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4 easy yogurt breakfast recipes you need on the go as a professional

Many of us are so busy that we skip breakfast daily. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. So, you need these easy yogurt breakfast recipes so as to eat breakfast daily.

But the millennial life and hustle make it quite impossible to eat breakfast. On a good day I only twice a day; lunch and dinner. Skipping breakfast negatively impact the body. It predisposes you to some health issues like stomach ulcers etc.

We all know a healthy mind and body is what we need to squash our goals. So, an easy way to ensure you don’t miss breakfast is to take yogurt meals. These are 4 easy yogurt meals you need for breakfast to start your day. With these meals, you will stay healthy and ready to tackle the day.

Yogurt and Granola Meal

One of the easiest yogurt breakfast recipes to put together in minutes is a yogurt bowl with granola. There are some things to you need to note before making this meal.

You can’t just use any type of yogurt from the market. However, any thick yogurt is perfect for this meal. You can shop a variety of yogurt from your local store, especially Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt is quite expensive though.

So, I opt for several variations of Greek yogurt alternatives from Spar. I love shop from spar with its extra perk of getting reward points. Also, you can shop Refresh yogurt online. They are a small brand which delivers to your doorstep.

Refresh yogurt offers several yogurt flavors like cream, vanilla or strawberry. They also sell combo packs if you can store them.

To prepare this meal, pour some yogurt into a bowl. Add granola as toppings to your yogurt bowl for less than 2minute breast fast before work.

This meal is perfect for those who have to be at work very early. So, you can take something before rushing off.

You can make your granola from home or simply purchase it from your local supermarket. Also, you can shop for granola online in Nigeria from Supermart. I shop my granola with raisins and nuts from Jumia.

There are several variations of granola available in the market or your local. I read through the ingredient to make my choices. However, I already have my favorite granola with gum, nuts, and raisin. If you know another granola type you want to recommend, feel free to share it in the comment. Click here to buy granola from Jumia.

Yogurt breakfast recipes

Yogurt and Fruit Toppings

Another quick yogurt breakfast recipes to try out is with fruits. I love try my hands on several fruits types for my yogurt bowl. You can choose to use fresh fruits chopped like pineapple, Apple, grapes or berries.

Also, you can opt for dry fruit options like coconut flakes or dried almond fruits. I love to mix both the dry and fresh fruits as toppings for my yogurt bowl.

Adding fruits to your yogurt is a great way to encourage your fruit intake. We all know that we are a trying time globally due to the pandemic. And we need vitamins to boost our immune system.

So, to increase your vitamin intake, have a yogurt bowl with fruits for breakfast. This will serve two purposes. Immune boost and breakfast.

To make this simple breakfast, get a bowl and spoon. Add some yogurt into the bowl as much as you want. However, I would recommend 1/3 of the bowl full.

Add your fruits to dress the yogurt. You can any type of fruit on top of the yogurt in any order of your choice. You can choose to add just dry fruits or fresh fruits or both. This meal is my go-to for a quick meal and immune boost.

Healthy breakfast ideas

Fruit Parfait

Parfaits are of the easiest and fun yogurt breakfast recipes to try out. I use to think making a parfait is expensive. This is because most big restaurants serve this as a dessert or breakfast meal.

However, after watching a lady’s vlog, I was sold. So, I made my parfait at home. Yogurt and fruits go along so well and this combo makes up a parfait.

There are several types of yogurt parfait. However, I prefer fruit parfait. This type of parfait is so yummy. Omg! I can’t help but take a quick nap after such hearty meal.

To make a yogurt parfait, you need thick yogurt, granola, and fruits ( fresh or dried). You can use a bowl or a cup, this solely depends on you.

For my fruit parfait, I prefer to use a glass cup. This makes it so appealing to dig in as soon as it is ready. What you’re basically going to do is to layer this ingredient.

Add yogurt as your first layer, followed by some granola and fruit to make the second layer. Add some more yogurt as the third layer. The fourth layer can just be fruits to top it off.

Yogurt breakfast fruit parfait

Yogurt+ Coconut flakes + blue berries

My love story for coconut will last long. I love coconut in every form. Coconut Raw or processed as flakes or the coconut from the beach. So, you know I would definitely love adding coconut to my yoghurt bowl.

Another of the 4 easy yogurt breakfast recipes you need for breakfast is coconut flakes topping, yogurt and blue berries.

I love blueberries because of their sour taste. However, it is super expensive here since we only import them. I bought blueberries at Spar for 2500 naira and some change. I treated as priceless as it is.

So, if you need another simple way to take yogurt, add blueberries and coconut flakes. It is so yummy. As always, the yogurt goes in first into the bowl before any other ingredient. With these 4 easy yogurt meal, you will have a hearty breakfast irrespective of how busy your mornings may be.

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