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The shoes you choose to wear most often say a lot about your character. They also determine the range of activities you can comfortably participate in. What are the best shoes for women that can serve you all year round?

For the practically-minded, the best choice in footwear comes down to the most versatile, best-looking shoes that can be worn all year. Obviously, your ideal selection depends on where you live. Where Timberland boots, for example, excel in temperate climates, they may not be ideal for extreme heat. Here are a few shoe styles that outdo the rest when it comes to year-round versatility:

Best shoes for women to buy right now

Shoes are one of the most important accessories you need in your closet. It is a major wardrobe must-have for every woman ( add man, of course).

You can dress up or down any outfit in your closet with shoes. For example, you can transition your work outfits from day to date night effortlessly by simply switching shoes. To do this easily, switch your flat work shoes for a pair of strappy heels and you’re good to go.

General Athletic Sneakers

For maximum foot comfort, performance, support, and ease of wear, a good pair of sneakers can’t be beaten. No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, sneakers are almost guaranteed to do what you need them to. Increasingly, even office workers are turning to sneakers for their support during long work days.

To choose the sneakers for you, consider the athletic activities you are most likely to engage in. For hiking or basketball, choose a pair with the ample heel support you need. For running, look for lightweight shoes with good heel support. Puma sneakers offer a good selection of different options.

Hiking Boots

While hiking boots are usually associated with outdoor adventure, they can equally be used for work, recreation, or casual wear. In certain parts of the country, such as the Pacific Northwest, hiking boots have become a kind of standard, everyday shoe. Although extremely lightweight, durable boots that offer marginal advantages in waterproofing and reliability can cost a fortune, many affordable brands sell quality boots that are nearly comparable in performance. For versatility, Timberland is a safe, respectable option with a solid environmental track record.

Hybrid Boots

If hiking boots aren’t your style, hybrid boots can give you a relaxed or professional appearance without sacrificing outdoor functionality. While many popular hiking brands offer hybrid boots, other companies specialize in hybrid styles. The best boot for you depends on your intended use. If you are simply looking for a pair of shoes that you can walk to the office in, most brands will suit you perfectly well. If you want a single boot to take you from the office to the mountains, look to an experienced outdoor brand for the product you desire.


If you live in a warm climate, sandals can be surprisingly reliable for a wide variety of applications. Since sandals are easy to put on and extremely breathable, they actually offer some advantages over other types of shoes for light hiking and other outdoor activities. Remember, the ancient Romans went to war in their sandals, so you don’t need to worry whether you wear yours for too many purposes. For well-tested comfort, look for a Birkenstock sandals sale.

Whether you are putting together a minimalist wardrobe or simply want to cut down on clutter, purchasing a good pair of shoes for year-round use is an admirable goal. When looking for new shoes, always consider fit, function, and climate. If you plan to do your shopping online, remember that waiting a few days for an exchange is far superior to wearing an ill-fitting shoe.

10 Best Shoes for Women You Can Wear All Year Long

One of the best things to do on holidays is to shop for gifts. After all, is the season to give. I have so many sisters. So, I am always on the lookout for what to shop for them. Here I have rounded up some of the best holiday gift ideas for her.

So, if you need ideas of the best holiday gift ideas for any lady on your list, this is the place for you. This list focuses on fashion items to shop for them. You can shop for statement pieces, designer dupes, or accessories for them.

Also, these items are all under $100. The good thing is that Black Friday is just around the corner. So, you can shop the best black Friday deals for these gift ideas for her.

Best Holiday gift ideas for her

Surprise that special lady in your life with this gift round-up. This list is in three categories depending on what you’re looking for. Fashion clothing for the fashionista in your life. You can gift them fashion clothing for Christmas, new year, or that fashion piece on their bucket list.

Also, you can shop for accessories that they can use to dress up their outfit like shoes, bags, fashion jewelry, hats, etc. The last category is practical lifestyle gifts that they can use beyond the holidays.

Best Outfit Gift Ideas for Her

  1. Blazer and Coat Set (Co-ord set)

For the boss lady in your life grinding to meet her goals. Gift her this two-piece blazer and coat set from Chic me. This outfit is perfect work wear for her. Also, she can wear it as a work-from-home outfit for zoom calls or face-time work calls. The plus side is that she can easily transition this outfit from work wear to a holiday party outfit.

Click here to buy a Blazer set.

2. Sweater pant sets

A sweatpant set is one of the best holiday gift ideas for her. Since we literarily do not go out much these days due to the pandemic, this set is perfect for her. Moreover, shoulder pad tee shirts are so in trend now. Get these trendy sets she can dress up for a party, outing, or as a work-from-home outfit.

I also love the slit on the pants. Slit-on pant is one of the latest fashion trends that are here to stay. So, if you’re looking for one of the best gift ideas for her, this is it. She’ll cherish it for a long time.

Click here to buy a pant set for her

3. Corset Waist Shirtdress

Shirt dresses are a must-have for every lady. So, if you’re looking for a gift idea for your minimalist friend or sis, shop for a shirt dress for her.

I love corset dresses because it is super chic. It is flattering for all body types. You can wear corset dresses to flatter your body without needing shapewear. Also, it is a dressy look for any lady.

She can wear it for a date night, for a holiday party, and as a wedding guest dress. It is one of the best holiday gift ideas for her you need to buy it ASAP.

Click here to buy a corset dress

4. Solid Ribbed top and pant set

Another of the best holiday outfit ideas for her is this ribbed top and distressed pant set. It is perfect for your stylish stay-at-home mum, or friend who works from home.

I love the pant primarily because of the distress on the thigh. Also, she can wear it for the perfect airport outfit whether for long or short-haul flights.

I bet she’d practically live in this outfit all seasons. She can get as much use from this set. As a perfect base for layering as it gets cooler.

Click here to buy a sweatpant set

5. Workout set

For all your fit fam friends or ladies, gift them this two-piece workout set from Chic me. Most women wear a loose tee shirt and leggings or shorts for working out. You can upgrade your workout wear with this set. I am sure she will be motivated to burn those extra calories.

Click here to buy a pair of Leggings

Best Practical Gift Ideas for Her

Not all the ladies in our lives are fashionistas. Some of them love gifts that they can use beyond holidays. So, for those ladies who love practical gifts, I have put together this list for them. All these gifts are under $50.

1. Book

For the book lovers in your life, you can gift them a great book for the holiday. Although, it may seem like they own all the books you could give them. You can gift them access to an Amazon kindle subscription to enable them to have access to as many books as they want.

2. Aromatherapy Room boost

I love the smell of a good home. So, I use aromatherapy room boost for my home from Adoratherapy. They have several room-boost aromatherapy perfumes you can gift any practical lady for the holiday. These room boosts have several therapeutic benefits for the family. You can read my post on the benefit of using Aromatherapy in your home.

Adoratherapy oils are very affordable. She can use it in her home, office, or for travel. You can shop for these oils for under $10. I promise you they’d love it. Also, you can buy the room boost oil set to last her longer for just $50.

3. Journal

Another of the best holiday gift ideas for her is a journal or notepad. It is very easy these days to get overwhelmed with work, blogging, school, family, etc. Gifting her a journal will enable her to organize her day. Although, I am not much of a planner but sometimes find myself using scraps of paper to jot down my to-do list or goals. These papers I lose these in transit or throw these out in error when cleaning.

Since we women by default are organizers. A journal will enable her to keep track of her daily checklist for the holidays and beyond.

Click here to buy a notepad

4. 3 in Hair curler and Dryer

The current pandemic has made the idea of DIY so appealing. I had to learn to take care of my hair at home i.e. taking care of my African hair and wigs. These I would have done easily in the saloon. So, a practical gift idea you can give a lady this holiday is a 3-in-1 curler, straightener, and dryer.

I love this 3-in-1 set because she can use it to dry her hair after a shower and straighten or curl her with ease at home. Also, this gift she will use this for as long as possible for personal grooming.

Click here to buy 2 in 1 straightener and curler

Best Accessory Gift Ideas for Her

Accessories are the high point of every outfit. They are one of the best holiday gift ideas for her to buy this festive season. This can be shoes, bags, hats, scarves, jewelry, etc. They are great gift ideas for her this holiday. So, read on to see the accessory idea you can shop for her this holiday. All items are under $50.

1. Amina Muaddi Designer Dupe Strap heels

Amina Muaddi’s designer trend of square-toe heels is the biggest of all time. However, this is a designer brand which prices that on the high side. You can opt for the affordable designer dupe of these heels. It is one of the best holiday gift ideas for her that I love.

Click here to buy a pair of Amina muaddi Designer dupe heels

3. Dupe bags

This round-up list is incomplete without bags. Bags are a must-have accessory for every lady. This year’s trends of designer bags of Balenciaga and Dior are a great addition to her bag collection. However, if you can’t afford the real things, get her the designer handbag dupe or replica.

Click here to buy Balenciaga Le Cagole dupe

4. Bucket hats

Call me whatever, I love a good bucket hat. Another of the best holiday gift ideas for her is a bucket hat. For the latest fashion trends of a bucket hats, opt for the thicker hats. I can do without hats for my outfit. However, since I live in the hottest part of the world, they come in handy. She can wear it for a walk on the beach or protect herself on those sunny days.

Click here to buy a bucket hat

5. Dad’s shoes ( sneakers)

I am a fan of peeking into the men’s section to shop for my closet. Chunky dad sneakers are a vibe this year. They are unisex and fun. If you have a friend who doesn’t mind borrowing from the men’s section, gift her chunky dad sneakers for the holiday. So, she can let go of her man’s shoes.

Click here to buy a pair of sneakers

Holiday Gift ideas for her: Best Gift Ideas for everywoman on your list

Every woman loves to feel and look beautiful. So, we try to achieve these by pampering our bodies and dressing to feel good. One of such ways to look amazing in your outfit is by wearing shapewear. Although, it is believed that you need to have a big tummy or plus size to wear shapewear. However, using shapewear is independent of body size or shape. Both slim and size ladies can use shapewear for their outfits. My siblings (that are slim) use shapewear in their outfits for several reasons. Why do not shapewear you may ask? Here are 5 reasons you need shapewear for your closet.

5 reasons you need shapewear.

There are several benefits to owning and wearing shapewear that you never thought mattered for your look. Let’s dive into the reasons you need to start collecting shapewear for your fashion closet Asap!

1. To smooth your outfit

Have you ever wished for the sleek body of your celebrity crush? Some of them look chic in their outfit because they wear shapewear in them. Shapewear helps to give your outfit a smooth feel on the body. That is it smoothes out your body so the outfit sits well on you. If you want to look put together in your clothes, wear shapewear to smooth out your outfit.

2. Hide problem areas of your body

Being a woman, I sometimes worry about the changes the body has to go through as you age and give birth. Some of us have to deal with the extra bulk, post-baby body, cellulite, etc. So, to help you hide these areas and suck it in, use shapewear in your outfit. There are several options you can shop for your body needs. You can shop shapewear to suck in your tummy or to smooth out the thighs. Also, some shapewear is made to give your girls a lift ( serving cleavage). So, you look like a model in your outfits, anyway, anytime.

You can shop for different styles of shapewear from Sculptshe official. They are an online fashion brand that offers affordable shapewear for women of all sizes and shapes. Head on to their site to shop shapewear for your closet.

Also read: 8 style tips on how to wear bralette.

3. Erase Visible panty lines

I always feel awkward when someone another lady has to whisper to me that my panty lines are for show. Omg! No lady likes visible panty lines showing in their outfit. It kinda makes people form an opinion about you which can be bad all the time. So, to erase these pant lines, opt for full-body shapewear.

4. Boost confidence

I am a firm believer that every woman is pretty whether plus-size or slim. So, I frown when other people body shame women for their body size or shape. Using shapewear in your clothes to smooth out problem areas can give a boost of confidence. We all know that a confident woman can achieve anything. To help you stay and look confident in your outfit, use shapewear.

5. Create a slim Silhouette

Shapewear helps you create a slim silhouette in your outfit. For those women who are on the plus size and are trying to lose weight. You can incorporate shapewear into your routine. Shop a plus size latex waist trainer to help you see the vision to keep you motivated. Also, slim women, you want to cinch their body to create a simmer frame can use shapewear to achieve this.

Although some shapewear can be quite discouraging and uncomfortable, there are softer material options to shop. Moreover, the benefit of using shapewear is worth it.

5 Reasons you need shapewear in your closet

Fashion statement pieces are stand-out pieces you need in your wardrobe. They are the first thing people notice as soon you enter a gathering. Statement pieces make it easy to style your outfit effortlessly. Do statement pieces have to be expensive or luxurious? You may ask. Of course not.

You can make a statement with your jewelry or just a piece of outfit that just stands out. So, to help you dress stylishly and make a statement in your dressing. Here are 5 fashion statement pieces you should buy in 2020.

Statement Belt

Statement belts are a must-have wardrobe essential for women you need right now. Although personally, I rarely use belts because I prefer my pants or skirts to fit. However, statement belts are a simple way to make your outfit pop with less effort.

You can style a basic top and pants with unique statement fashion belts for women. Statement belts include those with large buckles, belts with waist bags, or prints like leopard, zebra, or polka dot belts.

Bold color accessories

My best fashion statement pieces are bold color accessories. These are bold color handbags, sneakers, or pumps. A simple way to elevate your basics is with bold color accessories. You can add these accessories to your outfit as a pop of color. You can also go all out by using your shoes for color blocking. You can opt for print on shoes like polka dots, or zebra prints on shoes as a statement piece.

To make a statement with your shoes, opt for a nice pair of leopard print loafers or vibrant neon colors to complete your look. This will make you stand out and of course, make a fashion statement.

Pastel color Blazers

Pastel blazers are versatile must-have fashion statement pieces you need RN. I love blazers as a working professional as it is an easy way to dress stylishly for your cold office. However, I prefer long blazers in pastel colors. They are statement pieces you can wear to dress up your outfit in a subtle yet stylish way.

You can wear your long blazers with a dress, with matching color pants or a skirt as a suit. There are several ways to wear blazers for work or casually. You can wear blazers for the red carpet or simply as a regular going-out outfit.

Colorful silk Scarves

Another fashion piece you need to make a statement is scarves. Scarves are a useful statement accessory you must invest in for your closet. You can elevate your outfits with scarves. There are several ways to wear scarves with all the outfits in your wardrobe effortlessly.

You can wear scarves as a belt, a neckerchief, a subtle tie or to add color to your bag.

Statement Bags

Statement bags are another best fashion statement pieces you need to buy ASAP. I love good statement bags. Statement bags can be as simple as designer dupes or a bag with a unique structure. These types of bags make your outfit stand out.

You can wear a simple dress and add a statement bag to it to take the outfit up a notch. Most of my statement bags are designer dupes. Dupes are affordable designer brands more like designer lookalikes or replicas. So, you get to use some of your favorite designer brands for way less. I will link some of my favorites for you to buy below.

Best Fashion statement pieces to shop

Statement pieces are a must-have for every lady. I am always on the lookout for options to shop whenever I am online. Below are some of my favorites to shop. Trust me you’d need them.

Click here to buy Aviva top-handle bags

Click here to buy a Green saddle bag

Click here to buy knotted detail handbag

Click here to buy a crystal sack crossbody bag

Click here to buy a lilac bucket bag

5 fashion statement pieces to elevate your outfits

Gothic culture, an urban culture that drags us to the past. Its images and cultural trends take us back to the 19th century. This style of art and literature emphasized the expression of emotions, feelings, and imagination. This is influenced by Romanticism. The Gothic culture took a great affinity for unhappiness and the use of ancient poetry verses to express melancholy. So, its followers take pride in being different from the dominant culture. Their dark style dress code indicates a choice to separate themselves from conventional norms and standards.

Since its beginnings in the ’80s, the gothic culture has adopted dark elements. This has been enriched with tastes associated with music, aesthetics, philosophy, art, and literature managing to become for some a way of life, for others a fashion or a feeling. The Gothic style has evolved into an expression of art. It has been cleverly represented by many artists and lovers of the genre. Among them, we can mention Alexander Mcqueen.

Alexander Mcqueen – The Face Magazine

The famous designer Alexander Mcqueen presents the Gothic style through his fascination with history. Virtually all of his work has been inspired by medieval ecclesiastical paintings. However, many of his designs and creations are charged with a Gothic quality that endures to this day. An example of his fascination for the Gothic style can be found on the cover of the British magazine The Face, from April 1998, where we find a Mcqueen at his best.

A somber, dark, mysterious image that evokes sadness, loneliness, and melancholy at the same time. That’s what the Gothic image of Alexander Mcqueen’s face tries to capture. A cold and eccentric exterior contrasts with the unfortunate reflection that emanates from his interior.

The pallor of his face, a faintly colored face which is highlighted by a deep, penetrating gaze. The red color of his eyes can easily be the source of a feeling of fear or anger. But there is something that goes beyond the red-eyed vampire, something that even provokes empathy and compassion. In many persons, this look might be able to trigger the greatest of fears, creating the worst nightmares, bringing nights of horror and anxiety. But for the good observers, for those who can stare deep inside, the image captures and provokes many other things.

After all, they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. And we ask ourselves, does he possess a soul? The answer is in his eyes. His gaze is a window to his inner self, exposing a bloodthirsty soul with a great need for feeding to satisfy his sadness and misfortune as if the heat of the red brew could bring him back to life. The sadness and loneliness are reflected through his lost and mournful look. As if he was crying out for help, for understanding, and compassion. His look is his armor, a shield that protects the vulnerability that lies within.

Madonna: Gothic Style

Madonna also expresses the protective shield that shows a rebellious being, full of courage, but at the same time full of pain. A being who has taken defensive positions against life because something led her there. Something produced and shaped those feelings. Some unfortunate event was responsible for the creation of that heart ached soul.

The whole image represents a call to rebellion. A call to face all the adversities and injustices that she is exposed to. It is the image of a woman who dares to stand up and face the rules. Her facial expression and body language denote that she is ready for battle. She displays a recalcitrant and defiant eyes, the disdainful shape of her mouth and even her dressing code are the pieces that make up her weaponry. Her clothes’ colors denote the seriousness of her intentions. The use of her gloves goes with the hard fight she will face. Also, her body posture indicates that she is not willing to accept any more injustice. She is the hero who will lead the battle for all of those who are in a similar position.

Through this look, she wants to provoke fear and intimidation in others. Its image projects self-confidence and toughness. She is the only one who can lead the battle. She has created this image to protect herself. Her looks offer a feeling of comfort, security, and confidence to a being that may be delicate and helpless inside. She is tired of been vulnerable in the face of social injustice. So, she has decided to make a change and be in charge of her protection.

The eyes can be the mirror of the soul, but sometimes they can be deceiving. So, the impression that the image of the inside cover can produce on us. Here we are introduced to a beautiful image of her sensuality. An image composed of a perfect and magnificent combination of lights and shadows in which sensuality and human beauty stand out. This image stands out for its nature and simplicity. It is tenuous, lacking in color, but capable of revealing and provoking strong and deep feelings. The composition is perfect. So, It has achieved its main purpose which is to tangle us with a beauty that is willing to devour us without even realizing it.

A slim and stylized silhouette stands out. She shows herself as vulnerable and delicate as if wanting to break or appease the mysticism caused by the dark color of the sheets. But, at the same time, it is strong, provocative, charming, and sensual. She has the most perfect and beautiful face that drives the attention towards her shy captivating gaze.

In spite of its delicacy, this image has a hypnotic and captivating sensuality. The beauty and sensuality of her body attracts and invites to passion, with the power of hypnotizing and attracting the weakest souls towards sin, or perhaps, to unexpected dangers. This is perhaps because beauty, delicacy, and vulnerability are only a part of a very well elaborated mortal trap. This trap that makes the weakest succumb to her charms, only to be devoured later without mercy.

Shop gothic Dresses

The Face: A guide to Gothic fashion style

Every time the seasons change, it sparks the desire to do a bit of refreshing with your closet. I’m right there with you! New year, new season = new closet. While there’s no denying we all love refreshing our closet every season, it can be quite expensive to do every time the seasons change. That’s why I wanted to share a few tips on how to refresh your closet on a budget this summer. These tips will give you a little refresh without breaking the bank.

Reorganize Your Closet

Be honest, when was the last time you organized your closet? It’s ok, I’m not here to judge. The thing about our closets is they tend to get pretty unorganized as we’re busy living our lives, it’s life! One of my favorite ways to refresh your closet is to spend some time reorganizing the space itself. Move around where you have certain things stored, find ways to make the closet more functional, etc. The reason this is so powerful is that when you spend time organizing you’re able to find pieces you may have forgotten you even own, and when our closets are well organized we tend to wear more of what we already own. Double win!

Recreate Outfits

We all tend to get tunnel vision when getting dressed and looking at the clothes we own. If you’re feeling a bit blah about your wardrobe, spend some time recreating outfits you’ve seen online (your favorite bloggers, pinterest, etc.) and liked by using items in your closet. This means you need to think outside the box a bit, but I bet you have more outfit options than you realize!
Stylist tip: make a pinterest board with a bunch of your favorite looks to reference when doing this. It makes it easy to have everything in one place and go back to when you need a little extra inspiration.

Make a Shopping List

One of the biggest mistakes people make when refreshing their closets: not making a shopping list. It’s like going to the grocery store, when you don’t have a list you end up spending a lot more than you wanted/planned and you’re often left with things you didn’t even need. Shopping for clothes is the same way! That’s why a key element to refreshing your wardrobe on a budget is having a strategic plan and shopping list. As you’re reorganizing your closet, take inventory of what you do own and try to consider the types of pieces you want or need to add to your closet for the summer season. Don’t forget to write them down!

Purchase Options

Another one of my tried and true tips for shopping and sticking to your budget is buying pieces that are versatile. I’m sure you understand why versatility is key when it comes to the items in your closet. While you’re shopping and finding pieces (that are hopefully on your shopping list!) think about how many different ways you can wear the item. My recommendation is to ensure you can wear something AT LEAST 2-3 different ways. This is a worthy investment. We’ve all purchased pieces that can only be worn one way and it’s hard to maximize your wardrobe on a budget that way. Also, you need to choose the neckline of clothes that suits you. You can read this guide to choosing a neckline for your outfits.

Limit Trends

While I’m all about having fun with fashion and enjoying trends, they aren’t the most budget friendly way to refresh your wardrobe. That’s why it’s important to limit how and when you invest in trends for your wardrobe. When you’re shopping think FIRST if a trend is something that you genuinely enjoy and works with your personal style aesthetic, that will ensure that’s it’s a piece that’s timeless for your style rather than trendy.

About Author

Chi Li is the founder of Petite Dressing, a fashion platform dedicated to Petites and women. Irrespective of their height who want to understand how to dress for their body type. Petite dressing has touched the lives of millions of women since it was founded 3 years ago.

How to Refresh Your Closet on a Budget This Summer

Everyone loves to look fashionable and put together inclusive of our moms too. Mothers are so busy trying to groom responsible adults that they forget to take care of themselves. So, to make their day special, give them one of these mother’s day gift ideas.

There are so many mother’s day gift ideas you can give them on this special day. But as a fashion girl, I will recommend you give them a trendy plus-size outfit for a change. So, here I will share some outfit ideas to give your curvy mum.

Also, if you don’t know where to get affordable plus-size clothing for the curvy, I’ve got you covered. You can shop trendy plus-size clothing from Lover beauty. Lover beauty is an online fashion store that sells trendy plus-size clothing wholesale. I love that they sell trendy pieces for the curvy that are affordable too.

Mother’s day gift ideas that are budget friendly

What do you want to give your mom on mother’s day? Here are some of the best mother’s day gift ideas. These are perfect mother’s day outfit ideas for your mom. So, I would recommend you shop them early enough for them to look dashing on their day.

As a mom, I would love some of these mother’s gift Ideas for myself. Hopefully, I would get one of these as a mother’s day gift.

Tye-dye Plus Wrap size dress

Tye dye print is very huge this year. I really love this trend since it’s unique and trendy. A mother’s day gift idea you can give your mum is a tye-dye wrap plus-size dress. This dress is one of the sexy plus-size dresses that are perfect for the curvy woman. The A cut will help bring out her curves in this outfit. Who doesn’t love to be hot? She can wear this dress for a casual outing or dinner date with her beloved. For a dinner, you can wear this dress with a leather jacket, strap heels, and a clutch.

Loungewear set

Another mother’s day outfit idea you can get for your mum is a loungewear set. Loungewear is a staple for your wardrobe. Moreover, since we are basically at home, nice loungewear is perfect for her. She can wear it as a stay at the home outfit, for lounging while watching movies, or for a supermarket run.

I love matching loungewear sets. This is because it is versatile. You can wear it as a set or different. She can also wear her lounge top with a pair of a legging. You can also look up my post on other stylish ways to wear leggings for your stay-at-home look.

Prints are also another summer staple you give your mum as a mother’s day gift idea. For a plus-size woman, you need to get medium prints or small prints or patterns. You can choose the different types of prints; floral, or pattern. There are so many ways you can wear a printed dress. Also, the print dress can transition from day to night outfit easily. She can wear it for a casual outing or a house party.

Best Mother’s day outfit ideas to buy

Click here to buy Mini Dress

Click here for a yellow print dress

Click here to buy a bikini set

Feel free to comment what mother’s gift ideas you’re buying for your mother. Which of these Mother’s day gift ideas will you be buying for your mother?

Mother’s day gift ideas for plus size clothing||lover-beauty

We ladies always love to stock up on our wardrobes whether we are going out or not. Although shopping may seem like the last thing you want to do right now. How have I been coping these days with the pandemic, I tune out and shop. I stocked up from Shein and here is my shein product review.

I have shopped at quite a few online fashion brands like My graceful place, shein, All she needs, etc. Shein is at the top of the list. You can check my previous post on my fashion haul review from shein. A major portion of my closet can be named Shein’s wardrobe. I have had my wow and no! moments with this brand. So, I will be sharing my best and worst buys from shein.

How to shop from Shein?

Shein is an online fashion brand that sells trendy and affordable fashion items for women. You can shop for fashion items in all categories; clothing, accessories like bags, clutches, shoes, swimwear, hats, and jewelry. The website is very easy to navigate due to categorization. You can also choose to type in what you want in their search box. I will recommend you check the new in for the latest trendy pieces and the sales section for clearance deals.

Shipping and delivery of orders

Shipping of items on shein depends on your location. Here in Nigeria, it takes about 3weeks for your order to arrive. You can get your order faster in some regions or through express shipping. I prefer the standard shipping option because it is free for orders above $49. So, I normally fill my cart or add the item to my wish list until it’s around $50. This is useful if you’re not in a hurry and want to save on shipping fees.

No additional tax fee or custom duty applies to my order. I only pay a holding fee at my local post office to pick up my order. This may be different for other regions.

Shein product review of my best and worst buys

The goal of this post is to share with you my best and worst buys from shein. More like Shein product review of things I bought. However, I have a collection of shein items and may buy more. I have my eyes on designer dupes on shein these days. So, irrespective of my worst purchases, I will still shop from this brand.

I have also shared a post on how to shop online and minimize the bad buys. One tip I failed to follow was reading reviews from other shoppers. Shein is like an e-commerce listing store so it is no news to shop bad buys from crappy sellers. So, below are my best and worst buys from Shein.

Shein product review: Leather dress, organza top, and jewelry

In this Shein product review, I will share both my best and worst buys. My best buys from shein are mostly clothing. Although I have bought more clothes on this site than any other item. The top on the list is a leather dress. I love this dress because it is versatile. I wear it as a jacket or a mini dress.

You know that it is fun having a lot of use for your outfit. Another is my organza floral top with bow detail. It is a playful and fun top to own.

Also, I can’t stop loving the three-piece jewelry set that I bought for about $3. I thought it would fade like another cheap necklace I have bought from Aliexpress and previously from shein. The fun part is that I can wear each necklace singly or layered. So, I love its versatility, and plus it didn’t fade after so many uses. That’s a win for me.

Loungewear set

You know loungewear fashion is in right now. I have always wanted to own my own lounging pant set. Something that is perfect for the home and a comfy casual outfit you can wear to the airport or grocery run. So, I shopped for a leopard print set from shein and I loved it.

The pant comes with a drawstring so you are sure of getting your fit. Another lovely item that I have worn severally is my ruched-sleeve blazer. As a working professional, I bought it for my office wardrobe. It is a good base color for layering and of course to keep the cold away at the office. I have styled it in several ways to get the most use out of it.

Tulle Skirt

There is another fashion item that I am yet to decide which category to place in. It is my white tulle skirt. The tulle skirt is also another versatile piece to own. You can wear it for a casual outing or for a day or night with a boo. I really love this skirt. My only issue is that it doesn’t fit a size 6 on the waist. I am usually a size 6 so I may size down for my skirt haul.

Shein product review; worst buys

Just like every online shopping haul, I also had my worst buys from shein. My monogram necklaces are at the top of the list. It faded one week after use. I was so disappointed with this. Another is my bag set. It is a lovely bag set but the large bag gave in after several uses. Shein bags are not made to carry a lot of things. So I would not recommend shein bags for you if you need bags for carrying many things.


I love a good body suit. A bodysuit is a wardrobe staple to own. It is a top you can pair with a lot of bottoms; pants, shorts, etc. Click here to read stylish ways to wear bodysuits effortlessly. I bought a bodysuit from shein which I loved so I made another purchase. It is a lace body suit. I am so unhappy about this purchase because it doesn’t fit a size 6. The cup of the lace was bigger than my boobs. I know my boobs are quite small more like an A-cup. So, I was quite disappointed.

Mini bag

Mini bags are fun bags to own. This bag is a huge trend you need in your closet. Although some brands go as far as micro mini bags I prefer mini bags. This type of bag is made for your basic essentials. So, I bought a leopard mini bag from shein. I loved it for as long as it lasted.

This bag gave in within one month of use. I gave it out to my sister who repaired it for her use. My experience shopping bags from shein is not really amazing. So, I can’t really recommend shopping for bags from shein if you’re looking to carry lots of things in them.

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Shein product review: My best and worst buys

The current global situation is causing a shift towards remote work. So, employers are welcoming the idea of working from home. In other to be productive while working from home, here are 6 work from home outfits you need.

These 6 work from home outfits are a great option for you. It automatically puts in work mode while working from home. Also, dressing up for work will enable you to achieve your work goals at home.


I can live in loungewear set forever. Loungewear is another of the 6 work from home outfits you need ASAP. Also, if you need an outfit to work from home, opt for a loungewear set. Here is why I’m loving Lounge wear as a great option for work from home.

It’s the versatility for me. You can wear a lounge set together or separate from other outfits. There are so many options available both online and in your local markets.

You can also shop stylish options for your work-from-home outfits. Since we are all at home, parents are now thinking of homeschooling options for their kids. It is not easy to work from home as a parent without keeping the kids engaged. So, to be productive while working, get your kids also catching up with their studies too.

Click here to buy Loungewear pants

Knit Jumper

Another cozy option of the 6 work-from-home outfits you need is a knit jumper. I love knit jumpers because it is cozy. It is the perfect summer staple wardrobe-essentials. You can wear knit jumpers with leggings or shorts as work wear.

A Knit jumper is a versatile piece that you wear for work or play. So, for a Skype meeting or an official video, you can throw on a knit jumper for an official look. No one needs to know that you’re wearing at the bottom. We all know that video calls are mostly from the waist up. So, you can be semi-official while working from home in a knit jumper.

Click here to buy a knit Jumper


It is inevitable to avoid meetings while working from home. Although, most of these meetings are remote. That doesn’t mean you should appear in the meeting like you’re just getting off your bed. On such days, a blazer is another work-from-home outfit to throw on. You don’t need to wear it all day at home. For a quick executive meeting via skype, throw on a blazer for a semi-corporate look.

It is one of the cute work-from-home outfits to throw on easily.

Click here to buy a blazer for work

Shirt Dress

The most difficult thing about working from home is the relaxed environment. So, a more relaxed easy throw-on outfit is the best option of outfit. Another work-from-home outfit idea to wear is a shirt dress. A shirt dress is also a business casual outfit.

There are so many options available to shop. For me, a button-down shirt dress with a pair of sandals is the perfect work-from-home outfit.

Click here to buy shirt dress

Turtle neck top

A turtle neck top is one of my best outfits. It is a versatile fashion piece for your closet. A turtle neck top is also another work-from-home outfit idea you can wear. You can turtle neck tops with denim, joggers, or skirts. Turtle neck can serve as casual or work wear.

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Tee shirt

T-shirts are a staple wardrobe essentials for your closet. A simple work-from-home outfit is a tee shirt. You have options to choose from; graphic, statement, white or black, etc. You can elevate your pajama pants with a tee shirt while working from home. Also, you can wear leggings beneath your tee shirt.

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Thanks for taking out time to read this post. Hope you’re staying safe. Feel free to comment other work from home outfits you wear.

6 Work from home outfits for women

The best part of every fashion event for all fashion seasons is the runway pieces. (I am practically useless as soon as the runway starts). I am always on the lookout for my favorite Lagos Fashion week designers. Some of them are oldies but goodies while others are new to the fashion scene.

It is the biggest fashion show in West Africa in collaboration with Heineken. The runway was literally on fire with a collection that draws inspiration from the Western world as well as purely Afrocentric collections.

Favorite Lagos fashion week designers and celebrities

This year’s event is my first time seeing the runway pieces from Lagos fashion and design week up close. My blog was given a press pass to cover the runway for the 3-day event. There were so many celebrities in the front row.

Celebrities like Somkele, Rita Dominic, Akin Faminu, Denola Grey the host of this year’s runway & Sonia Irabo among others. Sonia labor was the first designer to show her “Dew Collection” in collaboration with other designs in a fight against mental health diseases.

The collections feature bright colorful summer prints that speak color to life itself. Denola Grey, a fashion blogger rocked stylish looks with tinted grey according to his brand name. 

Heineken Lagos Fashion week 2018 Favorite Designers

The runway pieces by designers were breathtaking &well crafted in sartorial collections. There are about 50 designers for the 3-day runway show namely Orange culture, NACK, Maiatafo, Ugo Monye, Fayrouz green access e.t.c to mention a few.

My personal feedback for the team of Lagos fashion and design week runway show is that the better part of the show should start early. (The harassment from “Agbero” at night is not funny, well it’s a story for another day).


My two favorite Lagos fashion week designers of 2018 to know are NACK & Ugo Monye. All the designs are amazing Comprising contemporary as well as Afrocentric pieces. Ugo Monye stole the audience’s attention through captivating Igbo performances as well as amazing pieces.

His collections are well-crafted sartorial designs for the modern Nigerian man. A stern lover of Afro-centric designs will be lost in his collections.

NACK’s creativity is something worth mentioning, especially his ability to play with his collections. Artsy, sporty and creative are the words that come to mind with NACK runway pieces. I particularly like his infusion of athleisure trends into his runway collection. For me, NACK totally killed it on the runway.

The pieces from the runway at Lagos Fashion week 2018 were made for every type of Individual. For a chic, feminine silhouette with a royal look, the Clan collection is the go-to design. The designers were all amazing and all their collections were stylish. This shows that designers are abreast with trends in fashion as shown in their collections.

When is Lagos Fashion week 2022?

I am always anxious to know new Lagos fashion week designers. Also, I love to see what my favorite designers are up to each year. So, you can be sure I will be attending this year’s fashion week.

Lagos fashion week 2022 will commence from October 26th to October 29th, 2022. To know more about other things planned out for Lagos fashion week, check out their website.

How to register for Lagos fashion week?

Lagos fashion week is free to access. Just the popular NYFW, Lagos fashion week is that done to promote the Nigerian fashion industry.

When did they commence Lagos fashion week? Lagos fashion week was kickstarted in 2011. It is still blossoming 11 years after. It has put our Nigerian fashion designers at the forefront. Also, some of our Nigerian fashion bloggers were published in Vogue too.

It is quite easy to register for Lagos fashion week. Follow Lagos fashion week’s official Instagram to learn more on how to register.

What to wear to Lagos fashion week?

In every fashion week, you may be tempted to go extra with your looks. However, if you’re not a content creator, I would not advise that.

Lagos fashion is always fun to attend. There are sometimes intermittent breaks to allow designers time to prepare between shows.

So, you may be asked to leave the hall while they prepare. The key for me is to be as comfortable as possible. Go for a casual yet stylish look. I would recommend choosing comfort in your style.

I love to plan my looks for the 3-day runway show. For what to wear to Lagos fashion week, you can go for a sporty look or a very casual yet comfy style. Look good because you never know if your look will make it to the street style looks.

Some favorite Street style looks from Lagos fashion week 2021

Below are some street style looks from Lagos fashion week 2021 to inspire you. So, it is not only about Lagos fashion week designers’ work but the street style is something to look forward to.

Top Best Lagos fashion week designers to know

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