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How to shop forever21, Tips + Shipping to Nigeria

Forever21 is one of the fashion brands to shop on a budget. They offers clothing and accessories for men, women as well as curvy women. So, if you are looking for a fashion brand to shop for him, her or plus size, opt for Forever21. You can shop forever21 for your wardrobe classics or casual wear. However, for work outfits, there are very few choices available on their website. Forever21 is always adding new items to their site. So, if you want to shop trendy pieces for your closet, opt for forever21. I shopped this brand online. But you can opt for in-store shopping in your area. So, here I will be sharing how to shop forever21, tips to know and how to ship to Nigeria.

How to shop forever21?

Dressing up is easy when you have the right basics or classics in your wardrobe. I gave out most of my outfits because I rarely wear some of them. Also, it is taking up so much space.

So, to re-build my basics, I shopped at Forever21 for some pieces. Forever21 website is so easy to navigate. You can type into the search engine for what you need. This is the best way to shop. So, you will not go over your budget for shopping.

However, if you are not sure of what you want, you can check the categories. If you need accessories, simply click on the category named “accessories” for options.

Since I am new to shopping from this brand online, I shopped for just 3 pieces. A cropped blazer jacket (beige color), shoulder pad tee-shirt dress ( also in beige), and oatmeal jumpsuit.

These basic are pieces you can get much use from. I will also share my review of these pieces in this post. If you are new to online shopping, you can read my tips on how to shop online.

When does forever21 have sales?

Just like most fashion website, Forever21 does frequent sales. I love to shop sales for lovely fashion items. Why pay full price though? So, I am always on look for deals to save while shopping for fashion pieces.

Forever21 has seasonal sales, annual or holiday sales. You also get 20% off when you sign up to their newsletter. As a subscriber, you get notified of all the sales and new items added to their website.

Also, they have student discounts so you can more on your cart.

how to shop forever21

Shipping to Nigeria

Forever21 ships to a lot of countries world wide. However, they do not ship directly to Nigeria. ( I still don’t get this though). So, if you’re shopping from Nigeria, you can ship first to US.

They offer free shipping to the US for orders from $50. So, if you need to save on the shipping fees, shop up to this threshold. Another is to combine your shopping with friends so you can save on shipping.

For shoppers in Nigeria, all you need to do is to a US address. So, if you have a friend or family in the US, they can ship it for you to Nigeria. However, I use HOR logistics to get a US address which I use to ship all my items to Nigeria. So, if you stay in Nigeria, you can read my post on how to shop from the US and ship to Nigeria. You will also learn how to set up your profile on HOR logistics with ease.


Forever21 haul Review

So, this post is incomplete without a review on my cart. Forever21 is an affordable fashion brand that I will shop from again. However, it is not the best option in terms of clothes quality per se.

Although, I am in love with 2 out of the items I got. This is because of the great quality for the price. The 3rd item was a hard miss.

It is inevitable to have hits and miss when it comes to shopping online. The 3rd item which a jumpsuit was not okay for me.

The jumpsuit is quite soft and feels good on the body. However, it doesn’t fit well for a size 6 jumpsuit. There was extra room in the jumpsuit that makes me seem like I had a short torso.

Also, it was way too long for me. ( I am 5ft 5″). So, if you want to shop for jumpsuit on Forever21, ensure you check the size chart. Have your tape rule to take your own measurement and compare with that on the website.

Asides, the fit, the jumpsuit sheds quickly. I only wore it twice and it looks faded.

Forever21 best buys

The crop blazer is of great quality for me. Crop blazers are a trend for 2021. So, I am all in for this trend. You can wear a crop blazer with high waist pants or skirts. Also, you can wear it like a bolero on your dresses.

My best buy from Forever21 is the shoulder pad tee-shirt dress. I am so in love with this dress. So, I love to wear it a lot. The quality is also great. The material is soft and it fits nicely. However, this dress is quite short. So, it is not tall girl-friendly. If you want to shop for this dress, check the size chart before purchase.

So, I totally forgot my bodysuit from Forever21. I love this fashion piece. It is soft and ribbed. So, I wore it as a monochrome look with my prettylittlething skirt. All my fashion pieces were great for their prices except the jumpsuit. So, I would recommend shopping online on forever21. However, if there is a forever21 store near you, opt to shop in-store. You can search for this by typing “Forever21 near me” on the google search engine. This will work with your location put-on on your mobile device.

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