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Top 5 Best places to visit in Nigeria on a budget

Travelling or vacationing is an important part of my yearly must-do. ( well……its part of my new year resolution). This helps to mitigate one of the challenges which I usually encounter with vacationing i.e finances .(adulting is quite hard……a major part of your earnings go to “family business” – a usual saying of my friend). This year, I have put together my top 5 affordable vacation spot for my 2019 bucket list. It includes; Olumo rock, Ado-away town, Freedom park, La Campagne Tropicana, and Nike art gallery. These vacation spots are the Top 5 Best places to visit in Nigeria on a budget.

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Freedom Park, Lagos Island

Freedom park is one of the Top 5 Best places to visit in Nigeria on a budget. It is located at hospital road bus stop, Lagos island. History has it that the prison held some well-known activist like Herbert Macaulay, Michael Imodu, etc. After independence, to preserve its history it was converted to a national recreational park. The gate fee for entry is 200naira.

Top -5- vacation- spot -to -visit- on- a- budget -in- 2019
Freedom Park

La campagne Tropicana, Ibeju Lekki

Another affordable vacation spot you can add to your bucket list is La champagne Tropicana. La Campagne Tropicana like other beaches is a serene vacation spot to unwind. (…..Ivory beach sand, the relaxing whistle of the turquoise water waves and tan from the sun). It is a luxury beach located at Ibeju lekki, Lagos. A day-cation at this beach cost about 5,000naira excluding the fees for other fun activities available at this beach.

La campagne tropicana resort ; Source: Jumia Travel

Ado-Awaye, Oyo town.

Hiking is one thing I want to experience and Ado-Awaye is the perfect place. It is an amazing vacation spot with rich historical tales. (…..the tales of Ado-Awaye tickles my curiosity). Some tales from travellers to Ado-awaye town describes this place as “Hikers fairy tale” . It is the house of one the major suspended lakes in the world called “Iyake”. A budget of about 12,000naira will cover your trip to Ado-awaye town to experience the thrill of the mountain heights.

Ado-awaye Town;Source: Google

Nike Art Gallery, Lekki

Nike art gallery is a house of good quality artworks. These artworks are on display for lovers of artwork to view at no cost. This art is located in Lekki. To visit this art gallery, all you need is plan for your transportation cost.

Top 5 Affordable places to visit in Nigeria- Nike art gallery
Nike Art Gallery;Sources:google

Olumo Rock, Abeokuta

It is locate at Ikija, Abeokuta. The gate fee for entry to adult is 1000naira. Olumo rock hold great historical value to the people of Egba and vast part of the city can be seen from the top of this rock.

These Top 5 places on my bucket list are very affordable. So, if you’re looking to give one a treat, this affordable spot is perfect. You will have so much fun while keeping to a budget. Also, you can check out my vlog to know my top 10 best places to visit on a budget.

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