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How to shop for groceries from home|| Supermart Nigeria

You can shop anything from the comfort of your groceries inclusive delivered to your doorstep. Although, most of us love to see our groceries before actually shopping it. You know the fact that you can visit your local market and haggle prices with the meat sellers. It is quite interesting and stressful too. Personally, I get tired easily combing the market for ingredients for a good meal in Oshodi. Not to speak of the crowd too! So, you can opt for shopping for groceries from the comfort of your home. Moreover, it will be very difficult to observe social distancing in a crowded market. You can imagine how I felt stumbling upon supermart store. If you’re at loss on how to shop from this period, Supermart is your go-to store.

How to shop for Groceries from home at Supermart store?

You can shop for anything you can think of from supermart. Super mart is an online grocery store with food items from different categories. Frozen foods, fresh foods, vegetables, snacks, kitchen utensils, and wholesale foodstuff from mile 12 market delivered to your door. You can shop for complete meal ingredients from supermart without leaving your bed. That’s a relief this period you know.

The website is very is easy to use. You can check shop different categories any food items of your choice. I bought semolina, pasta and frozen drum stick chicken from supermart.


Supermart store can cater to anywhere in Lagos state. I would have loved to shop their vegetables and mile 12 market but it currently not available due to the lockdown. So, you can look for them as soon as things are back to normal. There are no options to deliver their food items to anywhere outside Lagos.

On the website, you are to choose your location before you can shop on Supermart store. This opens up the available delivery window for your specific locations. So, I chose Monday between 4- 9pm. My order got to me by 7 pm at Oshodi. The driver called me as he got closer to my location. Although, they normally pre-inform shoppers before delivery. But due to the uncertainty of the lockdown as well as restricted movement, you may not be pre-advised.

Customer service

You all know how I feel about the customer service of any brand. My day job is customer relationship management so it’s a big deal for me if a brand had good customer service. So, for supermart, their customer service is top-notch. They give a swift response to your queries and feedback. I got a response swiftly on the status of my order via their email support. This is very commendable of the Supermart brand. So, I was assured that my order will have no issues.

Review of Supermart online Grocery store

Personally, I know how it feels to shop at the local market at this time. Almost everyone is using a face mask and the reality that you could get hurt sinks in. Also, I love convenient shopping and Supermart offers me just that. The fact that I can shop for groceries of all categories from my mobile device while lounging is quite interesting. So, it rules out the stress of searching for food items in the market. Also, there are so many food brands out there but supermart tops them. I love the fact that you can get vegetables as well as other local food items from their online store. I don’t like haggling prices of beef or chicken so they make it easier for me to shop for this item. If you’re just like me, this store is a good option on how to shop for groceries from home conveniently.

Soon, the lockdown will be over and we have to resume our regular jobs. As a working Lady in Lagos state, I know how tiring it is to handle work and kitchen. I am practically spent after my day job to bother about shopping in my local market. So, shopping from supermart store makes stocking food items easy for me. All I have to do to stock up these foods in my fridge so I don’t need to worry about going to the market. So, If you’re looking for how to shop for groceries from home, I’d recommend Supermart stores for you. They make grocery shopping a breeze for you. So, you can plan your meal for your family with less stress. You can also read my post on things to do to kill the boredom during self isolation or lock down.

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