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Tropical vacation outfits perfect for a trip to Africa

With summer fast approaching, many people are already planning their vacations, and you may be one of them. Check these best tips on how to plan your trip on a budget, if you love budget travel. Here are some of my favorite tropical vacation outfits, I highly recommend packing for your trip to Africa.

If you ask me, I would say I haven’t settled on where I would be spending my summer. But a tropical African vacation trip doesn’t sound like a bad idea. 

I can already imagine myself on a beach, soaking up the goodness of the sun while drinking a chilled but sweet local drink. I can also imagine the sun dancing over my skin and the extra glow it adds that would make my pictures look peng. 

The warmness plus humidity of the tropical season is something to experience, especially in Africa. If this sounds like something you would want to do, then stick around with this article!

While I’m not here to suggest places for a tropical vacation to Africa, I’ll share outfit ideas that you should pack for such a trip. These are clothes that I would wear as they suit the weather condition and add up to give you the right experience. 


Tropical vacation outfits

In no particular order, some outfit ideas for a tropical vacation to Africa are:

Below I will be linking my favorites from Zaful. I highly recommend this brand for travel clothes for women. Whether you’re traveling to Africa or going on summer vacation.

The two-piece set above is from Zaful. This was my birthday outfit for last year. I love the item I shopped from Zaful from outfits to bikini sets. Don’t sleep on items from Zaful while shopping for tropical vacation outfits.


I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a jumpsuit, especially as you can have them in different styles. You may choose to go with a puff-sleeved or sleeveless jumpsuit, depending on how you’re feeling. You can even decide to have detachable hands so that it looks different anytime you wear it. 

Although a jumpsuit is sure to cover you up, it gives space for air to get to your body. The material of the jumpsuit is also important. I would recommend going for cotton or silk materials as they do not absorb heat. 

You can also rock your jumpsuit with almost any football, depending on your activity for the day.  


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Woven shirt and skirt

Have you ever stayed and found yourself deeply staring at someone for no reason? It may be because of their outfit as you admire it so much and wish to get something similar. I once found myself in such a situation when I saw someone with a stylish woven shirt and skirt. 

I’m typically not a huge fan of skirts. However, everything about the outfit was giving, and I soon found myself on the lookout for woven shirts and skirts. 

The woven material always sits well on my skin during tropical vacations and also leaves me looking like a cool supermodel. I wouldn’t trade this look for anything.

Trouser and top

Sometimes, your mood may just want to go with something simple. It is why I always recommend that ladies should pack lots of simple tops when going on a tropical vacation. Remember, it is a vacation and not a presentation. So, do away with your shirts and all those serious-looking tops. 

Instead, go casual and pack some round-neck tops in your traveling box. I also know that you have some favorite jeans that are sure to enter the box. Therefore, you can easily throw on a top and trousers and be on your way. 

These tops are easy to wear and would not leave you feeling uncomfortable under the weather. For a tropical vacation to Africa, I highly recommend a pair of leggings. Leggings are super comfortable. So, I always add a pair of leggings as one of my best tropical vacation outfits.

I love to style leggings for a vacation to the tropics with a graphic t-shirt or plain white t-shirt. Another favorite way I love to wear my leggings is with light knit tops. This is because the tropic is typically warm, so you need to pack more warm clothing while packing for a trip to Africa.

What to wear for tropical vacation

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A playsuit is one outfit that should be amongst the first to enter your traveling bag when packing for a tropical vacation to Africa. It doesn’t cover up all your legs and gives room for flexibility. Playsuit is one of my best tropical vacation outfits to pack while exploring Africa.

There are many cool materials you can target when you want to sew or buy a playsuit. You can go for silk or crepe materials. 

I love how effortless it is to rock a playsuit and how you can use this outfit for almost any activity. I doubt there is any lady who wouldn’t have a playsuit. But if you don’t, it’s time to get one, now!

Tropical vacation outfit ideas

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Beach gown

I’m sure this is amongst the first tropical vacation outfits that come to mind when you’re packing for a tropical vacation, especially when you plan to spend most of your time on the beach. So, it is only fitting that I have it on my list of outfit ideas for a tropical vacation to Africa. 

Simplicity is one of the numerous things that I love about wearing beach gowns. You would always see me twirling when I wear a beach gown and I love how it gives a feminine aura. 

Ensure that you take cute shots for memories when you rock your beach gown. 

Strapless gown

Talking about gowns, I cannot fail to mention strapless gowns. These come as special mentions, especially as I would want to consider the weather when on a tropical vacation. 

Understandably, not everyone may be comfortable wearing a strapless gown. But if you do not mind, then you shouldn’t hesitate to add it to your things when packing. 

These gowns are breezy and give you ease as you embark on the various activities you might have planned out for the trip. Now, all you need to do is to ensure that you have fun while rocking your strapless gowns and wear the biggest smile!

Cute Vacation outfits

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Wrap skirts and crop tops

I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself rocking a wrap skirt and crop top. I can see a smile slowly creeping onto your face. Of course, I know that you love the idea of such an outfit! Its simplicity is one of the reasons why I would recommend it as an outfit idea for a tropical vacation. 

With a crop top, you know that you aren’t ‘covering’ your upper body. Therefore, you are sure that your outfit is suitable for the weather. The wrap skirt makes your crop top pop more and gives you a certain level of finesse. So, I cannot do without packing a wrap skirt and crop top as part of my tropical vacation outfits.

Vacation outfits

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Shorts and tops

Vacations give you the best opportunity to unwind, and you do not need to struggle with clothing during such occasions. Therefore, I recommend that you rock shorts and tops during your tropical vacation in Africa. 

These are easy and breathable outfits that make you comfortable in the humidity. Of course, you wouldn’t want a case where you’re uncomfortable because of what you’re wearing as that can eventually ruin your mood for the rest of the trip. 

You have the opportunity to pack different types of shorts, depending on your preference. What matters is that you’re comfortable when you rock them. 

I can’t wait for you to share stories of your experience during your tropical vacation to Africa! I’ll be here waiting to hear them!

Best outfits for tropical vacation

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Tropical vacation outfits

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Feel free to comment on other cute tropical vacation outfits you love to pack for a trip to Africa. Don’t forget to share our content to reach more readers. Ciao.

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