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How to wear sequins Casually: 3 Sequin outfits that are effortlessly chic

Sequins are oldies but goodie outfits. As a child, I have always loved sequins. However, I always thought that sequins are for festivities, such as holiday party outfits, or night-out outfits. Maybe because they tend to glow during the night. Here are 3 cute sequin outfits to try now.

Can you wear sequins casually? of course yes. Sequins are perfect to wear during the day. They are also easy to style. So, to inspire you to wear sequin outfits casually, here are 5 ways how to wear them.

Sequins are all-season outfits. Although, it may seem like a lot during the day because it stands out. You will love to wear sequins with these easy styles.

How to wear sequin tops in 3 ways?

Sequin tops are versatile outfits for women to own. You can style it in different ways for casual outings, date nights, and picnics at the park. In this post, I will be sharing 3 ways to style sequin outfits casually.

Sequin top + Denim pants

Sequins irrespective of the color are perfect denim. You can wear sequin tops with Denim pants for a day out. This look you can dress up with heels and a clutch bag. Also, you can dress this look down with sandals and a tote bag.
You can sequin tops with denim shorts. You can wear it for a casual beach party outfit idea if you need what to wear to the beach. Also, you can wear this look for a pool party. Dress up this style with a pair of sandal heels or espadrilles.

Cute sequin outfits

Sequin top+ Skirts

Another fun way to wear sequin outfits is to wear the sequin top with skirts. You can wear sequin tops with a denim skirt for a casual outing. Also, you can wear a sequin top with a pencil skirt or a midi-length skirt. I love sequin tops styled with tulle skirts. Tulle skirts are a versatile fashion piece that I love and own. You can also read my post on other ways how to style tulle skirts.

Sequin tops + Sneakers + Skirts

Sequins are mostly worn in a dressy way. However, you can do more with your sequin top. You can wear your Sequin top, with a flared skirt and a pair of sneakers. This look you can wear this for casual outings or to hang out with friends.

Can I wear sequins to the airport? No dearie. Sequins just like jewelry will trigger the metal detectors at the airport. So, you should avoid wearing sequins as an airport outfit. You can also read my post on 5 airport wardrobe mistakes to avoid. Here I shared outfits you can wear to the airports and those not to wear.

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How to wear sequins during the day

How to wear sequin dresses in 2 ways?

Asides from tops, you can also shop for cute sequin dresses. I don’t own any but I am on the lookout for it. How do you wear a sequin dress? It is quite easy to style sequin dresses. Here are 2 easy ways to style a sequin dress. You can accessorize your sequins dress with a pair of sandal heels, sneakers, wedges, or espadrilles.

Sequin dress + Sneakers

Sequins dresses are super easy to style. For a casual style, wear your sequin dress with a pair of sneakers. This style I love this and can’t wait to try it out. Sneakers are perfect for those of us who don’t like heels. So, if you need a comfortable way to dress up a sequin dress, add a pair of sneakers. You can also add a tote bag or small shoulder bag to the look.

Sequin dress and Jacket

Another easy-to-style sequin dress is with a Jacket. You can wear a sequin dress with a moto jacket ( Leather jacket) or with a blazer. For cooler seasons, I will recommend a leather jacket. However, you can opt to wear sequin dresses with blazers. This look is super chic and stylish too.

Cute Sequin dresses to shop ASAP

Stylish sequin outfits

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