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Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park Ikeja: fun things to do

Recreational Parks are now fast becoming popular spot for relaxation or Vacationing in Nigeria. One recreational Park to discover is “Johnson, Jakande,  Tinubu Park Ikeja (JJT)” located a few minutes walk from Ikeja Shop rite close to the Lagos State House of Assembly. The good thing about this park is that free to enter and relatively cheap Vacation/ Relaxation Spot.

Things you can do at Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park, Ikeja, Lagos

The park is amazingly beautiful , serene and has the following Facilities in it and fun things you could do.

Enjoy Free WIFI

You can easily access the WIFI of the park. With these free internet access you browse as much as you and if you’re a workaholic you do work related stuff while having fun at the park

Equipped Children Playground

There are arrays facilities for children to play with and engage their very bobbling spirit. So as a mom or as couple looking to have some lone time together away from the kids, this is a good relaxation spot for Family. This will keep the children occupied while you can have time to keep the spark in your marriage.

Relax in the recreational Huts

There are finely built recreational hut easy to access. You can spend time with your BFF’s or throw a party with friends and Family. Asides using this huts,One can organize a picnic on the open fields in the park or have a nice baecation with boo.

The park has some amazing sculptures or  Statue that speaks to the lagos culture as well as its history. From the entrance, a large statue of “Eyo ” in a water fountain welcomes you like its telling a tale of Lagos state. Also statues of the three major leaders of Lagos state on whose name the park was founded “Johnson, Jakande and Tinubu”  was erected circled by colourful flags of African Countries.  With this park, you don’t need to saved up too much to have fun and vacation. It is a budget friendly was of having fun to the fullest. Another park you can also visit is Ndubuisi Kanu park, just behind JJT park. It is also fun place to be and relax on a budget.

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