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Lagos Living | fun things to do while living in Oshodi

There are so many tales about Lagos state especially Oshodi. Some of the tales of this part of Lagos are no so good while others are kinda okay. The very busy atmosphere, people everywhere almost bumping into each other, resounding noise typical of big cities and high pollution. The big cities like Oshodi seems like its inhabitable but one can easily  blend into city life without a hitch. This simple local guide for living in Lagos will help settle in really and making home out of Oshodi. From fun places to visit for recreation, places to shopping and Market places for local shopping.

Tarkwa Bay beach

Local Market

In other to easily feel at home in a locality, the market is the first place  to discover. Although in itself is a market with residence around it. The local market sells food items, accessories, clothes, and other home items. Food items are cheaper in mushin market which cost about fifty naira for Tfare. You can’t live in Lagos and not know the Eko Market  in Idumota. It costs about 200- 300 naira for transport fare to Eko market in Idumota.

Eko Market is a large market and it is easy to go round in circle in this market. Most the wholesale traders do their business in Eko due to its proximity to the Apapa wharf area. There are an assortment of things to buy at this market at whole sale prices. From clothes whether casual or professional outfit, accessories like jewelries, shoes or bags and the likes are quite cheap in this market. Some days can be really crazy in this market especially the time when wholesalers are bringing the goods. The traffic can be really frustrating to and fro but it is worth it the end due to prices of goods.

 JJT park

Recreational Parks and Places

Leisure and rest is also quite accessible. There are easy to access and budget friendly recreational places for family vacation or solo vacation. For a beach vacation, Tarkwa Bay beach is one place to visit. It has lovely scenery, ivory beach sands, and turquoise water. Lagos has so many amazing beaches but Tarkwa Bay is easily accessible from Oshodi.

There also some amazing recreational parks which is just about fifty naira by bus to Ikeja. Fun recreational parks to add your bucket list for leisure are JJT park , Jhalobia park and Ndubuisi Kanu park. Some parks in Lagos are free to enter while others are accessible with a token fee. There are also some fine hotels like Kelseygreene Villa. It is a distancesance from Oshodi and International airport.

Malls are also very accessible from Oshodi like Spar mall , Shoprite at Ikeja and other ssupermarketsat Ilupeju. I just thought to share this guide to living in Oshodi for anyone looking to make this part of Lagos their home.

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