnb rentals or hotels or hotel alternatives.

I love to stay in Airbnbs for my trips. You are much freer and can cook your own meals. Talk about home away from home. However, there are some warning signals or red flags that you need to know before booking an Airbnb.

Also, if this is your first time booking Airbnb, check out these tips to book Airbnb Rental.

During one of our summer plan conversations, something prompted me to ask my friends who were going on a vacation where they would be staying. As expected, I got different answers. However, a good number of them said they’d be going for an Airbnb rental. 

As someone who’s had her fair share of Airbnbs, let me share some tips with you about these rentals. Consider these tips as scopes to use when trying to pick your rental home. 

Best Airbnb Rentals

Airbnb Rentals Warning signals

My best experience at an Airbnb is in Cotonou, Benin Republic. It is a guest house with such a beautiful ambiance. On my return from my trip, I had to recreate some of the decorations in my bedroom. That is how much I love the Casabella guest house.

One of the tips to get the best Airbnb is to read reviews. The staffs were so helpful to me. Although, google translate came in handy. These best travel apps are what you need before you embark on a trip, thank me later.

Here are 10 red flags to avoid when you want to rent an Airbnb:

Ridiculously Low Prices

I always scoff when I see some Airbnbs offering ridiculously low prices. Typically one would say that they are trying to attract customers. However, if you are used to Airbnbs, you would have an idea of the standard charge. 

So, once the amount falls way below that amount, I begin to have second thoughts about the place. For them to be offering such low prices, it means that people are avoiding the rental for one reason or the other. It could be that they offer poor services or they are not even genuine. 

It’s easy to get carried away and think you’ve found a good deal. However, let your antennas be high as such low prices raise suspicion. 

Unsafe neighborhood

Before going ahead to book any Airbnb rental, make sure that you research the location. Now, your plan is to have fun and enjoy your trip. It wouldn’t happen if you stay in an unsafe place or a place where there is unrest. 

More often than not, it is your first time in that area. So, you wouldn’t want to have such a hectic and rough experience. Knowing how safe an area is is number one of my 30 travel tips when booking your trip. Come on it’s a vacation, not a time to deal with hoodlums, riff-raffs, and thieves.

You should do your due diligence in ensuring that the neighborhood is secure and gives peace of mind. You should only make payments once you’re sure of the area. Remember, safety should be one of your top priorities. 

No/ Negative Reviews

I always tell people that checking the reviews of a place or something you want to buy is important. Through reviews, you get to know the experiences of others and make an informed decision. 

I’m usually sketchy about places that do not have reviews at all. I know that people are always excited and willing to drop reviews about rentals that gave them a good experience. So, for a rental to have no review? It’s already a red flag. 

It gets worse when there are reviews but most of the reviews are negative. Once I see such, I start searching for a new place. The worst mistake you’d make is for you to think that your experience would be different at such a place. 

No clear cancellation policy

It may sound weird, but I’m always particular about the cancellation policy of any Airbnb rental I want to book. Life is very uncertain, especially when you go on a trip. It could be that you booked the place and eventually end up not traveling. Or, you got there and found a better offer. 

You should always read through the cancellation policy or any Airbnb rental and ensure that the terms and policies are clear. If you are unsure, call them and ask questions! 

If you notice that the policy highly favors the rental, you shouldn’t go ahead with the bookings. 

Vague description

I would expect to get comprehensive and clear information when I come across the listing of any Airbnb rental. You’d see me skipping when I see a listing that has only 2 lines of description. 

How do you expect to convince me with only two lines? 

Some people may say that I’m being extra, but it shows that the Airbnb rental isn’t willing to put in the effort. Then, how can I be sure that they would deliver the best services to me if I make the booking? 

I would advise that you go for a rental that has a comprehensive description of the place.

Delayed response time

How long does it take them to respond when you reach out to them? Of course, I’m not unrealistic to think that I would get a response within seconds or minutes. However, it starts becoming a red flag when I do not get a response after at least 12 hours. 

It shows that they are not as active and responsive as I would want them to be. If I eventually end up booking the Airbnb, what happens if I have a dire request? You may need information that will determine if you’d still go for a particular rental.

I had to cancel a booking because it doesn’t meet my needs. Then I eventually went for an apartment hotel which is close enough to what I needed. Jades’ hotel was fun and luxurious and the host was very responsive. That’s a good sign when booking Airbnb rentals.

I’d take it that they are not customer-centric, and move on to find a more responsive Airbnb rental. 

Hidden charges

It ticks me off badly when I notice that rentals are trying to sneak in additional charges. I expect that all charges should be highlighted from the get-go so that I know what I’m getting myself into. 

It begins to get sketchy when I see something online and you’re giving me a different price when I reach out. I’d take it that the Airbnb business is being deceptive and I would look for another option. Asides from hidden charges, another thing to look out for is high service fees.

Sometimes, Airbnb rentals may offer heap prices yet the service fees will bump up the prices. For that’s a red flag, why the huge service fees? Are you renovating the home before I come or giving me some value-added services?

Sometimes, you might even call and they begin to add charges and give me some fancy name. You need to be attentive to spot these hidden and additional charges. 

Unclear pictorial representation

From the visuals attached to the listing, I should be able to get a look and feel of the airbnb rental. It should be what would convince me to go ahead with the booking. So, it often doesn’t make sense to me when I come across places that have blurry and unclear pictures. 

Such places are big red flags for me. I believe that if you’re proud of what you have, you would showcase it. So, if the pictures are old or blurry, it shows that they are hiding something and not giving me a true representation of the place. 

Airbnbn Rentals warning Signals

Lack of amenities

There are certain basic amenities that should be in an Airbnb rental. For me, I have my standards for things I expect to see. If I don’t see these things, I’m on my way to look for another Airbnb option. 

Of course, I would not project my expectations on you. But, you have an idea of the amenities you desire to enjoy in an Airbnb. If you do not see these things in the listing, discontinue. I would advise that you do not try to compromise. After all, wouldn’t you want to get the best value for your money? 

Unclean environment

If I’m going to be spending money on an Airbnb rental, the least they can do is to ensure that it is clean. Once the space isn’t clean, it should be a red flag. 

These are the little things that matter to me and I ensure not to compromise on them when searching for an Airbnb rental. 

To book Airbnb Rentals or Home rentals, I highly recomend Trivago. Here you get to see various options and the best deals possible. Don’t forget to look out for these Airbnb Rentals warning signs before you click to book on Trivago.

Feel free to comment on other Airbnb Rentals tips you have used. Till another time, ciao.

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