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10 Style tips on how to wear tulle skirt

Tulle skirts usually worn by ballerinas or children is now a fashionable outfit for anyone. I love tulle skirts due to its volume. Also, it is a versatile outfit you can wear for both casual outings or work. I have always wanted to own my own tulle skirt. So, I shopped a white tulle skirt from The first time I wore it to the hospital, a guy called me Lady Gaga. This was no surprise because Lady Gaga wore tulle dress on the red carpet which went viral. Many had their own opinions about it. To some it was chic but some people felt otherwise. Tulle skirts are a versatile fashion piece you can get a lot of use from. There are many stylish ways to wear tulle without looking like a child or ballerina. So, I am sharing 10 stylish ways to wear your tulle skirt while being fashionable and chic.

Tips on how to style tulle skirts

There are so many use you can get from a tulle skirt. This skirt is floaty or flare at the bottom so, this tips are to kept in mind.

  • Ensure that you wear fitted tops on your tulle skirts. Tops like camisole, body suits, tanks etc. Tops that are large should be tucked or tied in a knot to make it fitted.
  • Choose a skirt that suit your style or figure. There are so many options available to shop from.You can shop for a short and voluminous, midi length or maxi skirt depending that which suits your personal style.
  • You can wear tulle skirts anywhere but you need to take note of the occasion. Tulle skirts are a perfect wedding guest outfit. Take note to avoid tulle skirt in white, cream or blush oolors so as not to appear too bridal. Also, tulle skirts can be worn either for work or casual outing. As work wear, it depends on the occasion at work. It is perfect for an office get together but not a good idea for a board meeting.

Tulle skirt and leather jackets

A stylish way to wear tulle skirt is to layer your look with a leather jacket. Leather jackets makes this look edgy yet stylish. You can wear a tank top or camisole with your tulle skirt and complete your look with leather jacket. You can wear a pair of heels or boots for a stylish outlook.

Turtle neck on tulle skirt

I love turtle neck tops. Personally I feel they are classy and chic. Turtle neck tops are also a versatile fashion outfit you need to own. You can get a lot of use from whether as corporate wear or casual outfit. Another way to wear your tulle skirt is with a turtle neck top. You can style this look with sandals or a pair of heels.

Tee Shirt on Tulle skirt

Another very stylish and simple way to wear tulle skirt is with a tee shirt. You can easily pair your basic tee, graphic tee or statement tee with a tulle skirt. This look is a laid back casual way to wear your tulle skirt. For a girly vibe, make a knot with your tee shirt creating an illusion of a crop top on your tulle skirt. So, if you’re going for a date with your girls, you can wear this look with sandals or mules. You can also add jewelries for super expensive look.

Bralettes on Tulle skirts

Bralette are really big this year. It is one of the 2020 fashion trends you should add to your closet. Bralette are seen risque but a stylish outfit to own. It is also a versatile fashion outfit. There are several ways to style your bralette, one of such ways is on tulle skirts. Since bralettes are like crop tops they go well with tulle skirts. You can wear for it for a casual outing. Also, you can add a jacket to this look for more coverage.

Casual tops on Tulle skirt

Another stylish way you can wear your tulle skirt is your regular tops. It is also a laid back way to dress down your tulle skirt. You can wear just any casual top or shirt on your tulle skirt and you’d be ready to go.

10 Style tips on how to wear tulle skirt

Body suits and Tulle skirts

Body suits are another outfit that every lady needs as a staple essential. It is a versatile outfit you can wear in so many ways. A simple way to style your tulle skirt is to wear it with a body suit. There are so many options of body suits available. A strapless body suit on a tulle skirt is a perfect night out outfit. You can wear a pair of pumps , jewelry and a clutch for a chic look.

Denim Jackets on Tulle skirt

Denim jackets are another staple wardrobe piece to own. It is a versatile piece of fashion item to add to your closet. Another stylish way to wear your tulle skirt is with a denim jacket. Ensure that the denim jacket is fitted. Also, you can tuck your denim jacket in your tulle skirts to make it fitted. Any type of denim jacket can pull this look off e.g. a bomber denim jacket or shirt denim.

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Ankara print top on Tulle skirt

Another stylish way to wear tulle skirt is with Ankara print tops. You all know that is at the heart of Nigerian fashion industry. Ankara fabrics are usually made of color vibrant prints and patterns. To mix ankara prints on tulle, choose colors that match or solid neutral tulle skirts. You can wear this as a casual Friday work wear or for an outing. Other prints you can wear with tulle skirts are plaids, checkered, floral, leopard and stripes. There are endless prints you can style with your tulle skirts for stylish look.

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Sequin top on Tulle skirt

Sequins makes you look glamorous. The good about sequins is that it doesn’t require jewelry. Since sequins glows they can serve as jewelry as well as clothing. Another way to wear your tulle skirt is with sequin tops. It is super stylish. You can wear it for a party or date with boo.

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Knit Jumper on Tulle skirt

Knit jumpers are perfect for cozy days. A casual way to wear your tulle skirt is with a knit jumper. For days you feel a little under the weather or chilly, style your tulle skirt with a knit jumper. You can complete the look with a pair of pumps or flat shoes depending the occasion.

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