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As we all know in this blog, I also have a regular day job. One of the challenges I have is shopping for quality work clothes on a budget. I follow a lot of Nigerian brands whose work clothes for women are quite expensive. However, I got to find these 5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos.

Before I found these brands, I had to opt to shop for work clothes from the famous Eko. If you’ve been to this market, you will know it is not easy to shop here. This market is always crowded and you have higher chances of losing your valuables. Also, some of these sellers hike the prices if you’re a newbie. (Jonny just come).

I bought a workwear dress (emergency) from this market and I hated it. So, I had to look for other places to shop for work clothes for women. Here are my top 5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos.

Under 5k store

Under 5k store is a Nigerian fashion for women’s clothes you need to know. It is one of my 5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos. I first got to know about this brand on Instagram. However, you can only make your order via WhatsApp.

I know most of us are wary of shopping from Instagram. (Scam everywhere). Under 5k store sells clothes for women for both work and casual outings. I love their workwear options.

I recently shopped from this brand and I love the outfit. The outfit is fit to size. So, I didn’t have to make any adjustments to the clothes. All items in this store are around 5,000 naira. However, you get some of these workwear outfits that sell for less than 5,000 naira. You can follow them on Instagram to get the latest update on ongoing sales. Also, the items sell fast too. So, if you like, shop it asap.

Virtue Clothiers

Another of my 5 best places to buy work clothes for women is Virtue clothiers. It is a Nigerian ready-to-wear Instagram store. They sell clothes for both work and casual outings.

My best work clothes for women that I can’t stop wearing are from virtue clothiers. I recently shopped for a polka-dot dress from this brand and the compliments are endless. So, if you need work clothes that are affordable yet stylish, shop from this brand.

Their prices ranges between 5000-8000 naira per dress or workwear outfit. Also, you can look out for sales from this brand to shop for work clothes for less prices. You can only shop for your outfit from WhatsApp. Click here to shop for work clothes from virtue clothiers on Jumia. They have so many chic options you need to step up your work outfits.

Jumia has monthly discounts you can use to get some money off your orders. I use the honey chrome extension for mobile/PC to get this discount. All her outfits are true to size.

Stylestation. ng

Style station is a relatively new Nigerian fashion brand you can shop for work clothes for women. It is another of my 5 best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos. They sell various categories of workwear for women on their website. However, the least price for an outfit is about 8000 naira. So, the prices of some of their workwear outfit are higher than the previous two Nigerian fashion brands.

Style station is an online clothing store in Lagos you can shop from the comfort of your home or workplace. Also, you can make your order via Instagram or WhatsApp. They deliver to Lagos and outside Lagos.

I recently shopped for this brand. The clothes seem like they are being made on request. My dress was beautiful but looked like it needed proper ironing.

The 5K shop

Another Nigerian fashion brand you need to know for women’s work clothes is the 5k shop. Although it has an Instagram presence, you can only make your order from its website. At first look, you will think that this brand only sells casual outfits. However, you can get style work clothes for women for 5,000naira.

Although, I am yet to shop from this brand. It is one the top of my wish list site to shop for workwear. So, I cannot talk more about the quality. However, it is worthy of mention on this list because of the positive reviews about this brand. My fingers are crossed though.

Allsheneeds fashion store

An oldie but goodie favorite Nigeria brand that I love to shop from is Allsheneeds. This brand sells fashion and classy women’s clothes you need in your closet. You can shop for both work wear and casual clothes from this brand.

This brand started out as a fashion brand and has evolved to include lifestyle too. So, if you a Nigerian fashion brand to shop for all things women need, shop from allsheneeds. You can also read my reviews on shopping from this brand. Also, you can patronize this brand by going to their physical store at Lekki. So, if you’re not a fan of online shopping, you can patronize them in-store.

There are other places you can shop Nigerian fashion items on a budget. One such place is the Lekki arts and crafts market. You can read my post to know all about the Lekki arts and craft market.

5 Best places to buy work clothes for women in Lagos

There is nothing more exciting than getting your first job. I have attended countless interviews in my life. So, I can relate to the joy of getting new job. However, as a newbie you may have some challenges figuring outfits for work. You don’t want to look like you had a wardrobe malfunction to work. So, to guide you in forming your work wear outfits, here are some classics you need. Although some of these work clothes for women may not apply to you. I work in a corporate environment with more flexibility in terms of work outfits.

However, these 9 work clothes for women are must have staples you need in your closet. So, if you’re need what to wear for work for your first day at work or for the next big presentation, opt for any of these outfits.

Work Dress

One of the easiest outfit ideas of the 9 work clothes for women is a work dress. So, if you’re stuck on what to wear for work, opt for a work dress. There are several dresses you can choose from. For work environment, opt for dresses of midi length. Most work environment will not allow maxi dresses. And of course, mini dresses is out for work.

For work, I prefer sheath dresses as a work outfit idea for women. However, you can opt for sheath or shift dress. Also, for those of us that feel cold easily, throw on a blazer for warmth. You can also read my post on how to dress stylish for your cold office.

Work dresses are a must-have staple for your work wardrobe. You can shop for work dresses for women online from Chicme or yes style. On Yesstyle, you can use my code: Stylez20 for an extra 5% off your order with no charges to you as a customer.


Another of 9 work clothes for women you need as a staple is a blazer. Blazers are a must have for every working woman. So, if you need classic outfit for your work wear, opt for blazers.

Blazers are such a versatile fashion piece you can wear for work or casual outing. There are several ways you can use blazer for your work wear. You can wear it with a matching pant as a pant suit set to work. Also, you can wear over dresses or with shell blouses and skirt.

I love blazers a lot. For a pop of color on your neutral work outfit, opt for blazers with vibrant colors. I would recommend pop of colors like red, wine, blue or orange. However, if work will not allow such colors, go for neutral color blazers like grey or navy blue to create work wardrobe.

You can click here shop for blazers online from Chicme or Forever 21. I love to shop from Chic me a lot. You can read my review on chicme here.

Dress pants

Dress pants are one of my best of the 9 work clothes for women. Although skirts are quite flattering for women. I feel both stylish and safe in dress pants.

If you work in a busy city, you can relate to this. Also, if an outfit you can easily transition from day to date night outfit. All you need to do is switch your accessories and some jewelry to your look. You can also read my post on other outfit ideas you can transition easily. You can wear your dress pants with shell tops and blazers or work blouses.

Dress pants are a classic you need to add to work closet. So, if you need work clothes for women. shop for dress pants. You can shop dress pants options from Chicme.

Shell tops

You may wondering what are shell tops? Shell tops are stylish sleeveless blouses or tops. These shell tops makes it easy to dress up for work. So, you need as many shell tops as you can get.

I love shell tops made from cotton, silk or chiffon material. You can easily layer your shell tops with blazers for a professional look. So, if you’re need to build your work closet, opt for more shell tops. Also, you can dress shell tops up for work or dress it down for casual outing.

You can shop for quality shell tops from Chicme for work. For a simple workday look, wear a shell blouse, dress pants, blazer, and flat ballerina shoes for work. Also, you switch the flats for heels if you want. Heels are great for poise but getting the right heels is always not easy. Like you guys know in this blog, I love to do all my shopping online for all my fashion needs. So, if want to shop for heels, you can read my ultimate guide to shopping for heels.

Midi Skirt

Another work cloth for women you need is a midi skirt. I love midi skirt a lot. Midi skirt are super stylish for work. So, if you need skirts for work, opt for midi skirt.

Midi skirts flatter your body frame irrespective of your body type. So, if you’re petite like me, you can definitely wear a midi skirt and look cute. Also, midi skirts make you have a slim waist. Although, you can also get a slim waist by using shapewear in your clothes. However, a midi skirt automatically makes your waist look slim.

There are several types of midi skirts you can shop for work. You can opt for a bodycon midi skirt or pleats. Pleat midi skirt is one work outfit for women that I am into right now. You can click here to shop for stylish midi skirt workwear from Chicme.

Why should shop for women’s clothes on Chicme? Chicme offers discounts codes for new users. Also, the flexible payment plans you can use. Afterpay options is available if you need to shop now and pay later. All you need to is to sign up for afterpay on check out platform. You get to slip your payment into 4 interest free payment. You can also use Klarna if you want a more flexible payment up to 4 times spread in weeks for you. Great right. So, you can shop for your fashion needs now and pay with ease.

Click here to shop the skirt set on Chicme

Basic tops ||must-have of 9 work clothes for women

You need a wardrobe overhaul when you are transitioning to the workforce. So, fear not. You can style pieces you already own for work in the meantime. I also felt like I needed to start shopping for work clothes for women when I got my job. However, some of these basics have serve me well for both work and casual outings.

One such basic clothes for women you need for work is a tank top. Tank tops are also shell tops you can wear with skirts or dress pants to work. You can dress it up with a pair of heels or dress it down with sneakers for a casual outing.

Another is a tee shirt. Tee shirts are work outfits you can wear on Fridays. Most organizations allow you to dress down on Fridays. You can shop for several types of tee shirts like a plain white tee-shirt, graphic tee-shirt, or statement tee. This tee-shirt you can wear with dress pants or denim pants to work. If you work in an organization that is less with workwear, you can wear a tee-shirt on jeans to work any other day of the week like Thursdays too.

A bodysuit is another basic you need for your workwear outfits. I love bodysuit a lot. It removes the hassle of having to tuck in for work. I recently shopped for a bodysuit from Forever21 which I styled with a patterned skirt from Prettylittlething. You can read my review of the bodysuit here.

Tote bag

This list of 9 work clothes for women is incomplete without a tote. Tote bags are very practical for work. There are several sizes you can shop for work.

Large tote bags are a must have work outfit essential for women. This is because we women carry lots of stuff when we go out. Sometimes, I fill my bag with the essentials as well as things that I may need. So, I need a tote that can carry all my stuff with stress.

You a need a work tote bag to carry your planner, lipstick, power bank or charger, etc. Also, if your tote bag is large enough you can fit in your laptop or baby essentials if you’re a mom. This tote bag from river island is also part of my work wear shopping list. It is beautiful and made like a name brand bag. So, if you’re looking for an affordable name brand tote bag for work, shop it on riverisland.

Other work outfits must-have you need are sneakers, heels, sandals, and jewelry. Jewelry makes you look put together. So, if you want to look stylish to work, add some jewelry to your look; necklaces, bangles, wristwatches, etc.

9 work clothes for women as a newbie professional

Forever21 is one of the fashion brands to shop on a budget. They offers clothing and accessories for men, women as well as curvy women. So, if you are looking for a fashion brand to shop for him, her or plus size, opt for Forever21. You can shop forever21 for your wardrobe classics or casual wear. However, for work outfits, there are very few choices available on their website. Forever21 is always adding new items to their site. So, if you want to shop trendy pieces for your closet, opt for forever21. I shopped this brand online. But you can opt for in-store shopping in your area. So, here I will be sharing how to shop forever21, tips to know and how to ship to Nigeria.

How to shop forever21?

Dressing up is easy when you have the right basics or classics in your wardrobe. I gave out most of my outfits because I rarely wear some of them. Also, it is taking up so much space.

So, to re-build my basics, I shopped at Forever21 for some pieces. Forever21 website is so easy to navigate. You can type into the search engine for what you need. This is the best way to shop. So, you will not go over your budget for shopping.

However, if you are not sure of what you want, you can check the categories. If you need accessories, simply click on the category named “accessories” for options.

Since I am new to shopping from this brand online, I shopped for just 3 pieces. A cropped blazer jacket (beige color), shoulder pad tee-shirt dress ( also in beige), and oatmeal jumpsuit.

These basic are pieces you can get much use from. I will also share my review of these pieces in this post. If you are new to online shopping, you can read my tips on how to shop online.

When does forever21 have sales?

Just like most fashion website, Forever21 does frequent sales. I love to shop sales for lovely fashion items. Why pay full price though? So, I am always on look for deals to save while shopping for fashion pieces.

Forever21 has seasonal sales, annual or holiday sales. You also get 20% off when you sign up to their newsletter. As a subscriber, you get notified of all the sales and new items added to their website.

Also, they have student discounts so you can more on your cart.

Shipping to Nigeria

Forever21 ships to a lot of countries world wide. However, they do not ship directly to Nigeria. ( I still don’t get this though). So, if you’re shopping from Nigeria, you can ship first to US.

They offer free shipping to the US for orders from $50. So, if you need to save on the shipping fees, shop up to this threshold. Another is to combine your shopping with friends so you can save on shipping.

For shoppers in Nigeria, all you need to do is to a US address. So, if you have a friend or family in the US, they can ship it for you to Nigeria. However, I use HOR logistics to get a US address which I use to ship all my items to Nigeria. So, if you stay in Nigeria, you can read my post on how to shop from the US and ship to Nigeria. You will also learn how to set up your profile on HOR logistics with ease.

Forever21 haul Review

So, this post is incomplete without a review on my cart. Forever21 is an affordable fashion brand that I will shop from again. However, it is not the best option in terms of clothes quality per se.

Although, I am in love with 2 out of the items I got. This is because of the great quality for the price. The 3rd item was a hard miss.

It is inevitable to have hits and miss when it comes to shopping online. The 3rd item which a jumpsuit was not okay for me.

The jumpsuit is quite soft and feels good on the body. However, it doesn’t fit well for a size 6 jumpsuit. There was extra room in the jumpsuit that makes me seem like I had a short torso.

Also, it was way too long for me. ( I am 5ft 5″). So, if you want to shop for jumpsuit on Forever21, ensure you check the size chart. Have your tape rule to take your own measurement and compare with that on the website.

Asides, the fit, the jumpsuit sheds quickly. I only wore it twice and it looks faded.

Forever21 best buys

The crop blazer is of great quality for me. Crop blazers are a trend for 2021. So, I am all in for this trend. You can wear a crop blazer with high waist pants or skirts. Also, you can wear it like a bolero on your dresses.

My best buy from Forever21 is the shoulder pad tee-shirt dress. I am so in love with this dress. So, I love to wear it a lot. The quality is also great. The material is soft and it fits nicely. However, this dress is quite short. So, it is not tall girl-friendly. If you want to shop for this dress, check the size chart before purchase.

So, I totally forgot my bodysuit from Forever21. I love this fashion piece. It is soft and ribbed. So, I wore it as a monochrome look with my prettylittlething skirt. All my fashion pieces were great for their prices except the jumpsuit. So, I would recommend shopping online on forever21. However, if there is a forever21 store near you, opt to shop in-store. You can search for this by typing “Forever21 near me” on the google search engine. This will work with your location put-on on your mobile device.

How to shop forever21, Tips + Shipping to Nigeria

Summer is that time of the year that we all look forward to. I am super excited that we are able to go out again. ( Thanks to the vaccines, have you taken yours?). There are so many places I want to cross off my bucket list. However, vacations is incomplete without a visit to the beach or a swim in a luxury hotel. It is now time to pull out our swimwear or shop for new ones. If you’re you need to shop for new swimwear, I am sure you would want to go for what’s on trend this year. So, in this post I will be sharing the best summer swimwear options you need in 2021. My best being the Tie-dye bikini options. I know this trend started last year but it is still in for 2021. You can read my post 5 easy beach coverups for a modest look.

Tie-dye Bikini set

Tie-dye bikinis are in for me this year. I love it a lot. There are so many options you can choose from with different patterns. I love tie-dye prints on bikinis because each design is unique. So, if you need a stand out bikini for your beach hangout opt for tie-dye prints.

There are so many options for tie-dye prints to choose from. You can opt for a tie-dye tankini so you can get as much use from your swimwear. Also, you can opt for other variations like the halter tie-dye bikini or high waisted bikinis.

Animal prints Bikini sets

Another of the top best summer swimwear trend you need to add to your closet is animal prints bikini sets. Animal prints bikini sets are in for summer 2021. This option of bikini sets is all over Instagram as the ladies options.

Animal prints are a classic. So, opting for a animal print bikini sets is one the best choice. This style is always on trend. So, if you’re looking for a style that will keep on trend each year, opt for Animal prints bikinis. You can opt for a subtle cheetah prints or Zebra prints for your summer swimwear.

Bandeau top bikini sets

Another the best summer swimwear trends you need to know is the bandeau top bikini sets. Bandeau styles are super fun. I love this unique style for a full coverage of the boobs.

Bandeau tops in a swimwear is modest. This is because it gives your boobs coverage. Also, you can wear the bandeau top with other outfits for summer. You can wear the top with denim shorts and a jacket. Also, you can wear it for a casual outfit on pants and kimonos. So, I love this option for its versatlity.

We all know that I am all about getting as much use for fashion hauls. I am a serial repeater of my outfit. So, naturally I love this option of swimwear.

Cut-out on swimwear

This year’s trend is all about the cut-out. We have all been indoor for the better part of 2020 into the early part of 2021. Finally, we able to go out to have fun again. So, it time to show off some skin. The cut-out on swimwear are subtle like the key hole cut-out. I am also in for cut-out details on one-piece at the sides.

If you’d love to show off some skin in subtle way, opt for this swimwear option. I love this swimwear options for a date at the pool. Also, if you are on vacation and want to get attention, opt for this swimwear trend.

High waisted Bikini sets

High waisted bikini set is a great alternative for the usual thongs that comes with bikini sets. I love this trend because it very comfy at the bottom. The focus of high waisted bikinis is the bottoms.

Also, it gives the bottom full coverage. So, if you can wear it without thinking about showing too much butt cheeks. Although, this is a trends for summer 2021. It is not suitable for everyone. This is because, it draws more attention to your legs & thighs. So, if you are no so confident about those areas of your body, this is not for you.

Of course, I support body positivity. However, you want to wear an outfit that you’re not so confident in. I love the high waisted trend a lot. I would recommend it for you if you want to wear bikinis bottoms that are not thongs. With the high waisted bottoms, I don’t have to worry about beach coverups. You can shop for high waisted bikini bottoms on Zaful.

I love to recommend Zaful a lot. It is an online fashion brand that offers trendy swimwear pieces. So, if you need a brand to shop trendy swimwear, check out Zaful. I also love this brand because the options are very affordable. You cam shop a full swimwear set for as low $11.

Zaful ships to a lot of countries. However, they do not ship to Nigeria. So, if you want to shop for Zaful swimwear from Nigeria, you can ship your orders to US. You can then ship it from US to Nigeria using HOR logistics. I use this brand a lot to ship from US to Nigeria with ease. You can read my post on how to shop from US and ship to Nigeria without hassle. Use my exclusive coupon code: HJDW at check out to get 17% off your order site wide. This code is at no extra charge to you but will save you some cash as a reader on my blog.

Subtle tie detail swimwear

This year, the subtle tie detail swimwear is making hits. I love these bikini sets with extra ropes to allow you tie them to your taste.

I call a subtle tie detail because you get to choose how you want it. This type of swimwear pull the focus on your shape. So, if you’re looking for a flexible style to emphasize your hour glass shape, opt for swimwear with subtle tie details. All you have to do is to wrap the extra ropes around you and tie it as you want. You can shop for this type of swimwear trends for 2021 on Zaful. This is one my best summer swimwear options for 2021.

Multi use tops swimwear

Another best swimwear trends I am so excited about this year is the Multi use top swimwear sets. We all know we have been through trying times. So, the average consumer do not have a lot disposable income for shopping.

The swimwear options is suitable for you if you are seeking for multi use options. Many swimwear brands have made normal tops to go with out bikinis.

This tops are so welcome. Brands like Zaful have options with in 3-piece sets. A bikini bottom, bra and a top. This you can wear together for a modest look to the beach or for a swim. Also, the tops are made like normal outfits. You can wear the tops with your skirts or pants. Like I stated earlier, I am all in for versatile fashion pieces for my closet. So, I recommend this opt if you are looking to shop on a budget for your closet.

Best summer swimwear trends for 2021

Shapewear and waist trainers are now a fashion must have you need in your closet. Although, these two fashion items are used interchangeably, they are different. What is the difference between a body shaper and waist trainer? The difference is in the result that they provide. So, choosing any of these options depends on what you need in the end. Shapewears gives you temporary result. Like an instant slimmer figure. Also, shapewear gives you smooth figure in your outfit. So, shapewear is suitable for everyone irrespective your body type. On the other hand, waist trainers can help fix your body permanently. That is if you use it religiously. So, in this post, I will be comparing shapewear vs Waist trainer to enable you choose which is best for you.

Also read: Style hacks every woman should know in 2021

Shapewear: How does it work?

As stated earlier, shapewear gives your body a slim and smooth curve. You can easily wear shapewear in your outfits. So, if you want to create an illusion in your outfit, opt for shapewear. You can wear shapewear for work, dates or casual outings.

There are so many reasons you need a shapewear in your closet. Shapewear is easy to wear with outfits. Also, it gives a temporary instant result by smoothening your body. So, with a shapewear you can easily hide problem areas. There are several types of shapewear to choose from depending on your needs. You can opt for shapewear for tummy tuck, butt or thigh fats.

Since shapewear can help you hide problem areas, it boost your self confidence in your outfit. It smooths out your figure giving a slim silhouette. So, if you need an instant fix to hide problem areas in your body, opt for for Shapewear. There are so many options of shapewear you can shop for. You can shop the best shapewear bodysuit depending on your need. Whether you want a smooth thigh or sucked up tummy. You choose, and decide what’s best for you.

Waist Trainers: How it works and benefits?

Waist trainers are designed to help your body shape in the long term. It is a made with high compression material that sucks in your excess fat. Also, waist trainers helps you control the amount of food you eat. In the long run if you’re consistent helps you reduce weight.

Just like shapewear, waist trainers also gives you a slimmer frame. However, waist trainer is helps to train the waist to maintain its slimmer frame. The key to achieving great result with waist trainer is though consistent use. You are to use your waist trainer for at least 8 hours daily to start seeing result.

Waist trainer helps you improve your figure and posture. Also, achieving your desired body shape helps you boost your confidence. So, if you’re seeking to achieve a more permanent result in body shape, opt for waist trainer. You can shop for different option of waist trainer for women.

In conclusion, waist trainer vs shapewear have their uses. Both fashion pieces are beneficial to us as ladies. However, the best option suited for you depends on your needs. So, if need a temporary fix opt for shapewear. However, if you want a more permanent trained body, opt for a waist trainer.

Shapewear vs Waist trainer: which is best for you?

One of the things I love to do is shopping for new clothes. However, it is not stylish for your pants to be longer than your height. Except you want to sweep your street with it. (Lol). Also, an exposed bra strap makes your outfit look frumpy. This is an eyesore for me if the top or dress has thin straps. It is not sexy at all. A simple style hack can take your outfit up notch. Also, a simple style hack will make you look put together and stylish. So, I will be sharing 5 easy style hacks every woman should know in 2021. These style hack are such that I use and it works for me. So, if you’re looking for easy styles for your looks, read on.

Wear your scarves as top

Scarves has so many uses asides being used as head wrap. A simple style hack to do is to wear your scarves as tops. There are different ways to wear your scarf as top. I will insert below three different ways I wore my scarve.

You can choose to wear your silk scarf as a top for a beach outing or casual wear. For a silk scarf, fold it into a triangle first. You can then wear it as a top by tying the two ends on your back with the triangle facing down.

Also, you can two ends of the scarf on your waist with the tip triangle facing up. This you can attach to your neck lace for a chic look. You can wear a blazer or jacket over it for a modest and stylish finish.

Asides, silk scarves, you also use large pashmina or silk print scarves. There are so many looks you can do with your scarf. This style hack is useful for days when you don’t know what to wear. Also, it is a budget babe hack to look stylish effortlessly. You can also read my post on how to wear scarves.

How to crop your tops

Another style hack you need to know is how to crop your tops without cutting it. Yes you read right! like whaaat?. This easy style hack will help you transition your tops as crop tops.

Crops are a stylish basic that we all need. However, you need not shop for new crop top for yourself if you’re on a budget. Simply convert your large tee shirt or jumper or knit tops into crop top with these style hacks.

One way to crop your top is to simply tuck the ends into your bra. Another way is to simply tie each end of the top with a rubber band. This you will gently tuck in neatly on both sides. You can see my instagram video below to see how to do this with ease.

Another way to crop your top is to use a belt. This belt will hold your top in place. Allow some room in to so you can pull it from the top to conceal the belt. This style hack can also be used to tuck your oversize outfit neatly.

Top tucked under my bra to crop it

Convert your tee shirt to Shoulder pad.

Shoulder pad is one of this year spring 2021 outfit idea you need to own. This trend is super stylish especially in a tee shirt dress. However, you need not shop for a shoulder pad tee. This style hack will help you easily convert your tee shirt into a shoulder pad top.

So, if you’re a budget, you definitely need this style hack to wear the latest trend on a budget. All you need is two hair bands or rubber band and a short sleeve tee shirt.

Wear the rubber over each sleeve and gently pull the it from the top into a shoulder pad top. Easy right!. You can wear this top with skirts, pants or shorts. This style hack is a simple way to get more use of your tee shirt in your closet. See below my Instagram post on to convert your tee shirt to shoulder pad tee.

How to tuck your shirt

Tucking your shirt may seem like the easiest task you can do. However, you want your shirt bulging in a weird way in your pants or skirts. Nah right!. So, there are some simple style hacks for tucking in shirt to know as a woman.

For your tee shirt, twist and tuck the back end into to skirt or pants to gather the excess. This makes your top look sleek while tucked in. Another way to tuck your shirt is tuck in one end into your pant neatly. This style hack I love to use for my shirts a lot. It is super stylish.

The third way to tuck in your shirts is to twist the two sides and tuck it into your pants or skirt. Twisting the two sides helps you gather the excess. This you will tuck in neatly into bottoms for stylish look.

Roll up long sleeves

Another of the 5 easy style hacks every woman need to know in 2021 is rolling up long sleeves. This style hack is for your top sleeves that are too long. I love to use this hack as it super stylish.

All you need is a hair band. Wear the hair band over the sleeves. Ensure that the hair band is placed in the middle of each sleeves. Gradually pull it from the top until you get the desired length. It makes your sleeves rutched and chic.

You can do this style hacks for your shirts, flannels or blazers. I love to use this style hack for blazers and knit tops.

I would to see you guys try out this style hacks to take your look up a notched. Feel free to tag me @enimhienomo on Instagram if you do use any of these hacks.

Sleeves rolled up

5 Easy Clothing hacks every woman should know in 2021

Beaches are my go-to place to unwind from the day-to-day stress. The cool breeze, the sandy bed, and the coconut water that I get to sip are what I love. However, for a beach outing, I need to dress for the occasion. There are so many outfit ideas for the beach in which bikinis are top on the list. However, not all of us want to show much skin at the beach. So, to be stylish and still wear bikinis, you need a beach coverup. Beach coverups are an easy way to dress modest while rocking your bikinis at the beach. You need not invest in a beach coverup outfit as some of your outfit in your closet can do the job. Here are 5 easy beach coverup outfit ideas you try out on a budget.


One of the easiest beach coverup you need to know is the Sarong. Sarong is as simple as using a scarf to coverup your waist down. All you need is a simple floral or silk scarf to tie on your waist. You can also read my post on how to wear scarves in 9 different ways.

You can wear sarong for both your bikini set or one piece swimwear. I love the sarong as it super easy. Also, it afordable. You can either use a large scarf you already own or buy a scarf from your local stores.

Button up shirt or Jackets

Another outfit you can style as a beach coverup is a button up shirt. This you can wear as an outer wear for your bikini or onesies for a modest beach look.

You can opt to use your over size shirt, borrow your boy friend’s shirts or denim jackets as a beach coverup. So, if you’re looking for a beach cover up on a budget, look no further than your closet.

You can shop for jackets or shirts from missguided. I will link my favourite shirt I have been loving from this brand.


Kimono is another beach coverup outfit idea. It is a staple wardrobe outer wear essential you need. You can wear your Kimono as as an outer wear for your bikini set or one-piece swimwear. If you’re looking to shop for stylish swimwear for your closet this summer, shop from Zaful. Use my code exclusive code HJDW to get 17% off your order from Zaful. Also, for extra 15% off your cart use ZFSHOP. This brand offers stylish and affordable swimwear options for women of all sizes.

I love Kimonos. For a beach day out, I would recommend a kimono coverup with florals and breezy feel. This will instantly put you in the mood of vacation.

Crochet Dress

Crotchet outfit is a fashion trends that I love. It is top of my bucket list fashion outfit for this year. Back in high school days, I weave crochet to pass time at my mother’s store. I only use crotchet wools to make hand bags. Now I am loving the idea of crotchet outfits. There are so many options like bags, socks, bonnet, tops, shorts, dresses etc.

I love a mini crotchet dress as beach coverup idea. Crotchet dresses are stylish and gives more of beach vibes. You can wear a crotchet dress on your bikini set or one-piece swimwear. It gives a sexy peekaboo vibes to your look.

If you can make your own crochet dress, you can wear it as a beach coverup. However, if you can’t make crochet, there are brands you can shop from.

One of such brands is Mikun stitch. Mikun stitch is a black owned Nigerian brand that makes trendy crotchet outfits you can shop for your closet. You can check out her instagram handle @Mikunstitch to see other styles to shop. I love all the styles and you too will love them.

Crotchet Dress from Mikun stitch.

Shop beach wear and cover ups below

ZAFUL O-ring Criss Cross Animal Print Convertible Bikini Swimwear only $19.49

Tie Hem Semi Sheer Crop Cover Up Top only $15.99

5 Easy beach coverup outfit ideas you need to know

Like of most of us ladies out there, I love to shop. So, I am always looking out for trendy pieces to snag for my closet. If you follow trends like I do, fast fashion brands are constantly churning out trendy pieces we all want. However, constant shopping means more money out of your savings. If one is doesn’t pay attention to this, it can go overboard. So, if you want to shop much without cleaning out your balance, read my post on how to develop guilt free spending habit. Anyways, in all my shopping, I love to shop on budget. I prefer to shop for my closet online mostly. This is because I don’t like the hassle. Here are a list of my top 10 best online stores for fashion on a budget.


One of the most affordable online website you need to know is shein. This brand offers a lot of trendy pieces on a budget. Asides trendy pieces, you can also shop for designer dupes from big brands like Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton etc. You can also read my post on other places you can shop for designer dupes.

Shein is the first fashion brand for women that I shopped from. I love the trendy pieces I bought from them. There website is very easy to navigate.

They cater to women fashion, men, kids and home needs. I love their women fashion section. You can shop for accessories, dresses, beach wear, tops and sets. They also very affordable too. You can get fashion pieces for as low as under $10.

Shein also has a plus-size section you can shop from. So, if you’re looking for an online fashion site that is affordable and caters for all types of body types, shein got you.

Shein ships items world wide for fee. However, for orders above $49, it is shipped for free worldwide. You can read my review on my shopping experience on shein. Although Shein ships world wide, there are some fashion pieces that can only be shipped to selected countries like US , Canada or UK.

My designer dupes from shein does not ship directly to Nigeria. So, I had to ship it free to a US address before onward delivery to Nigeria. You can read my post on how to shop from US or UK and ship to Nigeria with ease.

Designer dupe bags from shein


Etsy store is another online fashion store you need to know. This store is a large marketplace just like Amazon or Aliexpress. They offer products for fashion for all categories women, men, children etc.

I love to Etsy store for it’s personalized products like paintings, home wares and customized jewelry. I love my name necklace that I bought from a seller on Etsy store.

The customer service was great. Even when my parcel was shipped wrongly, the seller sent another necklace to me.

Etsy store shipped worldwide. So, for Nigeria, you will receive your order at the nearest post office. You can also read my review on my necklace.

Name necklace “Maggie” from Etsy


Chicme is an online retailer for women’s fashion. You can shop for trendy women clothing’s, accessories, and beachwear. I love their print collections as they are so beautiful. If you’re looking to add trendy prints to your closet, shop from Chicme.

They cater to women’s fashion for all sizes. So, if you’re on the curvy side, check out their curvy section. One of my go-to knit outfit I got from chicme store. I love it so much that I wear it a lot.

The customer service of this brand is great. They respond promptly to queries. Also, they ship for free for orders above $89 worldwide.

You can also look for their sales, coupons, holiday deals to save on your shopping. Some of these deals are seasonal too. Currently, there are deals for spring outfits. So, if you are looking to shop for your spring /summer closet while saving some money, head over to Chicme.

In as much as they cater to women’s fashion needs, you can only shop causal or party looks from this brand. So, if you want to shop for your office outfits, Chicme is not for you.

Dress from Chicme

Yoins (Your inspiration)

Yoins is an online fashion brand you can shop on a budget. Their website is easy to navigate and made into sections. They cater to the fashion needs of men, women, and curvy women.

If you’re looking to shop for your everyday fashion needs, shop from yoins. I love their stylish fashion heels. However, the heels were not true to size. One of the heels was wobbly on my legs. There was no balance at all. (I love heels but this was worst).

A tip for shopping their heels is to read reviews of other shoppers. Also, ensure that you understand the size chart (EU or US) before you purchase.

However, their clothes are true to size for me. I am a petite woman (size 6) and I don’t have issues with their outfit. So, if you’re looking to shop for everyday outfit on a budget, shop from Yoins.

Pretty little thing

If you are looking for the latest trendy pieces for fashion girl, pretty little thing is your go-to. This brand caters solely to women of all sizes. You can shop for clothes, activewear, swimwear, accessories, co-ord sets and jewelry. Also, they sell self-care products to maintain to glow as a woman.

I love this fashion brand as my go-to for the latest fashion pieces. Although I am yet to write my review of my purchase, I am impressed by the quality on a budget.

I love the dupe heels that I bought from this brand. The heels is a pair of strap heels in pastel blue color. I love that I can wear it for work or casual outings. So, if you’re looking to add some heels to your closet, I would recommend pretty little things.

Also, I bought an anklet from this brand. It is a gold and unique anklet. I love it so much that I wear it as an anklet or bracelet. (It all depends on my mood).

My only issue with shopping with this brand is that they don’t ship worldwide. So, if you are in some parts of Africa, Nigeria inclusive, you have to ship to the US or UK first. Overall, I love the trendy vibes of their fashion outfits and accessories.

Ego shoes

Another brand on my top 10 best online stores for fashion is Ego shoes. I just got to know this grand late last year after watching some YouTube videos about them.

This brand offers affordable designer dupes for accessories like shoes, bags, glasses of a lot of bane brands. With them, I don’t have to worry that I can’t afford designers yet. Who doesn’t want the real deal?

Anyways, I love this Uk brand for the affordable designer dupes. I have shopped a bag from them and I am waiting to see how it looks. (Excited! Watch out for the review)

They ship worldwide for a fee and offers free shipping for orders above $99.

Forever 21

I have always wanted to shop from Forever 21 since forever. (Lol- finally did). It is an affordable online fashion brand that you need to know. They sellclothingss and accessories for women and men of all sizes.

If you’re looking to shop outfits for your wardrobe to last, shop forever 21. I love to shop this brand for basic for my closet. You can shop for both casual and work outfits from this brand. I love their outerwear options you can easily use to layer your outfit. I hope to snatch a shaket soon from this brand.

Forever 21 also does not ship worldwide. So, for those of you in Africa, you can ship to other countries before your own country.

Yes style

Yes style is an Asian online fashion brand you need to know. I love this brand because they offer affordable pieces for all categories. You can shop for men, women, and children for clothes, accessories, and beauty products.

To get an extra discount on your purchase asides those on the site, you can use my code: STYLEZ20 to get 5% off. This code will not cost you, it is just to save you some money while shopping on their site.

You can shop for your everyday outfits from yes style. I also love their backpack collections with unique designs. However, before you shop any item from their website, please read reviews of other shoppers. This because there are several vendors on their website so you need to ensure you get the best items.

Also, if you can shop self-care products and other lifestyle products from Yesstyle. All you need to do is to go to that section of the website to get what you need.

Yesstyle does not ship worldwide. However, you get free express shipping to United State for orders above $49.


Meshki is another online fashion brand you need to know. It is an affordable luxury brand that sells women’s clothing only. You can shop for casual dresses, sets, loungewear, party outfits, and classy robes on a budget.

Meshki is your go-to brand if you want to a taste of luxury on a budget. I am in love with the current 90’s campaign featuring thigh-high slit dresses, halter neck, etc.


Another online fashion brand for women to shop on a budget is missguided. It is one of the brands that I check out for trendy fashion pieces for my closet. Also, they are quite affordable too.

You can shop for your everyday look from this brand. I love the structured blazer options of this brand. They make me want to spend all my money.

Missguided is solely a women’s fashion brand. They sell clothing, accessories and beauty products for women.

I love this brand because they also have so many discount codes for their shoppers. So, you can save while you shop. Also, they offer discount codes for student shoppers too.

Top 10 Best online stores for fashion on a budget

Are you ready to get off on the right foot for the new year? Make 2021 the year that you step out in style. This is by picking up some of the latest shoe trends 2023 and old favorites. Especially if you find women’s Birkenstocks on sale or men’s retro sneakers for a classic look. So, If you are not sure which shoes you should add to your footwear wardrobe, check out these must-have trends to update any outfit. These are the shoe trends we’ll be trying in 2021

Out of the House

Remember when sports slides were popular? They essentially are an athletic version of a house shoe or slipper, and they became standard footwear over the last few decades, in the same way, that flip flops did. This year, slippers are not passing themselves off as anything other than what they are: cozy, comfortable, and nowadays, haute fashion. Make sure your pair has a non-skid sole if you wear it in public. Clogs are another strong option for those who may not feel comfortable embracing the slippers-in-public trend.

Out of the Barn

Ankle boots are stepping aside to give riding boots a little attention. These knee-high timeless boots may feature smooth leather or lace-up details. If English riding boots are too formal for your taste, stick closer to (down) home with cowboy boots for women. Either way, these boots pair just as well with dresses as they do with jeans. If you are not ready to part with your beloved booties, go for a pair with lug soles to take them into the new year

Out of the Office

Just because you are at work does not mean you have to check your style at the door. The footwear trends for business casual include Mary Janes and loafers, either with a short kitten heel or as women’s flat shoes.

These shoe trends 2023 are perfect for work and as transition shoes. Both options have stuck around because they have survived fads over the decades. This year, however, you may want a newer version with a square toe or ruched element for a fresh approach. The same is true for the beloved ballet slipper, which is always in season, just with slight changes from year to year

Out of the Box

Sometimes it is not the shape of the shoe, but rather the details that determine its appeal. A case in point is these little extras that can be seen adorning shoes from the catwalk to the shoe store. For instance, thin ankle straps on flats and heels add a touch of whimsy to even the most serious shoe. These are the latest shoe trends 2023 to shop for.

Pastel colors are also competing for attention, especially after the drab grays, blacks, and browns of winter that leave consumers desperate for a bit of color. The biggest deal this year is chained, whether as barely-there strappy sandals or dressy thongs, as an embellishment on riding boots, or as a bit of flair on flats or loafers.

Also read: Shoe styles you can wear all year long

As you can see, 2021 is bringing some major changes to fashionable footwear. While some of these trends may still be considered haute couture, others are making their way to your favorite shoe outlets. Check out what is new, and you are sure to put your best foot forward with any of these looks in the new year.

Shoe Trends 2023

Below I will be linking some of my favorite shoe trends to shop for in 2023 from Chicme Fashion. I highly recommend this brand to shop for the best sneakers for women on a budget.

Click here to buy it

Click here to buy it

Click here to buy it

Click here to buy it

Shoe Trends 2023 We’ll Be Wearing

With spring approaching, soon we will be looking for some super cheerful, cute accessories to take us out from chilly mornings to sun-filled afternoons. Whether you are sorting through your warm weather wardrobe or shopping for a few new items, here is a list of must-have accessories for spring:

Chunky anklets

Chunky anklets complete any outfit. It makes even the most simple of outfits such as jeans and a tee look trendier. Shop for a chunky gold chain or delicate diamond anklet that can rest comfortably and glamorously.

A clutch that can turn to a crossbody

We’ve seen all sizes of clutches throughout the years, and this style handbag is a must-have for everyone. But this spring it is all about the clutch that can turn into a crossbody. How you may ask? Most clutches nowadays come with a strap so you can wear it how you want. It offers plenty of versatility, making it so you’ll get even more even wear out of it compared to your standard clutch bags. You can find beautiful hand-made cross body handbags and clutch styles available on websites such as Mirta, an online shop that specializes in bags. It’s important to look at the colors too, this spring consider a forest green or a lilac for some pop!

Barely-there sandals

We already know that sandals are a spring essential, but barely-there sandals will pair with everything and look stylish throughout the seasons. Wear them with dresses, jeans or trousers and a blouse, shorts, and so much more. These 90 staple shoes are back in a big way and can accentuate your gorgeous legs that are just dying to come out from hiding under heavy winter clothes!

Also read: Ultimate guide to shop for heels for your closet.

A handy cardigan

While the days get sunnier, we still need a stylish layer for the chilly mornings and evenings during the springtime. Luckily, a cardigan is a stylish accessory to have and also practical for the spring season. Have a couple go-to cardigans in your collection with different levels of warmth and colors, especially neutrals that will pair with the rest of your wardrobe.

The minimalist beanie

A beanie is a simple yet essential accessory. It can offer a bit of edge to any outfit be both a practical and stylish touch. Opt for a monochromatic look or neutral and minimalist beanie to get the most wear out of this accessory for the springtime.

Some of these are pieces you can mix and match with other key trends like the patchwork, or schoolgirl trends. It gives you a greater ability to play with different pieces and find your own personal style and favorites. After all this time at home, 2021 may be the most stylish, glamourous year yet.

The List of Must-Have Accessories for Spring

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