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Olumo rock Abeokuta: all you need to know.

A -trip- to -Olumo-Rock-Ikija-Abeokuta-Ogunstate-1

Olumo rock Abeokuta is one of my 2019 bucket vacation spot. (squashing some goals for the year already….girl needs to acknowledge little wins). It is a place that i have always longed to visit. Hence, I finally ticked off Olumo rock from my bucket list vacation spot or wish list this year. Olumo rock is a place with historical relevance to the people of Egba Land. Worthy of note is that the town where this rock is located “Abeokuta” means under the rock. A name coined from the fact that Olumo rock was a place of refuge for the Egba’s during the 1830 intercity war. My day trip to Olumo rock was quite exciting and my big sis was the tour guide of the day. I can’t believe it took me so long to visit this place after spending many part of my life in Abeokuta.

The entry fee to visit Olumo rock is 1000naira. The place was surprising busy on the Thursday I visited. This is because of the excursions by schools winding up for the term. Tour guides are also available to give you a tour of the place at a token .Every student from the schools is told tales of the rock by tour guides which is quite insightful. They conclude each tour singing an old song of the Egbas. ( I heard this song too much that the moment a tour is ending … mind i scream “Don’t”, I was bored of hearing it repetitively).

Olumo rock walkway to Elevator

Olumo rock is over 200 years old with steps leading to the top of the rock. Climbing up the steps was both fun and energy sapping. Although there is an elevator formerly being used to access the top which is no longer functional. I preferred to use the stairs to reach the peak of the rock. (…because the fear of heights/falling off is the beginning of wisdom). Although there is an old road narrow road formerly used by the refugees during the war.

Lisabi Hut

Historical Facts of Olumo Rock

There are interesting facts about Olumo rock. The rock has lived for over 200 years. The people of Egba land led by Lisabi hid in the rock during the intercity war with oyo state. They lived there until the war ended following an old part or narrow path within the rock to the top. It said that Lisabi entered the ground out anger with the people of Egba close this rock. Hence a shed was built in the same spot to venerate his heroism. From the top Olumo rock, a major part of the city is within view. The oldest Anglican church from colonization, ogun river- which brought about the name of the state-, the oldest mosque as well as the first school built on a rock is not far from view on the rock.

A -trip- to -Olumo-Rock-Ikija-Abeokuta-Ogunstate-6

The oldest iroko tree also grows from Olumo rock. This tree provides shed and fresh air to visitors to Olumo rock. All in all, it was fun relaxing day out to Olumo rock. This place is fast becoming a site of tourist attraction. It is place i would advice you to consider adding to vacation bucket list for the year.

Old path to the top of Olumo rock

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