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Johnson Jakande Tinubu park (JJT park Ikeja): exciting things to do

Have you ever been to JJT park Ikeja before? If you live in Lagos, Nigeria, you must have heard about this park even if you have never visited it. 

Where is JJT park Lagos located? In case you are wondering, JJT is an acronym for Johnson Jakande Tinubu, and it is a park located in Ikeja. Thus, making it one of the most fantastic places to relax on the mainland in Lagos state. It is a few walking distance to Ndubuisi Kanu park as well as the famous Shoprite mall. It was commissioned in 2017 and has since been one of the best places to have a picnic or alone time on the mainland. 

My friends and I got into a heated argument one day, arguing that there were no cool relaxation spots on the mainland. It made me realize that many people think that fun is only limited to the island in Lagos state. There are so many fun places like beaches, restaurants to hang out, and even parks like Muri Okunola park on the island. Knowing about JJT park made me have a solid argument when I told them there were also lovely relaxation spots on the mainland. 

The issue is that many people are unaware of this spot which is surprising because whenever I go to JJT park Ikeja during the weekend, it is always filled with people. I love the location of this place as it is in Ikeja, a strategic location on the mainland. In addition, there is a certain calm and serenity that you will enjoy when you visit this park. 

JJT park Lagos

JJT park Ikeja: Things you would love and gate fee

There are certain things about JJT park Ikeja that always have me going back there from time to time, and you would also love these things. One thing that I love about this park is that the gate fee for JJT park Ikeja is totally free to access just like most parks in Lagos.

Of all the parks in Lagos that I have visited, Jhalobia park and garden is the only paid-to-access. It is to be pre-booked and the gate fee is about 2000naira per person.

Some of them include the following: 

  • The Ambiance: JJT park Ikeja is located near the house of assembly in Lagos state and is usually quiet. Asides from the cars that may be passing, you wouldn’t experience any rowdiness or extreme noise whenever you visit this park. You would always find me with a book and mat whenever I’m going to JJT park, and I always tend to lose track of time when I’m there due to the serenity I enjoy. The park gets busy during the weekends, and you would occasionally find some people come there with thor speakers. However, the ambiance remains peaceful and bubbly. It also allows you to mingle with people and make friends. If you’re ever looking for a place to visit to calm your spirit, you should go to JJT park. I always leave there calmer than when I arrived, and I’m grateful we have such a spot on the mainland. 
  • The Space: I don’t know what you have in mind whenever you think of parks, especially Nigerian parks. However, this isn’t one of those tiny boxed parks you would find around. I would consider it a form of exercise if you could walk from one end of JJT park to the other. JJT is such a vast land with ample space to accommodate many people. So, no matter the number of people that visit this place in a day, there is always space to accommodate everyone. 

If you’re looking to take your family for a picnic, consider going to JJT park Ikeja, as they have enough space for children to play around. You will have no issues when you visit this place for those who are claustrophobic. In addition, I loved that I could always find a corner for myself without other people being in my business. 

  • Security: I found it interesting when I discovered that the security personnel at JJT were proactive. Yes, this park is without restrictions, as everyone is allowed to visit it. However, they also check people before entering and would not let you in if you carry anything considered dangerous. 

For example, I was once invited to a birthday celebration at JJT park, and the celebrant wasn’t allowed to take in breakable bottles. Instead, security urged us to look for plastic bottles to transfer the drinks. It was either that, or we left the breakable bottles at the gate and got it on our way out. Some people may find this extreme and uncomfortable. But it brought a sense of calm for me as I realized that it was a necessary security measure to ensure that people felt safe while at the park. In addition, you would also see security officials around since the park is near the state house of assembly. 

  • No entrance fee: When you think about some parks, you wonder how much it would cost to get into the park. After all, it is a culture for most parks to collect money from people before they let them in. They say that the money is used to maintain the park. But the difference is the case with JJT park, as it is a public park that is free to enter. Yet, you would always see that the place is clean. They have people who always clean up the area, ensuring that it looks appealing whenever you visit it. Finding clean public spaces is rare, but JJT park is an exception. 
  • Statue: One of the best ways to describe JJT park Ikeja to anyone is to tell them to look out for a park with statues close to the state house of assembly. It has some interesting statues that represent some significant figures in that state. You will be intrigued by these statues when you visit JJT park, especially if you’re visiting for the first time. In addition, they also make the perfect picture-taking spot in the park. You will find yourself trying to get an ideal location by the giant statues for pictures. The park also has an array of flags that could serve as an excellent picture spot. 
  • The food stand: What if I get hungry while at JJT park? It is one of the most typical questions I get from foodies like me. These people always want to be sure that their tummy is secured when they are at JJT park. Yes, you have no problem with food at this park, as there is an accessible food court. You can buy whatever you desire as they have an array of options. It comes in handy that there is a food stand within the park, as one doesn’t have to go far before one can get something to eat. 

Things to note before visiting JJT park

So, you may be excited and planning to visit JJT park Ikeja soon. However, there are some things you should note.

  • There is no parking space: There is no provision for parking space at JJT park. So, it gets frustrating when you drive there. Typically, one may have to get a paid parking space at a nearby park and walk down to JJT park. It is one of the little inconveniences that come with visiting JJT park. 
  • Opening hours of JJT park Ikeja: You can always decide to visit JJT park any day you desire. But keep in mind that the park closes by 6.30 pm. So, you cannot stay beyond that time. 

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