Redline Leisure beach resort: 5 fun things to do and know

Redline leisure beach is one of the beaches in Ajah Lagos. There are so many Lagos beaches I am yet to explore. Some of these beaches I just don’t want to go to like Elegushi beach. I am glad I finally visited Redline beach.

There are so many fun things to do at Redline Leisure beach. It is one of the best budget-friendly vacation spot to visit in Lagos. However, coming from the mainland can be quite tiring but worth it.

So, if you need a cheap vacation idea to do, visit Redline beach, Lagos. There are several other beaches you can add to your bucket list on your way to Redline beach. These include;

  • Barracuda beach
  • Atican beach
  • Laguna beach: My favorite cheap Lagos beach
  • White deck luxury beach
  • Corny Island beach etc.

If you’ve not yet visited Redline beach, here is all you need to know and exciting things to do on your visit.

Redline Leisure beach

Redline leisure beach location & Gate fee

Redline beach is located around Okun-Ajah. It is quite easy to locate. From the mainland, take a bus going to the Ajah Bus stop. Alight and take another bus going to Abraham Adesanya Bus stop.

From Abraham Adesanya, take a tricycle going to Okun-Ajah or a bike. I had a very terrible experience with the bike man that took me to the beach.

The man was quite infuriating, rough, and has no respect for women. He was a Fulani man. This is not to throw shades at this tribe. However, I would recommend you be careful with the bike men there. If possible just be cordial and pay them for their services when you alight.

The gate fee for Redline leisure beach is 1000naira per adult and 500naira per child. Will you be allowed to bring in your food? Not sure about this.

I hardly go to Lagos beach with my food except for Tarkwa bay beach which I am super sure there is no restriction. However, you can get food from the restaurant at Redline beach. Also, some visitors came in with their food and I am unsure if a corkage fee was charged in return.

Facilities at Redline beach

There are some facilities you can access at the beach. There are beach benches available for free. Although the attendants will come to you to advertise their meals to you.

Redline beach also has some lodges that you can stay in. If you have a beach view honeymoon vacation spot in Nigeria, book a stay at Redline beach. So, if you need cheap honeymoon vacation ideas in Nigeria, check out Redline beach resorts.

Cabanas can be reserved for just 10,000naira. This is quite cheap as compared to other beaches like Landmark beach Lagos. I would say Redline beach is quite affordable in terms of its services.

Redline beach also has a restaurant where you can chill and eat hearty meals. The aesthetic is so beautiful. I love the cool Feng Shui vibe decoration. The food at this restaurant is quite affordable too. You can get food and drinks for yourself at Redline beach Lagos.

There is a swimming pool area with free lounging chairs. So, if you love swimming, you can swim in the pool. I would recommend you should swim in the pool than in the beach water. Except you’re a great swimmer.

The beach benches are free to access. Also, it is a first come, first serve basis. However, if you want to have a party or hang out at this beach, you can pre-book for your cabanas or benches to be reserved.

Redline beach also has a beautiful hall. This you can book for a bridal shower, wedding party, or product launch.

Redline leisure beach gate fee

5 best things to do at Redline Beach Lagos

There are so many fun things to do at Redline beach Lagos.

  • Swimming: You can go swimming in the pool or in the beach water
  • Horse Riding: another activity you can do on the beach is horse riding. The fee for horse riding is typically from 500naira to 1000naira.
  • Family picnic: One of the fun things you can do at Redline leisure beach is to have a picnic together eating good food and chatting away.
  • Honeymoon on a budget: A cheap honeymoon destination you can opt for is to spend it at redline beach. It is super fun to wake up to the cool breeze of the beach, swim at the pool, and enjoy great food together as a couple.
  • Team bonding activities: Redline beach is a great place to hang out with your friends and family. Also, it’s a great beach to bond with members of your team at work. It is a fun vacation idea for the Christmas holiday with your colleagues and peers.
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