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Best places to shop basic clothing for women

It is not bad to want to appear in the latest trend for your next get-together at an office brunch. I mean, who doesn’t like to catch attention in their outfits? So, it is normal to buy more trendy fashion clothes than basics. (Me too). However, some of these trendy pieces you only wear once or twice after purchase. Some of them even go out of trend faster than you know it. So, it makes no sense to curate more trendy pieces without our beloved basics. On a normal day, I would rather be in shorts and longe wear than to actually dress up. So, every lady needs some basics in their closet. Basics never go out of style or off-season. I love to shop for women’s clothes a lot. So, here I would recommend the best places to shop for basic clothing for women. These brands sell high-quality basics, tested and trusted.

Where can I buy quality basics for women?

There are so many brands that sell basic clothes for women. However, just a few of them sell high-quality basic clothing to women on a budget. I am a budget shopper and I love to get my money’s worth from my fashion haul. Here are the best places to shop for basic clothing for women in 2021.

Shell blouses

As a working professional, I need a lot of shell blouses as I can my hands on. Sorry to burst your bubbles, I have a day job too. So, I need tops that make it easy to dress up for work.

Shell tops are classic must-have wardrobe essentials for every lady. You can wear shell tops or blouses with dress pants or Midi skirts. Add a blazer for a chic office look. You can also read my post on 9 work clothes for women as a newbie professional. So, if you just got your job or are switching to office life, you need shell blouses or tops.

One brand that sells affordable shell tops is everything5pounds. It is a Uk online clothing brand to shop for women. I love their options of shell blouses. You can get as many colors as you want. I would recommend you go for neutrals as well as vibrant colors. This will make dressing up to work way easier. Trust me. This brand sells out so fast too. If you have your eye on any cloth, just get it before it’s gone. Click here to shop shell blouses for your closet.

Magenta Shell Cami Top

Click here to shop shell blouse from Everything5pounds UK

Basic T-Shirt

You may wonder what basics should you have in your closet? Tee shirts are a basic I cannot do without. You need as many tee shirts in your closet. Tee shirts are easy to wear to run errands or dressed up heels to a party.

Everything5pounds sells basic tee shirts you can shop for. They offer basic tees in different colors. Personally, I love print tee shirts. I wear t-shirts to lounge. Also, I wear it with shorts for the beach. I love t-shirts a lot you can style them in different ways. You can tie it as a knot or tuck it under your bra for a cropped look. You can click here to read my post on other style hacks you need to know as a lady. Click here to shop t-shirts from Everything 5 pounds UK.

Best places to shop for basic clothing for women- Basic Tee

Click here to shop t-shirt from Everything5pounds


Other basics for women you need In your closet are bottoms. You need bottoms like dress pants, denim pants, shorts, midi or mini skirt, etc.

So, if you’re shopping for clothes get more bottoms. These bottoms make it easy to dress up daily. There are times I have so many tops with little bottoms in my closet. It is a hustle to dress sometimes.

However, if you have a variety of bottoms in your closet, you can easily switch bottoms and tops for different looks. One basic bottom you need in your closet is denim pants. Denim pants are like utility pants for me. You can dress up denim pants with tank tops for a casual outing. Also, you dress in your denim pants and blouses for a date night. Everything5pounds offers some selection of pants you can shop for. I love their maxi skirt option too. Click here to shop bottoms from Everythingpounds.

Flared Mini Skirt And Crop Top Set

Basic tops

Basic tops are another wardrobe essential you need in your closet. You need tops like basic cami tops you can wear with blazers to the office. You can also wear cami tops with jackets for casual outings.

Another basic top you need in your closet is tank tops. Tanks tops are staple fashion pieces you need. You can wear tank tops with shorts to the beach or with midi skirts for casual outings. Everything5pounds UK has so many great options of tank top to choose from. So, you can get it in several colors. I love basic tank tops back in Uni days. I can easily wear a tank top with denim pants and off I go to class.

A pair of Sneakers

I love to wear shoes that are comfortable. So, you’d expect that I will love a pair of sneakers. Sneakers are a must-have for your closet.

For days you don’t feel like wearing heels, sneakers are a great option. You can wear sneakers with a shift dress to work. Also, you can wear sneakers with a pair of shorts to a beach party.

Sneakers are super chic for me. Everything5pounds offers different styles of sneakers. You can shop for running sneakers or dad sneakers for your closet. I love sneakers with chunky heels. So, I love the dad sneakers or trainers options at Everything 5 pounds UK.

Aside from sneakers, you also need flat shoes, slippers, or loafers. You can also shop for ballerina flats for work too. For a party or date, you need a pair of heels too. You can shop for sandal heels for versatility. Pump heels are another great option too. If you’re new to shopping for heels, click here to read my post on the ultimate guide to shop for heels. Click here to shop for a pair of sneakers or trainers from Everything5pounds.

Shimmery Trim Chunky Trainers

Click here to shop dad sneakers from everything 5 pounds

Tote bags

Tote bags is another basic essential you need in your closet is a tote bag. Personally, I love medium-sized tote bags. Tote bags are everyday bag every lady need. You can wear your tote bags to the office, for running errands, or for a casual outing.

Tote bags are very practical bags. It is just like a utility bag for me. If you need a bag that is versatile and a go-to bag, I shop for tote bags. You also need shoulder bags, or structured handbags for work too. I also talk about options for the office for obvious reasons. So, If you need a classic handbag in your closet, shop for tote bags. Everything 5 pounds also offers some great options of tote bags you need right now. Don’t forget that all items sell out so fast. So, you need to shop it as you see them. All items on everything 5 pounds UK are all for 5 pounds. However, you can shop for items on sale for half the price too. Click here to shop below brown tote bag from Everything 5 Pounds

Ribbed Decorative Button Front tote Handbag

Click here to shop tote bags from Everything 5 pounds UK

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