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15 beautiful beaches in Africa that are budget friendly

It isn’t unusual that many people would want to spend time at the beach this summer season. For workers, they tend to tailor their weekends to spending time at the beach with friends and family.

I usually get random messages from people asking for recommendations of beaches to visit in Africa. It is because they want to ensure that they get the best experience from any beach they pick.

Africa has so many beautiful experiences you can engage in. If you’re on a budget, check out these best places to visit in Africa. I love to experience the outdoor and nature. So I highly recommend you add these outdoor activities to in Africa to your itinerary on your visit.

As African, most places to visit in Africa are Visa free. However, I have collated some of the best places that is Visa free for US citizens to add to your bucket list. The beach is my haven in all my travels around Africa. So, I had to round up this list of beautiful beaches in Africa for you.

Also, people are looking to enjoy themselves on a beach and not break their pockets. The focus of this article would be on budget friendly beaches in Africa.

If you’re ever in any African country and need an affordable beach recommendation, you should bookmark this article and pick from here.

Best beaches in Africa

Budget friendly beaches in Africa.

Since I am a Nigerian, this list has to start with my favorite beach to visit that is budget friendly. Looking to explore Nigeria, check out these 50 best things to do in Africa.

The good beach Lagos

One of the most beautiful beaches in Nigeria you need to see is the good beach Lagos. I love this beach because there is always something fun to do. To get updated, follow them on Instagram.

The good beach Lagos is located at Victoria island close to Oniru beach Lagos. This beach is very popular among influencers and celebrities as the latest hotspot to know.

The only issue I have with this beach is that you cannot bring in your food. However, there is a very beautiful food court where you can buy food that are affordable. The aesthetic of this beach is so chic. You can take great pictures at this beach for content and just for the gram.

The good beach is located in Lagos Nigeria. And we all know Lagos is the hub of fun and tourism in Nigeria. Add this beach to your bucket list on your visit to Nigeria. Other fun beaches you can visit is Landmark beach Lagos, Oniru beach or Atican beach Lagos.

Beaches in Africa to visit
Sidi Bou Said Beach – Tunisia

The lovely country of Tunisia is also not left out when it comes to amazing beach options. I reached out to some of my friends who have been to this country, and they recommended Sidi Bou Said Beach as a budget friendly beach in the country.

I have heard loads of exciting news about Tunisia, and I have this country on my bucket list, including this beach. From my research, I’ve seen that the views at this beach are one of the best you can get.

If you’re looking for the perfect location for a getaway, this place will do justice to your desire. It offers a blend of Mediterranean and North African vibes

Nungwi Beach – Zanzibar

Another most beatiful beaches in Africa you need to add to your bucket list is Zanzibar. I’m sure you are not surprised that I have Zanzibar on my list as this place is known for its beaches. Some people say that it is usually a hassle trying to pick from the many fine beach options in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

However, if you’re using affordability as a deal breaker, I would recommend the Nungwi beach. This beach does not discriminate based on the size of your pocket. It presents itself as a place for everyone.

I love that this beach has guesthouses. Therefore, one can choose to remain here for as long as they desire and savor the environment. Yes, these guesthouses come at a budget friendly price. I had a swell time the last time I was at this beach, and I recommend it to you too.

Saly Beach – Senegal

The food at this beach is one of its selling points. People love that they can experience a beach, enjoy their summer, and still get to try out various senegalese meals at a price that wouldn’t cut their pocket. Saly beach is one the most beautiful beaches in Africa to visit on a budget.

Spending time on this beach exposes you to both locals and foreigners. Thus, you wouldn’t feel left out. The locals are super warm and welcoming, recommending activities that would make you have the best time.

By the time you experience this beach, you wouldn’t feel like leaving. Many people say that they do not mind repeat visits to this beach whenever they are in Senegal.

Barra Beach – Mozambique

From the first look at this place, you would think that it is expensive. It is because it gives an exquisite view, and most of the buildings look pristine. Initially, I didn’t want to give this beach a try even when people recommended it. I was at first hesitant, but later gave in after much convincing. You can imagine my shock when I found out that staying at this place was within budget!

Snorkeling was my favorite activity to do at this beach, and I recommend that you also try it out. The beachfront bungalows give the best views and you may spot some whales if you have your camera on standby.

Elmina Beach – Ghana

The golden sand at this beach is a statement to why Ghana is called the gold coast! You can find yourself spending all day playing with the sand at this beach. Its cleanliness is one of its top features, and it is easy to lose track of time at this place.

You are sure to ensure peace at this beach, and its ambiance is perfect for relaxation. It is a perfect location for the summer, and it is also amongst the budget friendly beaches in Africa.

If you’re ever in Ghana looking for a place to unwind, this is the perfect location. Ghana is also one of the cheapest African countries to live in or visit as a tourist.

Tofo Beach – Mozambique

There are many things to appreciate about this beach, starting from its vibrant marine life. You also get to spot beautiful shells and coral reefs while on the beach. These are things you can pick and take back home for remembrance sake.

The affordability of items on the beach and the beach in general also stands as an icing on the cake. If you do not have a wide budget during your vacation in Mozambique but want to spend time on the beach, Tofo beach is your perfect choice.

Tofo beach had to be part of this list of budget friendly beaches in Africa.

Diani Beach – Kenya

I sometimes like to say that Diani is my second home, and my time at Diani beach adds to the reasons why I have an emotional attachment to Diani. There are many factors that make you fall in love with this place, starting from the locals. The people were so welcoming, and I even picked up some of their local language.

Stretching along the Kenyan coast, Diani Beach is a budget traveler’s dream. At a point, I had to consciously restrict myself from buying things as they were super affordable and I kept on buying. From beachfront hostels to affordable seafood restaurants, you can experience the best of Kenya without spending a fortune.

Kenya has many amazing highlights, but spending time at Diani beach would be the highlight of everything!

Anakao Beach – Madagascar

Sometimes, the best places are usually in a remote location, and that is the case with the Anakao beach in Madagascar. I consider myself truly lucky to have discovered this beach as it is a hidden paradise with vibrant marine life.

Due to its remote location, you are sure to interact with locals and learn more about their lifestyle and tradition. If you visit during the whale season, you also get to engage in whale watching. Star gazing is another interesting activity to do at things to do.

The best part of it all is that you would have fun on an affordable budget.

Praia de Chaves – Cape Verde

If you’re ever in Cape Verde and looking for an affordable beach, you should visit this beach. It is an escape from the hustle and bustle. It has affordable accommodation options and restaurants.

The best part of it is that the meals at these restaurants are tasty. Therefore you are getting great meals at an affordable price.

Essaouira Beach – Morocco

Aside from the fact that it is one of the budget friendly beaches in Africa, you also get to engage in lots of activities on this beach. There is never a dull moment on this beach. From kayaking to camel riding, kitesurfing, and more. You would have one of the best beach experiences at this place.

I wouldn’t be surprised when you start recommending it to other people.

Pringle Bay Beach – South Africa

Pringle Bay offers a range of budget-friendly accommodations, including guesthouses and self-catering cottages. Embrace the laid-back vibe of the beach town while staying within your travel budget.

The beach’s gentle waves make it a safe swimming spot for visitors of all ages. Surfing enthusiasts can also catch some waves or take a surf lesson without breaking the bank. So, Pringe bay beach is one the best beaches in South Africa you need to add your itinerary on your visit.

Grand-Bassam Beach – Ivory Coast

Not only is this a beach, but it also stands as a UNESCO World Heritage Site just the Osun Oshogbo grove in Osunstate Nigeria. I must admit that it is a beautiful beach, and anyone would appreciate the scenery. It is advisable that you take along a camera while going there.

It is super affordable, and you also get to enjoy some of the local street foods while savoring the beach. It will indeed be an unforgettable experience.

Anse Lazio – Seychelles

There is the typical notion that you need to break the bank when spending time in Seychelle. While Seychelles is known for its luxury resorts, Anse Lazio on Praslin Island provides a more budget-friendly option.

Sidi Kaouki Beach – Morocco

Sidi Kaouki is a relaxed, off-the-beaten-path beach where budget travelers can escape the crowds and enjoy the wild beauty of Morocco’s coastline.

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Feel free to comment on other beaches in Africa you have visit. Which is you favorite of these beaches in Africa?

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