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7 Best Places for honeymoon in Nigeria on a budget

The next step after getting married is to go on a honeymoon. I know that weddings in Nigeria can suck the life out of you. You know the drill. Why not opt to seek the best places for honeymoon in Nigeria? Plus, after spending so much on the wedding, you don’t want to clean out your bank account for the honeymoon.

So, while exploring Nigeria, here are my 7 best places for honeymoon in Nigeria on a budget. These places are budget-friendly yet you get to enjoy time out with your partner. Also, you can read my post on how to plan the best frugal wedding to cut costs. Save cost as you enter the stage of your life with your beloved.

Bogobiri House

One of my best places for honeymoon in Nigeria is Bogobiri house. Bogobiri House is an artsy place where you go for a honeymoon on a budget. It is located at Ikoyi Lagos.

There are so many fun activities you can engage in. You can spend time at the art gallery taking in the lovely painting and sculptures. I love the paintings at Bogobiri’s house. The whole artsy vibe is breathtaking.

As a couple, you can lodge at Bogobiri house for as low as 30,000naira per night. You can also enjoy local and intercontinental dishes at the Bamboo bar and restaurant. The name is coined from bamboo roofing inside the restaurant. I enjoyed a meal of Banga and Semo on my visit.

The local dishes are from the Orisirishi kitchen. However, you can choose to go to the Orisirishi kitchen to treat yourself to some sumptuous local dishes.

You can stay for as long as you want at Bogobiri house. Also, you can enjoy their weekday activities like the music night and poems. After your stay, shop for fashionable items from the Gift shop at the restaurant and close the Kitchen. I love the Ankara bags collection at Bogobiri house. They are quite affordable too.

Barracuda beach resort Lagos

Another of the best honeymoon destinations in Nigeria on a budget to know is Barracuda beach Lagos. Barracuda beach is located at Okun-Ajah Lagos. This Lagos private beach is very affordable to access.

The entry fee is 1000per adult, 500naira per child. You can bring in your food without paying extra fees ( the annoying corkage fee typical of Landmark or Lekki Leisure lake beach). Barracuda beach resort has a lodge you can stay in. You can book a room for as low as 22,000naira per night breakfast included.

Also, barracuda beach has a club where you can party all night. You can engage in soccer games or enjoy a stroll at the beach. So, if you need a honeymoon destination on a budget, check out Barracuda beach resort Lagos.

Nike Guest House

If you need to experience luxury on a budget, Nike Guest House Oshogbo is perfect for you. This guest house is located at Ofatedo Oshogbo, Osun state.

Nike Guesthouse is my top best places for honeymoon in Nigeria. You can book your stay for as low as 7000naira per night. Also, they offer meals for breakfast and dinner at the guest house. The prices vary depending on your choice of meal. However, the meals are quite affordable too.

I love the breakfast in the garden and dinner upstairs. All their meals are buffet-style meals. So, you can choose the meals you want.

You can also explore closer places to the Nike guest house during your stay. Like the Batik center, Nike art gallery Oshogbo, Osun-Oshogbo sacred grove, etc. Also, you can read my post on how to plan a road trip to Osun state.

7 best places for honeymoon in Nigeria

Atican beach

Another of the 7 best places for a honeymoon in Nigeria is Atican beach. Atican beach is also located at Okun-Ajah Lagos. Although, this beach to me is quite pricey. However, it is a fun place to be.

Atican beach resort has a lodge where you can stay for your honeymoon. However, I am unable to confirm the price for the lodge. The entry fee for Atican beach is 2000 naira per adult.

As a couple, you can stroll on the beach, enjoy a horse ride or treat yourselves to finger foods like suya, small chops, coconut drinks, etc. You can also pay for beach benches and enjoy the cool breeze at Atican beach.

Kalakuta Museum

Another fun place that is perfect as an honeymoon idea in Lagos is Kalakuta museum. Kalakuta Museum, Ikeja is the home of the Late Fela Anikulapo kuti.

The entry fee into is 1000per person. This fee covers the cost for a tour of the home and some of his work. Also, you can enjoy fresh palm wine at the roof top bar at Kalakuta Museum. As couple, you can book a stay at Kalakuta Museum lodge.

Kalakuta Museum is also easily accessible to some affordable and fun places. So, if you need one the best places for honeymoon in Nigeria, opt for Kalakuta Museum. You can visit the New Afrikan Shrine to enjoy Afromusic, drinks and food. Also, you can explore free to access Lagos parks like JJT park & Ndubuisi Kalu park. You read my on 5 best cheap things to do in Ikeja Lagos.

Kalakuta Museum Hotel

Jades Court

The whole Idea of an honeymoon destination is staying in a home away from home. Jade’s court is a perfect place to go on honeymoon on a budget in Nigeria.

I got to know of the place via Airbnb. It is an Airbnb apartment hotel located at Osbourne Foreshore estate. You can book a stay in jade’s court for as long as you want.

Jade’s court offers food for guest which you can order to your moon. I love the simple yet luxurious presentation of meals. You can also bring in your own food.

Jade’s court has a shared sitting room and dining room. You can also access the in-house gym facility. This is perfect if you love to workout. So, if you need an affordable yet luxurious place for honeymoon, opt for Jade’s court.

Cheap honeymoon destination in Nigeria

Kelsey Greene Villa Ikeja Lagos

Where can I spend my honeymoon in Nigeria? Look no further than Kelsey Greene Villa, Lagos. Another of the 7 best places for honeymoon in Nigeria is Kelsey Greene villa. This villa or hotel in Lagos is located at Ikeja. It is also a perfect honeymoon destination on a budget.

There several reasons I would recommend Kelsey Greene villa is a honeymoon destination. One of such reason is that they have a hall which you can use as your reception venue after the wedding. Also, you can lodge your guest at this hotel for easy access to the reception venue.

As couple, you can also book your room at Kelsey Greene to spend your honeymoon. So, you can dance all night at the afterparty and retire to your room without hassle.

Kelsey Greene villa offers meals for their guest. So, if you need to get food, you can order to your room. They also have an in-house gym and pool accessible to all their guest. So, if you need a budget friendly honeymoon destination in Nigeria when in Lagos, choose Kelsey Greene Villa.

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