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Although this fashion style is quite bold. Yet, it is very easy to put together cute color block outfits. I have tried my hands on color blocking. So, here are some easy color blocking outfit ideas you to try out as a beginner.

These color block ideas are super easy to style. Also, you don’t need to be an expert at this to pull these looks off. All you need is to match colors and do color blocks with outfits from your closet. Also, you check out my post on style hacks every woman needs to know to maximize your closet.

How to wear color block outfits

As a Sagittarius I love outfits that pop. So, I am always excited to try out several color block outfits. These are easy color blocking outfits for ladies to jump on in 2024. Also Pinterest is your buddy for color block clothes or cute color blocking outfit ideas.

Some of my go to fashion girls on Pinterest I love draw inspiration from are Monroe Steele, highluluxe among others.

Break up the color block with neutrals

For someone who is new to wearing bold colors, you need to test the waters gradually. One of such ways to wear color blocks without being too bold is to break up the color block with neutrals. It is one of the easy color blocking outfit ideas to pull off effortlessly.

For example, you can wear a neon green top with a grey skirt and complete the color block with pink sneakers. So, you get to color your outfit with your accessories without doing too much.

This method I would recommend for someone who is new to color blocking. So, you get to color block in subtle yet chic ways.

Also, you can color block two colors and complete the looks with neutral accessories like black bags or white sneakers.

Color block with monochrome

Monochrome looks are one of the easiest ways to make a statement without doing so much. For the color block effect wear monochrome colors of the same color in different shades.

For example, you can go for an all-green monochrome look color blocking Neon green top with a dark green skirt and beret. This is also another easy way to color block without being too bold.

Also, you can choose to go with an all-pink color block. You can wear a baby pink bodysuit with a pink print skirt and Coral pink heels. This is a perfect way to pull off monochrome and color block look effortlessly.

Color block matching complementary colors

Back in school, I rarely knew what complementary or supplementary colors were. I never really understood that part. Anyway, the color wheel is sure to rescue you if you’re like me.

The color blocking wheel is very accessible on the internet. Check out this wheel to see colors that are complementary that you can color block. For example, you can color block red and pink. These colors are of the same family. So, you can easily wear them together. Also, you can color block green and blue too.

So, if you’re just trying out your hands on color blocking, do well to check the color wheel for colors that complement each other.

Style neon colors together

Yes, I know that the craze of Neon may seem like it’s dying. However, with y2k fashion taking the new year by storm, neon colors are still in. You can click here to read my post on how to wear y2k fashion and the best place to shop.

You can color block neon yellow and Neon green together. This goes well together as they complement each other. This is an easy color blocking outfit idea you need to try out.

Easy Color blocking outfit ideas: Opt for color block outfits

One of the easy color blocking outfit ideas is to shop for color-block outfits. You can wear a color block dress and complete the look with a pair of sneakers with colors matching any color from the color block dress.

This is an easy way to color block effortlessly. You can also opt for color block tops or skirts to pull off this look. This method takes less time to pull. You need not refer to the color wheel to pull off this look.

So, if you’re new to color blocking, I would recommend shopping for pieces that are already color block for your closet. Click here to shop the below color block dress from Zaful.

My favorite picks Color block clothes

Who ever says color block outfits have to be bright colors. These neutral tones color block clothes are perfect for the minimalist. I have linked them for you to shop before it sells out.

Cute Color block outfis

Click here to buy it

Color block outfit ideas

click here to buy it

Easy color block outfits ideas to try out in 2024

Best silk scarf top

Are scarf tops still in style in 2021? Of course yes. If you spend your time on TikTok, you must notice this trend is not going anywhere. Silk scarves are a must-have fashion accessory you need right now. They are so versatile to wear. Also, there are several ways you can wear your satin or silk scarves. You can wear them as headscarves for your hair, as a top, or add some pizzaz to your handbags. Either way, scarves are super chic and stylish. For your silk scarves, you can opt for luxury scarves or designer scarves, or budget-friendly options. If you’re a budget babe, I’ve got you, girl. So, here are the best silk scarves to shop and wear as tops on a budget for your closet.

Best silk scarves to shop and wear as tops on a budget

Best silk scarves to shop and wear as tops

Can you wear a scarf as a top? Scarf top trends are super easy to try out. All you need is a satin or silk scarf to pull off this look. I love to wear scarves as tops a lot. They are super chic. You can wear a scarf top with denim pants for lounging, with bikinis as a great option to the beach, or with shorts for a casual look.

Here are my best scarf top outfit ideas you should try out. You can wear your scarves folded in a triangle with your necklace. This way to wear scarves as tops is super stylish. It is an elevated halter style top with attention on your necklace. So, to pull off this look, style your scarf with a catchy necklace. I would recommend a choker-style necklace for this look.

Another way to wear scarves as a top is to wear a bandeau crop top. This bandeau crop top you can wear with shorts for a day out to the beach or as loungewear. Also, you can wear scarves as a top by folding them into a triangle with the tips tucks into your pants or skirt. You can also click here to watch my vlog on others ways to wear scarves as tops.

Which brand has the best scarves to shop for? I love to shop from Zaful a lot. So, I would recommend them if you need the best silk scarves to shop and wear as tops on a budget. Click here to shop for budget-friendly scarves from Zaful. Also, use my Zaful promo code or discount code HJDW to get 17% off your order.

Colorblock Horse Print Faux Silk Sqaure Scarf -

Other fun ways to wear scarves

Headscarves for women have always been my only way to wear scarves. This is because scarves are mostly worn to cover the hair. However, you can get as much us from your satin scarf for hair.

You can wear your scarves a belt with your denim pants. This is an edgy street-style way of wearing scarves. I love this style a lot. Also, you can add scarves to your handbags to dress them up. Colorful satin or silk scarves are perfect for styling handbags. So, if you need to style your boring handbags or change them up, add a silk scarf.

Silk scarf accessory

Best silk scarves to shop and wear as tops on a budget

How to wear y2k fashion in 2022

Each year there is are new trends that you really need to try out. One of such 2022 fashion trends that you need to try out is y2k fashion trends. I really love these trendy yet retro vibes a lot. So, in this post, I will be talking about how to wear y2k fashion trends and the best place to shop. Rinsta is an online fashion brand where you can shop for all your y2k fashion needs on a budget. I am all in for shopping for trendy clothes for my wardrobe on a budget. So, I will recommend these brands for you to shop affordable fashion pieces for your closet. Below are some of my Rinsta clothing haul and my review.

How to wear Y2K fashion

Although it may seem like y2k fashion is more of shiny colors and super cropped outfits. Yet, this 2022 fashion trend is something you should jump on. I love the girly dresses and cropped bits. However, you can never catch me in any outfit that is so bright except sequins. Also, I love the bold colors and summery prints too. These fashion trends are super easy to style. Plus you can shop for versatile pieces for your closet too.

Asides, the y2k fashion trends, there are other 2022 fashion trends that I love too. The subtle peekaboo dresses and cut-outs. This type of dress I also shopped from Rinsta.

Rinsta Haul

Typically when I shop online, I look out for ease of shopping and navigating their website. I am not a fan of a very complicated fashion website. Rinsta is an online fashion brand where you can shop for women’s clothes on a budget. Plus if you’re fashion-forward, you can shop for trendy fashion clothes too.

Rinsta’s website is easy to access and navigate. You can easily shop by searching the categories for what you want. For example, if you want to shop for dresses, search from the dresses category. However, you can also use the search box to search for any item you want to shop for.

Does Rinsta offer free shipping?

Rinsta is another site like shein to shop from. They offer free shipping for orders over $69.99. Also, you can choose to opt for standard or express shipping.

Rinsta Stores does not ship to all countries. However, if you can ship your items to US or UK and then to your preferred country. So, you can shop from this brand to your destination without any hassle.

Rinsta haul Review

So, this brand kindly gifted some items to me which I am so in love with. I picked up four clothes that I cannot get over. Below is my review of the items I got and how I styled them.

Cropped vest top

One of my favorite Items I got is these cropped tops. It is super comfy. Plus it is versatile too. You can wear the crop sweat vest with a white shirt and dress pants as workwear. If you’re a working professional, this will be perfect for work. You can read my post 9 work outfit ideas for newbie professionals.

Also, you can wear the vest as a crop top with denim pants or skirts for a more casual look. I prefer to wear this vest as casual wear for running errands or for vacation trips like I did. Click here to shop the below sweater vest crop top from Rinsta.

Rinsta Clothing haul

Peekaboo Dress

One of the biggest trends in 2021 is the subtle cut-outs on the mid-riff and the hips. I prefer cut-outs on the mid-riff than the sides. So, I got a summery lace peekaboo dress from Rinsta.

This dress is super fun and chic. I love the dress fit and style. However, it doesn’t really fit on the shoulder. I wish I have a broader shoulder so it would have been perfect. Also, if your girl is big, it will barely fit in the cups. Thankfully, my girls were just perfect for the cups of the dress.

You can dress up the dress with a pair of heels for a date night outfit idea. Also, this dress is a great option for holiday outfit ideas this season. So, I would recommend this dress for you if you have smaller boobs and broad shoulders for the holidays. Click here to shop this peekaboo dress for holiday parties and dinner dates.

Printed patchwork dress

This dress is my best of the Rinsta haul. I cannot wear get enough wear from it. I wore it on my recent trip. And I got so many stares and compliments.

Also, this dress is super versatile. You can dress it up with heels or down with a pair of sneakers. I love this dress with sneakers. You can a baguette bag for a date night or a tote bag for a casual stroll or running errands. Click here to shop print patchwork mini dress from Rinsta.

Brown Zip dress

So, what really drew me to this dress is the zip details of the dress. It is super chic. You can wear it with a turtle neck top, a shirt, or a bikini as a cover-up. Click here to shop the below zip dress.

I prefer to wear this dress as a coverup for bikinis. Plus I love to go to the beach a lot. So, it is perfect ad a beach outfit too. For more style options for the beach, you can read my post on 5 easy beach coverup outfit ideas. All the items will be linked so you can shop them for your closet. Also, you can click here to watch my vlog of each piece gifted to me from Rinsta.

y2k fashion websites to shop in 2022

How to wear Y2K fashion and best place to shop it|Rinsta

Everything5pounds UK

I love to save on shopping. So, I am always excited to shop on a budget. Everything5 pounds is another budget-friendly site to shop for women’s clothes. If you love to shop on a budget, Everything5pounds UK is another site like Shein. Also, you can read my post on other sites like shein to shop. So I have decided to share my everything5pounds review to help you shop.

I love to shop from them for classic pieces and for their accessories. If you are looking to shop for accessories on a budget, this brand is for you. I bought some things for myself. So, here is my everything5pounds review of the pieces. Also, I will recommend my best buys from this brand and all the details to know.

Everything5pounds Review ( Now Everything)

Everything5pounds is an online clothing store to shop for clothes for men and women. All their items or pieces are sold for 5 pounds. So, you can shop for dresses, heels, sandals, jewelry, bags, etc., for just 5pounds. Is everything5pounds Legit or a scam? Personally, I have shopped them. So, it is safe to say they are good.

Their website is easy to navigate. You can hop items by typing in the search box for what you want. So, if I want to shop for bags, I will type in “bags” into the search for that category. Is everything5pounds a site like shein? I would say maybe. In terms of pricing, yes. However, in terms of their options, Shein is perfect for shopping for trendy pieces or dupes. On the other hand, if you need basics or practical fashion pieces, I would recommend Everything5pounds.

How long does it take for Everything5pounds to deliver?

I love to shop from Everything5pounds. Although all items are sold at 5 pounds. You can pay in any currency of your choice. So, can either choose to pay in GBP or your home currency like Naira, USD, CAD, etc.

Does everything5pounds ship internationally? Of course yes. They ship to the UK for free and worldwide for a fee. You can ship to Nigeria for a fee which depends on the weight of your purchase. Also, you may have to pay extra custom duty fees for some items. These fees can be really expensive. So, if you’re in Nigeria, you can ship to the UK for free and then to Nigeria. Also, read my post on how to shop from UK and US and ship to Nigeria.

How long does it take to deliver? It takes about 3-5 working days to get your item delivered in the UK. However, you can read their FAQ to know how long it takes to get items delivered in your home country.

I love to shop on a budget a lot. So, you can take advantage of everything5pounds 2.5pounds. These sales run only on weekends. Also, you can subscribe to their newsletters to get updates on discounts and sales.

Everything5pounds Review

Everything5pounds: What I bought, review

I loved all the items I got from everything5pounds. The first item is a set of bangles. I really love these bangle sets. The quality is great for its price. I use my bangle sets for layering with wristwatches. Also, you wear bangles alone for a party or a casual outing.

Another item I bought is a pair of Gladiator sandals. First of all, I love the packaging. It is really beautiful and durable too. You can wear these sandals for work weekends or to run errands. They are super comfortable too.

I would recommend you shop their Jewelry set. They have several options from classic jewelry to statement pieces. I bought two sets of wristwatches from everything5pounds. It is very chic. I always get compliments whenever I wear it. You can dress up your outfit with a gold wristwatch for work or get-togethers.

Everything5pounds Review: Dresses, is it worth it?

My best buys from everything5pounds are the outfits especially the dresses. I shopped 2 pairs of dresses from everything5pounds and I am in love with them.

One of the dresses, I wore on a road trip to Benin republic. Also, you wear the below dress as a date night outfit or for work. The other dress I saved for a special occasion. I would recommend you shop for dresses from everything5pounds. You can shop for casual summer dresses or work clothes for women from everything5pounds.

Also, you can shop for workout clothes for women like biker short sets, etc. If you’re new to styling biker shorts, click here to read my post on other ways to style biker shorts. Other items I bought are a top and a tote bag. Tote bags are a must-have for ladies in 2021. You can wear them for travel or staycation. They fit in a lot of stuff.

Everything haul review

Best things to shop from Everything5pounds

Everything review

FAQ on Everything

  1. Does everything5pounds ship worldwide? Although everything5pounds ships internationally, it doesn’t ship to some African countries.
  2. How long does everything delivery take? Delivery from Everything takes at least 3-5 working days within UK. Check out their shipping details on their website for more information for delivery outside UK.
  3. Does Everything5Pounds offer free delivery? Everything5pounds does not offer free delivery. There is a flat delivery fee to applies to UK and the rest of the world.

Everything5pounds review: Is it Legit or Scam?

Money does not really equal style. Although, social media life makes it seem so. You can look stylish with whatever income you earn. All you need is to apply the right tips and dress neatly. How do I look fashionable on a budget? This is super easy to achieve. Here are 5 tips on how to look stylish on a budget. These tips will make you look chic even on a budget. Also, you can read my post on style hacks every woman needs to know to get a lot of use from her wardrobe.

Create your personal style wardrobe

One of the first tips on how to look stylish on a budget is to create your own style wardrobe. I love trends a lot. However, not all trends are meant for you. Also, my style is totally different from that of others.

I love to appear neat and chic. So, I shop for clothes that align with my personal style. What is your personal style? Which types of outfits will make you feel confident and super stylish? Shop for outfits that you will actually wear.

I have bought clothes that I only wear once and give them out. Sometimes, I totally forget about them. That’s not really good. So, if you want to look stylish on a budget, shop for the clothes you need. Don’t impulse shop.

To create your personal style wardrobe, shop for tops, accessories, skirts, denim pants, tanks, etc. Also, you can shop for wholesale waist trainers for your closet. This allows you to cinch your waist in your outfit for a Beyonce or Kim Kardashian effect.

Shop sales or Budget stores

Another of the 5 tips on how to look stylish on a budget is to shop sales or budget stores. This will help you save on shopping. Also, from budget stores, you can shop for more fashion pieces with less money.

I love to shop for off-season items or sales to save on my clothes. In this way, I get to snag lovely fashion pieces at way less than the retail price. Also, you can shop for thrift clothes for women. You can get pre-loved designer or high-street fashion pieces from thrift stores. If you’re new to thrift, check out my post on the ultimate guide to shopping thrift clothes for women. Another way to shop on a budget is to shop in whole stores. These stores offer fashionable items at wholesale prices. Here is all you need to know about wholesale lover stores.

Pay attention to shape and fitting

There is nothing more distracting than an outfit that doesn’t fit. Always ensure you shop for clothes that fit well if you shop for clothes that are not fitted. Get them tailored to fit.

A fitted outfit will make you look chic and put together. You can also wear a full body shaper in your outfit to smoothen and give you shape. Body shapers make you look neat. Also, it gives you a slim silhouette. You can wear body shapers irrespective of your body size. They give you the same effect.

So, to look stylish on a budget, ensure your outfit is fitted. Also, use body shapers for a neat and chic look.

Play with accessories

Accessories are a must-have to dress stylishly on a budget. So, I would recommend you shop for accessories for your closet. Accessories like a hat, a pair of heels, or a tote bag can dress up your look.

Also, you can invest in designer accessories or statement accessories for your closet. So, you can easily use your statement accessories to dress up any look.

A simple monochrome look can be styled with a pop of red heels or green sneakers for a pop of color. Play with accessories to dress up your look or dress it down depending on the occasion.

Shop more basics

Every lady needs classic pieces in their closet. Classics are a great investment to own. Yes, I love trends. However, we all know that trends come and go. Classic remains timeless and versatile irrespective of the season.

So, invest in more basics for your closet. Basics are versatile fashion pieces to own. Also, they make it easy to dress up without hassle. Shop for basics like tank tops, Jackets, Denim pants, bodysuits, t-shirt tops, and dresses. All these classic pieces are a must-have to dress stylishly on a budget. Don’t forget to invest in a body shaper or waist trainer while adding basics to your wardrobe.

Opt for thrift

Thrifting is another way to look stylish on a budget. I love to shop for budget-friendly gems in thrift. You can shop for thrift from your local store or some Instagram stores.

To look stylish on a budget, you can mix and match your thrift clothes with statement pieces or luxury items. If you’re new to thrifting, check my guide to thrift shopping to know how to spot gems. Also, you can watch my vlog on some of the thrift hauls I have done on my youtube channel.

Look stylish on a budget

Shop for pre-owned luxury pieces

Another way to look stylish on a budget is to shop for pre-owned luxury fashion pieces. I have had my eyes on luxury my whole life. However, I can spend that much on just one item. So, I opt to buy the pre-owned options.

Pre-owned luxury pieces are another great way to dress up all your outfits. I love to go for pre-owned handbags that are budget-friendly. This helps me to dress my look and elevate any of my outfits effortlessly.

So, if you’re shopping for your closet, I highly recommend you shop for pre-owned fashion pieces too. I have my eyes on this lovely pre-owned coach handbag. This I have to get ASAP. There are so many fun looks that I can create with this bag.

How to look stylish on a budget

Designer dupes

If you’re not in on shopping designer dupes, what are you doing? Really? Designer dupes are very budget-friendly pieces of designer brands. They are more like designer lookalikes or alternatives. One of the best fashion brands to shop for designer dupes is Ego Shoes UK.

I have shopped for pieces from this brand and I highly recommend them for designer dupes. Below I will link my favorite designer dupes that I’m loving this season.

Other tips to dress fashionably on a budget include;

  • Clearing outdated items from your closet
  • Polish your nails
  • Have a good hairstyle or neat haircut
  • Shop sales
  • Avoid using credit cards for shopping
Cute designer dupes

Click here to shop the Dior saddle bag

Look stylish on a budget with designer handbags dupe

Click here to buy the Bottega cassette bag dupe

Stylish designer bags

Click here to buy a buckle detail handbag

Best designer dupes

Click here to buy a Hermes dupe

Dress fashionably on a budget

Click here to buy a puffer bag

5 tips on how to look stylish on a budget

Atican beach Lagos

Biker shorts are a fashion piece that I never wanted to try out. First, I am not much an athlete nor into sports of any kind. However, there are chic ways how to wear biker shorts trends. Are biker shorts still in style in 2021?

This is obviously a trend for this year as so many fashion influencers and celebrities are in on this trend. There are several stylish ways to wear biker shorts. So, if you’re new to this trend or want to dip your foot into new fashion styles.

Here is how to wear biker shorts right now. These ways how to wear biker shorts are super comfy and stylish. You can wear biker shorts to the beach, for a casual outing, or as a gym outfit idea. Also, you can read my post on other bikini alternatives you can wear to the beach.

How to wear biker shorts to the beach

Ever since biker shorts became a thing, I have always thought to myself, “How do I style my biker shorts”. However, just like regular shorts, they are quite easy to style.

For a day out to the beach, you can style your biker shorts with bikini tops or bandeau tops. Also, you can add a beach cover-up to dress up the look. Beach coverups are a must-have for those of us who love to be modest on the beach.

Not trying to say that wearing bikinis alone is immodest. However, not all of us are confident to show off our skin at the beach.

Zaful has some options of biker shorts you can choose from. You can shop for solid-color biker shorts or prints. If you opt for printed Biker shorts, you can read my post on how to style print outfits with ease.

Color block biker shorts set from Zaful
Color block Biker shorts set from Zaful

Oversized shirt+ Biker shorts

Another great option on how to wear biker shorts is with an oversized shirt. How do you style an oversized shirt with biker shorts? Biker shorts are super stylish with an oversized shirt. I love to style biker shorts with oversized shorts for a comfy feel. This is a very easy biker shorts outfit idea to try out.

You can style this look with slides, espadrilles, sandals, or a pair of sneakers. I love to add sneakers to this look. This is a stylish biker shorts outfit with shirts and sneakers. You can wear an oversized graphic t-shirt with biker shorts or a -plain statement t-shirt. This look you wear for a get-together or for running errands. So, if you need a simple biker shorts outfit idea to try out, pair it with oversized shirts.

Biker shorts outfit ideas for workout

Another biker shorts outfit is to wear as gym clothes for women. As I stated earlier, I cannot work out to save my own life. Even it is one of the 5 healthy lifestyles for women to know and do. For me, it is just not my thing.

However, if you love to break a sweat or work out a lot, wear your biker shorts to the gym. You can wear biker shorts with a sports bra as an option for cute workout clothes to the gym. This will make you look put together while working out.

Biker shorts+Blazers

A blazer is a wardrobe staple for me. As a working professional, it is an absolute must-have. There are several looks you can get with a pair of blazers. So, if you have a versatile wardrobe piece in your closet, shop for blazers. You can shop for neutral color blazers. Also, if you’re feeling more confident, opt for vibrant color blazers too.

For a more relaxed work-free look, style your blazers with your biker short outfit. You can wear your biker shorts with a crop top and blazers. This look is super fun and stylish. Add a pair of sneakers and a Fedora hat to dress up the look.

Sweats tops+ biker shorts

Another way how to style biker shorts right now is with a sweat top. It is getting cooler in most parts of the world. So, you can style biker shorts with sweat tops. This outfit is a simple fall outfit idea to try out.

You can wear this as an airport outfit, for running errands or lounging. So, if you need a stylish fall outfit idea in 2021, opt for sweat tops and biker shorts.

How to wear biker shorts

How to wear biker shorts effortlessly| 5 cute biker shorts outfits


One of the trends that I love is wearing dresses with sneakers. However, how can one tell what kind of dresses to wear with sneakers? Can you wear long or maxi dresses with sneakers? You can wear any of your dresses with sneakers. Whether bodycon, maxi dresses or mini dresses, they are a great option to wear with sneakers.

So, if you’ve yet to start styling your dresses with sneakers, girl you are missing! Here I will be sharing 7 ways how to wear dresses with sneakers right now. These ways are simple and effortless to style. Also, you can read my post on style hacks every woman needs to know for effortless styling.

How to wear dresses with Sneakers

What type of dresses goes with sneakers? Dresses with sneakers are now a thing as each year goes by. This year is no different. You wear any dress in your closet with sneakers. Here is how to style your dresses with sneakers for all occasions.

You can wear a dress with sneakers for a girl’s hangout, casual stroll, as an airport outfit idea, or as workwear for a weekend dress-down.

There are several sneakers to wear with dresses. You can opt for chunky heel sneakers or loafers. Whichever, sneakers you choose

Shirt dress + Sneakers

My best dress to wear with sneakers is a shirt dress. I love shirt dresses a lot. So, I get them in different styles. You can wear your button-down shirt dress or T-shirt dress with sneakers. Also, you can opt for a shoulder pad shirt dress with sneakers too.

A shirt dress and sneakers is perfect as workwear for women or as a casual outfit. So, if you need a simple way how wear dresses with sneakers, opt for a shirt dress and sneakers. Also, read other chic ways how to wear shirt dresses.

Summer dresses with sneakers

Bodycon dress + Sneakers

Another simple way to wear dresses with sneakers is with a bodycon dress. Bodycon dresses are my go-to dress as a petite lady. This is because it is super versatile and flattering.

You can wear your bodycon dress with sneakers. Add a shoulder bag for a more chic look. Also, since we are getting to the cooler months, you can throw a cardigan over the dress. Another option is to tie a cardigan on your waist for a more relaxed look.

How to wear dresses with sneakers

Maxi Dress + Sneakers

Maxi dresses are another outfit that goes well with sneakers. Although, styling Maxi’s with sneakers may seem a little above the ordinary. However, this style is doable.

You can style your maxi dress with sneakers for a casual outing. Also, can wear a scarf to the look for a more cozy look. For other stylish ways to wear scarves, click here.

Sequin dress + Sneakers

Another way to wear a dress with sneakers is styling a sequin dress and sneakers. Sequins are a stylish fashion piece to own.

You can either dress up sequins with heels or dress it down with sneakers. Add a tote bag for casual outings. You can also read my post on 5 ways to wear sequins during the day. I love sequins for weddings, parties, etc. However, from the post I shared, they are also perfect for day looks.

Slip dresses+ Jackets+ Sneakers

Another dress type that goes well with sneakers is slip dresses. You can bodycon slip dress or flared A-cut dress with sneakers for a day-out look. Also, you can add a tore bag or shoulder bag for a chic look.

I love slip dresses, especially bodycon slips for Petite and slim ladies like me. However, for a flared slip dress not so much. Add a denim jacket and bag to go with this look.

Dresses you can wear with sneakers

Best sneakers to wear with dresses

Ego shoes is one of the best places to shop for sneakers. I love their sneaker styles because of the chunky heels. This is so in style this year. Chunky dad shoes are super chic.

Also, it is super fun to wear dad sneakers with dresses. Below I will link some of my favorites from Ego shoes to shop and foam runners too.

Dresses that goes well with sneakers

Click here to buy pastel green sneakers

Best sneakers to wear with dresses

Click here to buy grey sneakers

Outfits with sneakers

Click here to buy Yeezy designer dupe sneakers

7 Cute ways to wear dresses with sneakers

A handbag is one of my best fashion accessories. There is a myth I heard in my recent travels that women’s clothes rarely have pockets. The idea is to make us buy more handbags. That is not true. Handbags are a very useful accessory to own. So, here are the best handbags for women to buy right now according to Tiktok influencers.

You can wear handbags to work, play, party, beach, etc. Since we are free to around more this year. These handbags for women range from the best tote handbags to designer dupes as well as mini bags you need.

Handbags are a must-have accessory to elevate your looks. You can dress your look with classic or trendy handbags for women. Handbags are my greatest obsession in fashion. I love all types of handbags. My Favorite is Tote handbags. This is because it is the most practical handbag to own.

Another of the best handbags for women is a beach bag. This will go well with your beach outfits. Although, you can wear your regular bags for the beach. However, a beach handbag is perfect for great Instagram pictures. You can also read my post on instagrammable places you can visit on a budget.

Tote Handbags for women

Are tote bags in style in 2022? Tote bags are practical handbags that are always trendy. Of course, you need tote bags in 2022. It is one of my best handbag trends this year.

Tote bags are perfect to wear to work or casual outings. I love tote bags because they can carry a lot of things. So, if you’re like me, shop for tote bags for your closet.

Handbags for women

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Raffia handbags

Another of the 5 best handbag trends in 2021 you need to shop for is raffia handbags. Raffia handbags are always on trend for summer. So, if you need beach bags, opt for raffia handbags.

You can style raffia handbags for the beach or as picnic bags. So, if you’re looking to shop beach bags in 2021, shop raffia bags. You can also wear raffia bags with your casual outing. There are several assortments of raffia bags you can buy.

Viral handbags for women

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Chain link Handbags

A very popular handbag trend common among designer brands is the chain link handbags. Designers like Bottega Veneta made these types of bags since last year. These types of bags are still a hit this year.

I love the chain link handbags. However, I opted for a designer lookalike option. These are designer alternatives that are very affordable.

I love chain-link handbags. You can wear it to work or for a casual outing. Also, you can wear it as a handbag or a cross-body bag. I love the wear such bags as cross-body. It makes my hands free and reduces the risk of theft.

Best handbags for women

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Mini shoulder bags

Another of the handbag trends in 2021 you need in your closet is a shoulder bag. Shoulder bags are so famous. It is like everybody and their grandma own one. Except for me lol. ( I gave us my shoulder bag).

Shoulder bags are super chic and classy. You can style them with casual clothes or work wear. Many popular influencers that I follow love shoulder bags. So, you see why you need one this year. Shoulder bags are super versatile and easy to style.

Can a crossbody bag be used as a shoulder bag? Or how do you turn a cross-body bag into a shoulder bag? Yes, you can wear your crossbody bags as shoulder bags. All you need to do is to reduce the straps. You can reduce the straps as much as you want to achieve a shoulder bag look. So, if you’re not looking to shop for shoulder bags, use this style hack for your crossbody bag. You can also read my post on other style hacks every woman should know in 2021.

Hottest handbags for women 2023

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Pouch handbags

The pouch handbag is another stylish bag inspired by Bottega. His bags are just the latest It girl bags to own. However, not everyone can afford designer bags. Although they can be a great investment and of course statement pieces.

I love this pouch bag. So, I would recommend this bag to anyone. Moreover, it is one of the best handbag trends in 2021.

latest handbags for women 2023

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5 Best Handbags for women that are Tiktok viral to buy right now


Sequins are oldies but goodie outfits. As a child, I have always loved sequins. However, I always thought that sequins are for festivities, such as holiday party outfits, or night-out outfits. Maybe because they tend to glow during the night. Here are 3 cute sequin outfits to try now.

Can you wear sequins casually? of course yes. Sequins are perfect to wear during the day. They are also easy to style. So, to inspire you to wear sequin outfits casually, here are 5 ways how to wear them.

Sequins are all-season outfits. Although, it may seem like a lot during the day because it stands out. You will love to wear sequins with these easy styles.

How to wear sequin tops in 3 ways?

Sequin tops are versatile outfits for women to own. You can style it in different ways for casual outings, date nights, and picnics at the park. In this post, I will be sharing 3 ways to style sequin outfits casually.

Sequin top + Denim pants

Sequins irrespective of the color are perfect denim. You can wear sequin tops with Denim pants for a day out. This look you can dress up with heels and a clutch bag. Also, you can dress this look down with sandals and a tote bag.
You can sequin tops with denim shorts. You can wear it for a casual beach party outfit idea if you need what to wear to the beach. Also, you can wear this look for a pool party. Dress up this style with a pair of sandal heels or espadrilles.

Cute sequin outfits

Sequin top+ Skirts

Another fun way to wear sequin outfits is to wear the sequin top with skirts. You can wear sequin tops with a denim skirt for a casual outing. Also, you can wear a sequin top with a pencil skirt or a midi-length skirt. I love sequin tops styled with tulle skirts. Tulle skirts are a versatile fashion piece that I love and own. You can also read my post on other ways how to style tulle skirts.

Sequin tops + Sneakers + Skirts

Sequins are mostly worn in a dressy way. However, you can do more with your sequin top. You can wear your Sequin top, with a flared skirt and a pair of sneakers. This look you can wear this for casual outings or to hang out with friends.

Can I wear sequins to the airport? No dearie. Sequins just like jewelry will trigger the metal detectors at the airport. So, you should avoid wearing sequins as an airport outfit. You can also read my post on 5 airport wardrobe mistakes to avoid. Here I shared outfits you can wear to the airports and those not to wear.

Everything5pounds UK offers a selection of sequin tops. To shop a sequin top click here. They deliver worldwide. Also, note that items sell out fast on everything 5 pounds. You can shop sequin bags for texture contrast with your outfit.

How to wear sequins during the day

How to wear sequin dresses in 2 ways?

Asides from tops, you can also shop for cute sequin dresses. I don’t own any but I am on the lookout for it. How do you wear a sequin dress? It is quite easy to style sequin dresses. Here are 2 easy ways to style a sequin dress. You can accessorize your sequins dress with a pair of sandal heels, sneakers, wedges, or espadrilles.

Sequin dress + Sneakers

Sequins dresses are super easy to style. For a casual style, wear your sequin dress with a pair of sneakers. This style I love this and can’t wait to try it out. Sneakers are perfect for those of us who don’t like heels. So, if you need a comfortable way to dress up a sequin dress, add a pair of sneakers. You can also add a tote bag or small shoulder bag to the look.

Sequin dress and Jacket

Another easy-to-style sequin dress is with a Jacket. You can wear a sequin dress with a moto jacket ( Leather jacket) or with a blazer. For cooler seasons, I will recommend a leather jacket. However, you can opt to wear sequin dresses with blazers. This look is super chic and stylish too.

Cute Sequin dresses to shop ASAP

Stylish sequin outfits

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Sequin outfit ideas

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How to wear sequin dresses

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How to wear sequins for work

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How to wear sequins Casually: 3 Sequin outfits that are effortlessly chic

I love to shop for new clothes for my closet. The feeling of getting a new cloth or accessory is inexplainable for me. So, I can’t wait to wear it or style it. However, shopping for clothes cost money. So, I have learnt several ways to shop for clothes even on a tight budget. Here are my top 5 tips on how to shop for clothes and where to buy cheap clothes on a tight budget.

These tips will come in handy if you need revamp your closet on a budget. Also, if you need shop for new clothes for yourself for several reasons. It could be due to seasonal changes ( Autumn/Winter/Summer shopping) or body changes ( weight gain or loss). This year I lose a few pounds and most of my clothes do not fit as much. So, I had shop for new clothes too even on tight budget.

Where to buy cheap clothes?

I love to invest in quality clothes. However, for trendy pieces, I’d rather buy budget friendly options that will last. Also, who needs expensive clothes when you can get quality clothes at affordable prices. Here are my tips and best places to buy cheap clothes online.

Shop for what need

One of the best ways on how to shop for clothes on a budget is to shop for only what you need. It is impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing new trends to jump on. The sad thing about shopping trends is that they are volatile.

What is on trend this season may go out of trend in no time. So, it is just advisable to only what for clothes you actually need. Also, you can go through your closet for pieces you can style in your closet. You can also read my post style hacks you need to know in 2021. If you must shop, check your closet for what you really need to shop.

So, if you are shopping you already have an idea of you need to shop. For example, you need more bottoms for you tops, shop that instead shopping random clothe for your closet.

Where to buy cheap clothes on a budget

Buy cheap clothes online

Another way on how to shop for clothes on a tight budget is to buy cheap clothes online. One way to do is to shop sales sections instead of paying full price. Where can I buy cheap clothes online? You can shop the 5 dollar store for trendy pieces for your closet on a budget.

These types of stores offers trendy and classic pieces on a budget. So, if you need to stock up your closet on a budget. Shop for cheap clothes online. This will help you save on shopping as well shop on a tight budget.

This option is also perfect for shopping seasonal fashion pieces too. So, if you need to refresh your closet or add new pieces on a tight budget, buy cheap clothes online.

Shop off season

One way to shop for clothes on a budget is to shop off season. Start shopping for summer clothes during winter. So many brands are either offering sales or doing clearance for these clothes. So, they sell them cheaper unlike during peak season.

Summer is that time that we go on holiday. So you will definitely need to shop sexy swimsuits for women for your closet. Who doesn’t love to show off their beach body? To save on these swimwear, shop them during winter or Autumn. You will get to shop it cheaper unlike during summer.

Go thrift shopping

I love to shop for thrift clothes. Another easy way to shop for clothes on a budget is to shop for thrift clothes. They are very affordable. Also, you can score name brands or high street fashion brands from thrift stores. It is one easy way on how to be fashionable on a low budget.

However, to shop thrift you need to pay attention to the clothes. Check very well for any fault or stains. Although some of the stains may be easily fixed. Like broken zips, loose seams etc. However, some of the fault may be too bad to fix. You can also read my ultimate guide to thrift shopping.

Shop more Basics

Basics are a must have for closet. Unlike Trendy pieces, they serve you for long time. So, shop on a tight budget, opt for more basics than trendy clothes.

You need basic likes tank tops, body suit, T-shirt, denim pants or shorts, etc. in your closet. These basics makes it super easy to dress up daily. So, you need more basics that can you longer in your closet than trendy clothes. Also, shopping basics help you reduce your need to constantly shop for clothes. So, if you are constantly on a tight budget, opt to shop for more basics for your closet.

Shop for sales

Another way on how to shop for clothes on a tight budget is to shop sales. One of such sales I would recommend is the black friday sales.

This is my favorite sales to buy every year. I start adding items on my wish list while awaiting the black Friday sales. You can shop for items in all categories during black Friday sales. Categories like fashion, accessories, gadgets etc.

Below I will share where to buy cheap clothes on a budget. These places are quite affordable and offer great quality for its price.

Best places to buy Cheap clothes online

The below are my favorite online fashion brands. Here are the my go to brand where to buy cheap clothes on a budget.

  • Chicme: The best site to shop going out outfits, work clothes for women and casual outfits for women. Click here to buy clothes from Chicme. I will link some of my favorites to shop. Don’t sleep on this brand for work clothes.
  • Zaful: The best brand to shop for travel outfits for women and wedding guest outfits for women.
  • Meshki: This is another great place where to buy cheap clothes for women. They offer high end, quality outfits for women. You can shop for date night outfts for women, airport outfit ideas, lounge wear perfect as work from home outfits.
  • Aliexpress: Although most may shy away from this brand, it a great brand where to buy cheap clothes for women. Aliexpress also offers great options of clothes for women, accessories and home improvement pieces. I love their back to work outfits especially the suit sets. Chic and classy.
  • Everything5pounds: This is my go to UK fashion brand to buy affordable wardrobe must have for women. So, if you’re planning to refresh your closet, shop at Everything5ounds.
  • Ego shoes UK: This is another UK fashion brand you can shop for the best designer dupes handbag for your closet. I also love this brand as they offer cute winter and fall outfits. This is perfect if you need to shop for transitional pieces especially if you’re moving to another country. I will link my best designer dupes handbags to shop. They are my go-to for latest designer handbag lookalikes or other accessories.

These tips helped me grow my wardrobe on a budget. Also, if you need where to buy cheap clothes on a budget, check any of the brands listed above. Feel free to comment other places to buy cheap clothes on a budget that you’ve shopped.

How & Where to buy cheap clothes on a tight budget?: 6 places